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Matt K. Level 4 (2,380 points)

Greetings Apple Support Communities,


Most of you are aware of the Community Host team, who work hard to keep things clean and running smoothly. Because of the incredible growth of the community, we have added some new team members.


The Communities Specialist team is staffed with Apple representatives that will help tidy up our community. This team will focus on questions that have been unanswered for 24 hours or more and help direct the original poster to existing answers. Community Specialists are not here to compete with our incredibly knowledgable MVP members and may not have the experience that our MVPs have. They are here to try to clean up some of the older duplicate questions and keep things tidy.


All of us here at Apple Support Communities are excited to have this new team join our growing family.




English Community Manager

  • Topher Kessler Level 6 (9,865 points)

    Thanks for the quick info; I've been wondering about this. That's great that there's some more representation from Apple on the forums, and that this should help folks get some answers to their questions if their postings end up two or three pages away without any responses.

  • rccharles Level 5 (7,574 points)

    I liked the old way of identifying Apple posters better.


    Tthe discussion list gets branded with an apple.  Seems to be saying this dicussion has more value becasuse Apple posted here.  Apple posters have more value than other posters.


    Picture 4.png

    in ons



    You post wasn't identified with an apple icon.  Curiously, you post wasn't marked with an Apple icon. Liked this way better.


    I'm sure adding more active Apple posters will benefit Apple.



    PS. Now, I wish that Apple would assist Jive with improving the fourm software.

  • JamesPaulMallon Level 1 (125 points)

    Community Manager name is Matt K. with no numbers and capitalized but why in Community Specialists not capitalized and have numbers after their names like this two:

    is the ordinary apple user in this discussion forum can be a Community Specialist?

  • jeffd55 Community Specialists

    The Community Specialists had to select their names from what was available, just like other users. So, not everyone could get something like Matt K. The same reason I have jeffd55.

  • JamesPaulMallon Level 1 (125 points)

    the name Matt K. and jeffd55 is the best name i ever heard! but how can be an Community Specialist or Hosts??

  • laundry bleach Level 5 (6,915 points)

    Community Specialists and Community Hosts are Apple employees. You have to get hired for the job.


  • JamesPaulMallon Level 1 (125 points)

    what age are qualified for job hiring at the Apple Store?

  • BobTheFisherman Level 6 (13,457 points)

    JamesPaulMallon wrote:


    what age are qualified for job hiring at the Apple Store?

    Call the Apple Store in your country, state, or city and ask them.

  • julesnewtoMac Level 4 (1,250 points)

    If I post do I cost someone a paycheck now?

  • J.K. ROFLing Level 4 (1,220 points)

    From what Matt K. said, they are looking at a specific group of threads, not every single one. One specific critera is "24 hrs or more" without an answer. And because this is a new group created to address a perceived (by Matt K and the Hosts) need, it stands to reason that if you continue to participate at the level you have been, no one's job would appear to be in jeopardy. There is room for everyone to participate in the threads, even the ones where the Specialists have posted, you may have another take on the issue or an alternate resolution.

  • julesnewtoMac Level 4 (1,250 points)

    Thanks J.K. really helpful.  I was not suggesting limiting who posts on threads.  The point is are Apple now professionally staffing this site and addressing issues over 24 hours old so duffers like me should leave to those better qualified.  If people are paid by post I would not post again so they got the business.

  • BobTheFisherman Level 6 (13,457 points)

    If you can contibute to a thread go ahead and post.

  • babowa Level 7 (29,940 points)

    The specialists already have been Apple employees and are being moved to this new area, so they are most likely regular employees and wouldn't get paid by the number of posts.

  • Typeop Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Everyone!


    Thanks for the information Matt K! It’s always great to hear that our Apple community keeps growing, and we have more support directly from Apple!


    The community managers, host team, and specialists are here to help us (community members) find the right answers quickly, and effectively. Lets remember that thanks to our contribution, we are able to learn from each other, and they are here to help us with the process.


    Thanks to Matt K, and jeffd55 for their hard work and making our community better! Lets keep helping each other, and learn more about our Apple products!






    <Personal Information Edited by Host>

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