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I have a season pass to Dr Who and all 30+ other shows purchased on iTunes work great. Last night's episode (Hide) has a hissing sound so loud it drowns out all the audio in the show when i try to watch it on my Apple TV.  I then downloaded the episode to my iMac and my iPad and no audio issues there. However when I tried playing it shared from my iMac to the Apple TV and the audio problem was there again. Same thing happened when I tried to AirPlay from my iPad to Apple TV.


I have two Apple TVs. One is latest model w latest upgrade, the other is generation before without latest upgrade. Same audio issue on both. I have tons of iTunes TV shows and movies and this is the only episode with an issue. Something is wrong with this file that causes it to screws up the audio on Apple TV.


Has anyone else seen this kind of audio issue specific to just one TV episode or movie?  Anyone know support path for iTunes problems?

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Solved by Mamulsow on Apr 21, 2013 2:00 PM Solved

Turning off Dolby Digital fixed it for me.

Reply by Alley_Cat on Apr 21, 2013 2:25 PM Helpful

If other episodes play Dolby Digital fine this could be a file encoding problem - they sometimes get it wrong.


I suggest you all contact Apple about the problem via itunes store support here:

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