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    Sorry if I made incorrect assumptions -- I just read so many people's comments which mirrored my own experience, that I figured it was definitely an IOS update issue since mine occurred immediately after the update, as did others.     I've tried a regular reboot - and a hard reboot, both of which did not solve the problem.   When I go to General Settings, it shows Wi-Fi "not connected".   When I click "not connected", "choose a network" has the rotating refresh symbol constantly circling, but never connecting.  I've also turned off wireless and "forgotten" my home network and then re-added it back in.   If it does eventually connect, it will stay connected for awhile and then eventually I look at the phone and it's back to the 4G network, unable to connect to wireless.  This morning it stayed connected for about an hour.  I locked the phone, walked away and came back 40 minutes later to find it 4G connected.  I've tested locking and unlocking it to see if the action of locking it possibly causes the disconnect, but that's not the case.    I will try backing up the phone and completely wiping and reloading the phone to see if that works.  Do you have any other suggestions?  Thanks for your time.  I appreciate it.

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    Hi Allan I tryed all kind of tricks. Restarted routher then restored iphone to clean 6.1.3 then did airplane mode trick turning of enabled airplane mode then wait 10minuts etc.. And really nothing helped me. My problem is this i used 6.1.3 for a week at first it was not to much notable droping wifi and coming back, but started from yesterday evening it goes off sudenly and then come back then again drop and come back and all this happens when i download or update some apps from appstore. Please help me i don,t want ti belive that this is hardware issue because this device worked very good with ios 6.1.2 modem3.4.02. Thanks again.


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    What is a regular reboot and a hard reboot?


    Do you mean powering the iPhone off and on, and an iPhone reset which is similar to a computer restart?


    Have you tried this which was copied from Ralph's earlier post in this thread?


    have you tried working through the iOS Troubleshooting WiFi guide?  In most cases the culprit is not the iPhone unless something has actually failed, but a router that is not adhering to the IEEE 802.11 protocol strictly enough.  If you choose to work through the troubleshooting tips, when you get to the part about shutting down the router you need to disconnect power to the router.  Many routers do not shutdown when you hit the power button but instead go into standby mode.  It has to be taken down all the way so it comes back up and gets a new IP starting address from the service provider.


    If so with no change and you have forgotten your home network on the iPhone, have you also tried resetting network settings at Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings?


    If no change after that, is this a problem with your home wi-fi network only, or the same with every wi-fi network your iPhone has access to and connects with?


    If with every wi-fi network your iPhone has access to and connects with, try restoring your iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from the iPhone's backup.

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    If this is a problem with every wi-fi network your iPhone has access to and connects with, if no change after restoring the iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from the iPhone's backup, the iPhone has a hardware problem.

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    Ok so why it was ok when it was on 6.1.2 ?? And only after updating to 6.1.3  started that problem??? Also why it happens with all others only after update 6.1.3..

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    If it is due to hardware failure, hardware can fail at any time. An iOS or software update cannot cause hardware to fail.


    It has not happened to all others that installed the update. That would mean millions of iOS devices which is just not so. No such problem with my iPhone and iPad running the latest update.

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    But lot off people have same problem so what about them??

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)

    A lot of people don't have a hardware failure.


    Your problem is not the same as the problem one person in this thread had which was resolved by resetting their wireless router with the reason why that can be a problem provided in this thread.


    Your problem is not the same.

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    ITMASTER wrote:


    But lot off people have same problem so what about them??

    "WiFi problem" is not one problem; it is a collection of many different problems. Most of these are not related to each other. Some (but not all) of them include:


    • WiFi greyed out - see:
    • WiFi connects, but has very short range
    • WiFi connects, but disconnects randomly
    • WiFi requires the network passphrase to be entered each time it connects
    • The iPhone does not connect to home WiFi, even though a gazillion other devices (PCs, Macs, TVs, Nest thermostats, Hue lightbulbs, iPads, other iPhones, iPod touches, home controls, nanny cams) connect with no problem, and the iPhone DOES connect to other networks.
    • WiFi is not greyed out, but doesn't see any networks
    • WiFi sees other networks, but can't connect to any of them


    I've probably missed a few. EACH of these problems has a different cause and a different solution. Every one of them DOES have a solution.

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    My problem is this "WiFi connects, but disconnects randomly" so what can I do say that this is hardware problem is there any tester to check if the wi-fi chip have problems becasue I am in Armenia and my phone is gift from US and it's actualy under warranty till May 15 2013 but I can't send it back to US..

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    There are a couple of possible causes. The first thing to try is to go to Settings/General/Reset - Reset Network Settings.


    Interference from other networks can cause this. Especially if it only happens on one or two networks. If it is your router where you have the problem change the channel in the router settings to a different fixed channel rather than Automatic. Choose a channel other than 6 or 11, which are default channels.


    Interference from cordless phones (such as DECT phones) can cause this also.


    It can also be a loose antenna connection in the phone. This requires a repair shop or a return to Apple.

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    Add me to the list.


    Since I upgraded to IOS 6.1.3 my DIR 655 Dlink no longer works with either my Iphone or Ipad.


    Must be that at the exact time I upgarded IOS the D link tanked.


    Yeah that must be it.

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    Regular reboot - hold down top botton, slide to shut off.    Hard reboot - hold both buttons down - shut off.   Changed channel wireless settings on my Cisco wireless router from "any" to Channel 2, removed power completely from router, turned back on ... shut off phone, forgot network, added back in.   Error message on phone:   "Cannot scan for wireless networks".  Then eventually it will connect for a few minutes and then disconnect.  Also reset Network settings on phone to factory defaults, added wireless network back in.   error message "cannot connect to [SSID}" but then it connects after a few minutes and then after awhile (5 minutes to an hour) it will disconnect.  I wiped my phone today - took it back to factory default.   Then did a setup in itunes as a new phone.  Tried connecting to my home network, but recieved the "cannot join "XXXX" network.  Don't think the wipe worked either.   What should I try next?  Thank you for your time - i appreciate it.

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    That is not a hard reboot. That is called a reset, which is similar to a computer restart and is not "hard".


    If the same with every wi-fi network your iPhone has access to and connects with and no change after restoring the iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from the iPhone's backup, the iPhone has a hardware problem.


    If your iPhone is able to connect to other wi-fi networks besides your own with no problem - this problem is with your wi-fi network only, the problem lies with your wireless router and network.

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    my phone just finished re-setting itself up and now the WiFi is grayed out.  What fixes that problem?