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  • ringers Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same battery issues on my iPhone 4S. Tried hard resets etc. I have about 30 apps using 'Location Services'. I have turned Location Services off on all my apps (except Find My Phone) and the battery life is now much much better.


    Although everyone is pointing to 6.1.3 as the issue, could it be that many of us have the same rogue App on our phones that is causing the issue. And it's quite possible that App was updated shortly after 6.1.3 was released?


    I am turning Location Services back on app-by-app to see if any particular one causes the battery drain. Would be nice if Apple had an app to show us how much battery each app is using at any one time.

  • sunargon Level 1 Level 1

    battery stats on my iPhone4 running ios 6.1.3:


    battery: 2%

    usage: 7hours 8mins

    standby: 3days 17hours


    is that okay?

  • gvachhani Level 1 Level 1

    It'd say that's amazing. Yesterday I got to 0% with 4 hours 21 minutes of usage and standby of 12 hours something mins. I watched about 3 hours of videos, and the rest was on surfing the net with music playing. All on 3G



    What about your usage?

  • Iron23man Level 1 Level 1


    Nobody knows the secret energy drain on the update, not even the engineers but I discovered

    this helps maintain battery juice with the 613 update.  Hope it helps.


    I upgraded to 613 last week from 511 and have found that the battery drain issue is real. I waited to upgrade for several reasons, but wanted better security. So, my 3gs phone drains in about 3 hours and like everyone else who has been advised,resetting this and that and turning off this and that is not a solution. I did discover though, while sitting through a 6 hour mariner game against the white soxyesterday, 16 innnings ! and mariners lost;  was that If I set my : reset network settings",  then it drains a charge at 1 % every 5 min, ratherthan 1 % per minute.    This is with the screen saver turned off.   If i black it out, it lastlonger; however, let me start using it again, and the drain is faster but not at 1% perminute.    This being said, I called apple today, gave a report and hopefully they'llfix it.  Its definetly a network software program issue.  At least I found a temp solutionto maintain my battery life, somewhat.  No iphone upgrade for me, will have to switch off if they cant solve this. Hope this helps.

  • sie_ Level 1 Level 1

    I have read just about all these posts now i think the problem is with the new baseband/modem firmwear thay upgraded to witch seems that its usen way more power to pull a signal ect ect witch would explain why no body has been able to identify the drain issue...& you will never get a staight answer from apple you will always get fobed off there customer relations is the worst they just refuse to admit any issues what so ever just lie there faces off every single time theres a problem & refuse to admit responsibility while we are sat with 500 pound phones that dont work as they should & as your lead to believe they just told my frend in store they wanted 64.99 to change the battery in his phone something i did for him at the miner cost of 5.00 so there charging people & making 60.00 time for not even tens mins its like 4 screws you have to remove to get your battery out & put new one in thats on 4 4s & 5 utter con 60.00 to remove 4 screws & then put them back in with new battery that costs 5 pound if apple warnt such idiots & just made a phone like evey one else with a removable back & battery most people would simply go buy a new battery & maby solve there issue sealed handsets are a stupied idea always have been always will be APPLE

  • kabukineko Level 1 Level 1

    everyone seems to be able to find a way around the problem but I don't see much of a solution but just making a smart phone into a normal mofo cellular phone which is not what I ****** paid for... when can I see results APPLE when??? GTFO!

  • nayem Level 1 Level 1

    This is happening to me too. ***. Why can't Apple produce stuff that 'just works' anymore. Whoever heads up the 'testing' team needs a wake-up call.


    Feel extremely annoyed as having a phone with 6hr standby just isn't practical.


    Does anyone know how to go back to ios 6.1.2?

  • sunargon Level 1 Level 1

    i didn't estimate the actual usage on my phone. but i can tell u that i mostly spent my time on social networking apps like Skout, Path, Instamessage etc. etc. did some browsing, music playing, some phone calls. i used wifi internet.

  • Iomegas Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here... 6.1.3 on iphone 4s , battery drains every minute , is there a solution on the way ?

  • mat2750 Level 1 Level 1

    I too have been experiencing severe problems with my iPhone 4s after upgrading to 6.1.3. Problems comprising


    1. iPhone gets really hot
    2. Battery drains much faster
    3. iPhone has trouble connecting to my home wifi, but for some reason not at work(?)


    My solution for the first two points have been to switch off the 3g and mobile data option in settings. This extents battery life quite a bit and again allows me to use the phone as an alarm in the morning without charging it over night.


    The third problem comes and goes. Every once in a while, it connects perfectly for hours and hours, but then suddenly can't connect for a few hours. Frustrating, as I also use the iPhone to control my Sonos music system in my living room.


    You can't help to wonder when Apple finds a viable solution...?

  • Iomegas Level 1 Level 1

    Hi to all,

    After many days of research i have found the resolution for this problem im my case. I had tried all the possibilities ( install ios again, disable functions, reset network , ....etc ) and nothing will solve the battery drain , in stand-by the phone was loosing battery every 5/10 min.... Im sure that disable location, push mail , brightness, etc improves the battery capacity, but something was "eating " battery, and i could not find what it was.


    Here is the simple procedure that worked for me. If not, you can set it back again in 5 minutes.


    Try to:


    - Delete Facebook app.

    - Delete Whatsapp

    - Disable Icloud.


    Then i fully charged my phone and in 5 hours in stand-by, the phone just lost 3% of battery, perfectly normal again.

    Im not sure wich one(s) to blame the most, but surely something changed since i performed this change, so please try and see if it works for you, and give me some feedback.




  • Yorkie29 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't have Facebook app.  I don't have Whatsapp.  My iCloud is disabled.  I do have the battery problem.


    Here's my answer - or reason for the problem.


    Apple announced that IOS7 will have all sorts of clever tricks to enhance battery life.  So why not make these appear even better by nobbling the current battery life.  Lo and behold IOS7 will have fantastic battery life, though in practise this will only be marginaly better than in 6.1.2.


    Just my thoughts...

  • StaticFX Level 1 Level 1

    it is funny all these tips and tricks and jumping through hoops... for me it was simply, turn off push. Thats it. if i turn it back on i love battery at incredible speeds.....3g/wifi off.. and its back to normal (like 6.1.2) i have facebook on, email at 15mins, etc .. everything else normal.


    for those who have not tried it, just turn off push and see fi that works before trying all these crazy ways

  • bowbieloll Level 1 Level 1

    Have to say that Push was the problem for me too. Even when I had tried turning off mail accounts completely I was still draining battery rapidly and running a hot phone. Everything else slightly improved things but Push seemed to be the big one.


    Turning off Push had an instant effect. Not defending this as a solution as obviously Apple need to fix it - push email on iCloud accounts is definitely a problem for them. And it's not my account as iPad works fine.

  • Yorkie29 Level 1 Level 1



    I think you'll find that everyone here has tried that - or haven't you read the thread?


    I don't use Push but I do have the problem.  Therefore, Push is not the problem - at least with my phone.

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