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    Upgraded to 6.1.3 my iPad 2 wifi is ultra weak and  could not connect to wifi any more.

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    Same here, I can not connect via WiFi on my iPad 2 or either of my iPhone 5's.

    I can confirm my WiFi is working, the lap top connects just fine,it a windows 7 laptop.


    I have rest the router power on an off and restarted all the apple go.

    WiFi off, reste the apple devices and still no change.


    The iPad 2 and both the iPhone 5's can use mobile data, just not WiFi.


    There is no signal bars for the WiFi signal on the iPad either....


    Even adding a new connection doesnt work, error, "can not find the network"

    Im out of options, does anyone have any suggestions?


  • otimito Level 1 (0 points)

    and yes i did everthing on iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections

  • Flybylight Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep, similar issue here. My iPad2, worked fine with previous iOS version, but after iOS6.1.3 upgrade it has started to have problems connecting to the internet, i.e. Safari hangs, Mail hangs, even though under settings/WiFi the signal strength seems OK and a connection to my router is shown.


    This is an infuriating problem that doesn't seem to have any pattern to it (in the sense of it only happens when far away from router, or specific combination of apps running).


    The problem is simple to fix, I just power down and restart the iPad, but this is no kind of long term solution.


    Let's be clear, the problems started after the 6.1.3 update supplied by Apple. Apple caused the problem, Apple need to fix this as a priority. It's a problem that spans a range of your devices including the new iPad Mini and the problem is becoming more widely known. I certainly won't be going into a store for any kind of device swap/upgrade etc. If I change device it will be to dump my iPad for a competitor that works and provides flash on websites. When the iPad goes, the iPhone 5, MacBook, and iPod will follow behind warned Apple...The customer is always king.

  • foredogg Level 1 (95 points)

    My iPad2 all of a sudden lost wifi last night.  I was browsing a website, then all of a sudden it had no connectivity.  I tried restarting and a hard reboot and turning wifi on and off but no luck. 


    I was going to restart the router but saw that my MacbookPro had wifi signal and no issues.  My PC laptop also had no issues with wifi.  I then turned on my iPad3 as a final test to see if it also worked.  Surprisingly the iPad3 could not connect either.  So now I suspect it's not hardware as what are the odds both fail wifi on the same day? Both are also on the same iOS version 6.1.3.


    Anyone seen this before and/or know why just the iPads would lose connection?

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