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I'm concered about my macbook's heat.


It gets almost to hot to touch while playing games on windows 8 and I get temps of 90 C while working on large photoshop documents with multiple layers. (using an app called Temperture Monitor) While idle I get temps between 45 and 50 degrees.


This has been happening since I got this macbook and I didn't really think of it, but I want to game more often and it just gets so hot. I'm also worried because I'm pretty sure I voided my warrenty when I spilled a bottle of water on it while sitting down at my desk, not even a month after i got it -_-;. Mostly over the track pad area, so I don't think much water got in.., but I turned it upside down immediately, shut it off, and set it in a huge box full of rice for a week and a few days. It seemed good to go after that and I didn't experience any problems.


So first question, are my temps okay?

If not, i guess, what do I do considering I may have voided my warrenty?

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • zomby Level 1 (0 points)

    woops accidental reply

  • tjk Level 7 (24,220 points)

    Hi z,


    For very high CPU intensive usage, 90C is in the normal to high range. Don't worry, MBPs have an automatic thermal shutdown when temps reach a certain level (over the years, I've heard 100C up to 110C). Your fans should be ramping up as the temp rises. If not, that is an issue.


    As far as what to do considering the spill, you did about as much as you could do, probably exactly what I would have done, short of dismantling it to check things out. At this point, that's nothing more than academic. Bottom line: given what you've shared here, I wouldn't be worried.

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    Thanks for the info. I did a google search and a search on here and I coudln't really find any set tempertures for what it should be running at. But I'm feeling better now. I might check back in with some cpu and gpu temps while running windows games for other people to compare to.


    I have a small desk fan that I pointed on my mac right where it gets hot while in photoshop and it's knocked it down to 70-80, so I might always do that during gaming just to be safe.


    This is the same desk fan that kept my crappy old compqu laptop running for 4 years. Cooling pads just weren't cutting it. The plastic had started to warp and crack from the heat. The only downside is cold fingers if you don't have your laptop proped up, but that's tolerable.

  • tjk Level 7 (24,220 points)

    You're welcome.


    Good idea with the fan. 70-80 is right in the middle of the "normal" range, so not to worry.


    You may also want to get iStat Pro, which will tell you fan speeds.

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    I tried to download it earlier, but I read it's not compatible with Mountain Lion.

  • tjk Level 7 (24,220 points)

    Oops, sorry about that. I'm guessing it will be at some point. Otherwise, google for MacBook Pro fan speed application and I think you'll find something.

  • clintonfrombirmingham Level 7 (30,000 points)

    Try iStat Menus 4 - it has a two-week free trial period and is well worth the $16.



  • zomby Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks, I'll try it out.

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    Hi Zomby, Hello everyone !!!


    I got my rMBP 15 inch 2 weeks back. I have not installed boot camp nor I have installed any games or any graphics intensive application. I am just using apps which came with this macbook. I installed iStat Pro to see various temperatures and noticed that with only 1 to 3% CPU usage by user apps, macbook keypad is warm and on an average temperature is 50 to 60 degreee celsius !!! (specially GPU and GPU diode)


    I am running following apps simultaniously:

    1. Mail
    2. Safari with adobe flash installed (facebook, youtube, gmail)
    3. vlc player with one movie running
    4. iTunes


    Room temperatue is around 22-25 degre e celsius.


    I can feel that keypad is warm and area above keypad is little bit more warm.


    I tired running only one application (smart converter) just to convert one video file. It shoots up the temperature to 90 degree celsius, fans at above 5000 rpm and keypad, surface above it and bottom sureface were really hot. CPU usage were high almost 90-95%.


    I am not sure this is normal with macbook retina? I posted regarding this few days back when i started seeing usual temp is 50-60 degree celsius.


    everyone work with little bit warm keypad only with macbook? I am first time mac user and I am concern about this issue. Without running any apps temp are always 40-50 degree celsius.


    On top of these, this machine has LG display and Scan Disk SSD :/ I am asking for replacement for this behaviour.


    Do have anyone with no problem at all with retina macbook? I was expecting no heating when I am using 4-5 built in apps (no games and graphics editing).


    Any Help on this ? I want to know what is normal temperature range while running your day to day apps. Keypad will be always warm? How non retina macbook pros are behaving in the same senarios?


    Thanks guys!!!

  • cbs20 Level 4 (2,785 points)

    Your temps are normal. VLC activates the discrete graphics which increases the temperature. Video conversion uses a lot of CPU, which will increase the temp and bump up the fans. Do an SMC reset if you are worried, but your system is working just fine.

  • tushar_mehta Level 1 (0 points)

    I am not sure about this keypad getting warm. That is also normal? I have my sony laptop which I am using from past 5 years but still I don't feel warm or any heat on keypad while working on it under normal usage.


    Also I forgot to mention that temperatures are even more high while it is not charging mode. Is it not uncomfortable feeling while you are typing and you feel keys are warm or u feel warm air coming from beneath of it.


    and also what about this LG and scandisk issues? I have not faced any yet reagarding this but I am not sure how to make it confirm that it does not have any issues related to these configuration.


    Thank you for reply !

  • cbs20 Level 4 (2,785 points)

    Do an SMC reset and PRAM reset. If you see ghosting on the display then take it to Apple, if you don't then just continue using it. Not all LG displays are faulty some don't have ghosting issues. The Sandisk problem was supposed to be fixed in the last update. If you experience the fans kicking in full blast without using intense programs then do an SMC reset and if that doesn't resolve the issue then take it to Apple.

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    Yeah, the keyboad will get hot. That happens to everyone I've talked to. You could also buy a desk fan and a cooling stand. Just don't use the cooling stand, just use it to prop up your macbook. 10-20 bucks on amazon and then use the desk fan to cool it instead of wasting a usb port. Desk fans are cheap too. Point the fan at the spot just above where you wou'd have your left hand typing. That's where the CPU is. GPU is on the other side, but that never gets above 60 C, even while playing crysis 2 on extreme (high) settings @40+ Fps, which I found surprising.


    I'm pretty sure your laptop might heat up while your battery is draining and also while charging, so no big deal there either. Just make sure you're on a flat surface at all times while doing heavy work.


    I've been experimenting with fan control apps, but I haven't found one I liked yet. Not enough options for me. SMC Fan Control is close, but I want to be able to control what temp my max fans turn on. But you could use SMC Fan Control for now.

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    How come your GPU is not crossing 60 C on this gaming !!! :-o

    Mine is easily reaching 60 C with out playing any games.


    Mine reaches 60 C, with few apps open (Mails, itunes, VLC)

    and safari with youtube, facebook !!!


    With Macbook Pro non retina also keyboard get hot with normal

    usuage ?

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