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  • Rexonard Level 1 (0 points)


    Since these people at Apple aren't serious about this issue and I would buy a Windows phone faster than paying them $200 to fix a phone that they broke w/ their updates, can you be more specific about the process that you followed to fix this issue? Did you also have bluetooth connectivity problem?


  • Edan114 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have managed to fix the wifi problem on my iPhone by taking the back of the iPhone off and removing one of the screws on the edge of the wifi antenna and it looked like it had been damaged.the phones wifi is a bit  weaker than it used to be but it now works  My wifi problems  originally started when  i updated to iOS 6 . I hope this helps many with

    Wifi problems on there iPhone.

  • Edan114 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes this fix my Bluetooth connectivity problems as well as wifi .

  • EmBee82 Level 1 (0 points)

    So far...looks like the hot air gun solved my wifi problem! Wifi works like a charm.


    @Rexonard: At least I could activate bluetooth..never tried it out, so I don't know if it was ok. But the bluetooth adress was shown in settings-info. Wifi adress was "N/A".


    I disassembled the phone and took out the logic board. I put it in aluminium foil except for the wifi chip. Then I used my hot air gun and heated the chip up for about a minute (to melt the solder of the chip). It was really hot! Then I waited for 10-15 minutes and reassembled the phone. Voila, I could activate wifi again! But it's also stable and fast.


    My guess is that ios 6.1.x has problems with its heatgeneration, at least around the wifi chip. As I mentioned before, take a look a MS Xbox 360 rrod and the fix. Same issue.


    I will continuing testing and then make a tutorial on youtube next week.

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    Ok so my Wifi works ok when on YouTube or Safari. I go on a online game and the wifi Disconnects and turns to 3G kicking me out of Server. After it does the wifi reconnects 2 secs after. I don't get it... So I pay insurance for the 4S for over a year and I ask for a new 4S because this one is having Wifi issues (before IOS 6.1.3) the bloody thing wouldn't even find a wifi network after 2 hours of waiting... But they said some BS and didn't give me a new 4S. Apple get it sorted. My opinion is that IOS6 is a huge downgrade going back to Stone Age with no wifi! IOS 5 was the greatest IOS and you call this an upgrade?! Make a proper IOS update to get rid if the wifi issues "COMPLETLY" I know many more guts with same problem

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    My new iPhone 4 with iOS 6.1.3 also doesn't work properly.

    Wifi doesn't work reliably. Sometimes I can not find any network when I sit 1 meter away from the router, sometimes I can not connect to any network, and sometimes simply disconnects every few minutes.

    I've tried all configurations. I tested the three routers, and still is wrong.

    I hope that over the next week will be an iOS upgrade, if not then stop using my iPhone and return it to the operator.

  • Jo_ba Level 1 (0 points)

    You are on the right path!


    Switch to Android or a Windows phone.


    Of course, nothing is perfect, but, iOS has been having lots of issues lately.

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    I have been updating to iOS 6.1.3 and I have the same issues as well. Firstly the wifi button went grey and then after it the bluetooth lost too. After this issues I thought that it is somekinds of hardware problem. I have tried everything to make it work again (reset, restore, airplane mode) but it didnt work until I saw on the internet that it can solve the problem if I put it to the fridge, so I tried it and after 15 minutes the bluetooth worked again. Unfortunately the wifi has not been working yet.

  • EmBee82 Level 1 (0 points)

    See my post above, since I heated up the wifi chip with a hot air gun my wifi is workin, no problems at all!

  • Disengag3d Level 1 (0 points)

    Know what bothers me?


    my iphone has the incorrect password wifi problem




    wont back up at all, I got told to delete the back up in the solutions that I had and re-install itunes,




    Done everything I could and nothing has helped. I can't conect to wifi to use iCloud and I can't backup my phone




    "Error occured" what error ? -.-

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    I am so frustrated and disappointed with Apple on the ios 6.1.3 update debacle.  I also slowly lost wifi after I updated my ipad.  When I went into Apple they told me it was a "hardware" problem and because i was beyond my warranty i was basically out of luck.  They recommended that I use their on-line recycle program and "hopefully" get some type of credit. When I read the disclaimers that basically you send your item back with no guarantee on what I would get in return, I thought do you think I'm crazy...Then when I learned from co-workers that the cause of my problem could have been caused by the update, I was think I could have sent in a perfectly good ipad to the same people who caused the problem just so they could recyle it...omg... To think of the thousands I have spent over the years supporting this company and being a loyal customer and they won't take ownership at the store and call it a hardware problem.  Sorry Mr. are sending the wrong message to sophisticated shoppers who have many choices out there...I have decided to keep my hard earned ipad and hope the next update works, in the meantime, you have given me an opportunity to break away and try the competition.

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    I am having the same issue...wifi greyed out and Bluetooth not connecting. It happened shortly after I updated to 6.1.3. Very disappointed with apple. Sending an update with a bug that damages the phone and then asking customers to pay $200 to replace the phone is unacceptable. I am planning to change back to blackberry as soon as I can.

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    I have been going through similar experiences, but, have found something interesting.  I've reset the iphone to original settings & not installed any of my existing backup software or applications.  the wifi & BT work each time, BUT, by morning they are greyed out.  I have tried this in two cases, one in airplane mode, the other fully enabled with the same result.  it appears the software upgrade has triggered some anomaly in the wifi radio chip where it disables something overnight.  being this happens in airplane mode it would appear to be time dependent based on the installed software.   Being I've isolated the software to only that a new phone would have I've hopefully reduced the other variables that would have contributed to the problem.


    my experience with the "genius" at the apple store was similar. they ran a diagnostic, said it was a hardware failure & need to buy a new phone.  no real futher effort.


    I can understand Apple not opening themselves up for additional product liability, but, this points to a software update creating the problem regardless of whether the phone is under warranty.  certainly strains the loyalty factor as I have been an apple customer for decades

  • EmBee82 Level 1 (0 points)

    Let me tell you, this is not a software failure! The software failure may be, that it's getting too hot and not warning you. Like I said earlier: since I used the hot air gun, my wifi works l a charm. With or without backup, installed ios 7 beta and back to 6.1.3, no problems! Never greyed out again.

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    Same problem, tried everything, hard reset, restored many time nothing seems to work. Apple's letting us down. Android have now a new customer. Samsung S4 is awesome!!!!

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