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    Pullease, I can tell you my replacement iPhone had 6.1.2, and I lived with the settings showing me one upgrade to 6.1.3 for months.  Life-threatening safety issue, seriously, it's called an analogy.  Get a dictionary and look it up....


    I never claimed my device wasn't faulty, clearly it was as most other 4s iPhones didn't have a problem.  If a vehicle manufacturer finds a design flaw AFTER the warranty period responsible companies still step up and take care of the issue. But this isn't a car, and I didn't cry about it, my device was a month out of manufacturer warranty, but my carrier stepped up and replaced it because I have a lot of device with them and they value me as a customer.  I also currently or have owned at least one of nearly every Apple product they have made in the last five years. So I just didn't expect this level of "fumble" by Apple.  But my device was out of warranty when it failed and that's the way it goes.  But for a company to not even acknowledge an issue, where clearly there is one, reflects badly on said company.  And that's my only point.

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    So is anyone's wifi issue solved by upgrading to iOS 7 ?

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    Whilst most people reading this will probably agree with you (as do I), I think you've encountered the same issue with trying to get through to this individual as several of us have already. Expending time and effort to explain your point is a pointless exercise.


    My original opinion (with both my devices that took 6.1.3 failing) was that it was a pure software issue but I am convinced with all that I have read that there is a large batch of faulty hardware (due to manufacturing defects in components, employment of components in an environment outside operating tolerances, or poor assembly) that either fails naturally at some point but earlier than it should and outside of design MTBF, or fails earlier still by being more susceptible to failure as a result of running 6.1.3 (as said before, if the problem is accelerated by operating temperature, and the software drives the components in a way that generates more heat than before, that could be expected). Of course, some hardware will be built to the correct specification and fails simply because you're unlucky - that IS the case where the purpose of the manufacturer warranty kicks in and if it fails after that expires, it's not Apple's fault, you're just unlucky.


    No doubt Apple will know exactly what the problem is, but I suspect is keeping schtum simply because of the already suffering share price. Admitting that there is a problem brings about an obligation to then deal with the issue en masse.


    My iPad 3 is now running 7.0 having kept it at 6.1.2 until yesterday. It will be interesting to see if 7.0+ bring about further early hardware failure susceptibility.

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    I absolutley 100% agree with mrderik. he hit the nail on the head -well said.  Apple should pick up the tab for this  fix, good reputation comes at a price.

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    When you went to 6.1.3 your phone was probably at a higher risk of hardware failure if it was defective and failed as a result, and how the fault is in the hardware so upgrading to 7.0 wouldn't fix it.

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    Actually my wifi problem is with that it is not detecting wifi networks, So thought of upgrading to IOS 7 thinking it would resolve my problem

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    That's the same that I had on my 4S (not greying, just wouldn't detect/connect to anything) - luckily it was under warranty and swapped out

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    Ususally this happens before greying out.

    Mine was like that too. When I powered off the device and back on, the wifi button was greyed out.


    This wouldn't hurt to try, too. I have fixed one 4S wifi doing it:

    1. Download the same iOS firmwire file you are currently using from

    2. Turn off your device for a couple of hours. Let it naturally cool down. (2-3 hours)

    3. Turn on the device. At this point for many people their wifi status should improve from "greyed out" to "not finding any networks"

    4. Perform iOS restore via itunes by holding Shift and clicking on the Restore button. So that you can browse for the file you had previously downloaded and perform the iOS restore.

    Just make sure you have backed up your device before performing a restore.


    If this worked for you, I recommend you to take following actions afterwards:

    - Reduce your screen brightness in order to limit the heat generated by the screen

    - turn off the wifi button whenever you don't require it

    - use your mac or laptop pc to charge your iphone whenever possible. Connecting it to a power outlet will make it generate more heat.

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    Bottom line: It's not a signiifcant enough of an issue (as it affects so few customers), nor is it a safety hazard, for Apple to address to any appreciable level.


    The fautly batteries causing physical damage, burn hazards, etc., are more important than your wi-fi.  I'd rather see Apple focus on safety issues than inconvenience issues.

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    That's fantastic, but it's not so much an 'inconvenience' issue as it is a 'broken' issue. To suggest otherwise is just plain arrogant.

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    Wi-Fi is a 'want', not a 'need'. Therefore, it is an inconvenience. Your phone still makes phone calls, which is its primary function. If that was NOT its primary function, then you would have purchased an iPod touch instead.

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    I've been refraining from replying here but your post just now has me absolutely incensed, and arrogant is the right word as used by NP473L.


    YOU may not see wifi as a necessity. MANY people DO. I cannot use my phone on the London Underground without wifi. I cannot afford to use my limited data plan for all my data needs. I cannot obtain a 3G signal in all places where I need quick data access but often there is a wifi provision (including INSIDE MY HOUSE).


    The iPhone is a multifunction device and whilst phonecalls are important, I would say I spend no more than 5% of my time using it on them. If I only wanted a phone I'd be happy to be using my old Ericsson which is small, has a week long battery life, and serves me reliably when I travel to places where I don't use data.


    You may as well say that if the display doesn't work, you could still use Siri to voice dial, or if the mic is broken, just use a headset.


    What utter nonsense. Do yourself a favour and don't judge what people have bought their iPhones for and what is or is not acceptable. If it doesn't do ANY of the things it is supposed to do, it is a problem. Whether you think it is or it is not, is quite frankly irrelevant.

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    Sounds like you should have gotten an iPod Touch instead, and kept your Ericsson for phone calls. 


    What I've said is that the PRIORITY should go to SAFETY issues, not CONVENIENCE issues.

    I'd rather Apple deal with leaking batteries or incendiary chargers before looking at the very, very small percentage of wi-fi issues (which are quickly resolved with warranty replacements).

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    Quote the sources for your statistical claims please. Also, please refrain from the gratuitous use of Caps Lock. Thank you!