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Yesterday, I switched from the Iphone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S4.  However, I cannot receive texts from friends with iphones.  For some reason, when they enter my number in their phone, it assumes it is an iphone number and sends an imessage.  We have manually changed the contact info to say mobile instead of iphone.  We have deleted and made myself a new contact.  We have restarted phones.  They can see the messages I send them from my new phone, but I cannot get messages back unless they turn imessage off.  This is troublesome because I cannot ask every contact with an iphone to turn off imessage just to contact me.  We traded in our old phones (my iphone 4), and it was completely wiped and restored to factory settings, so I do not know why this would assume my phone is an iphone.  I talked to a Samsung representative and they said to talk with apple now.

iPhone 4
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