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TJW57 Level 1 (0 points)

Despite the fact that it is reversible, my power cord split open and frayed. Really cheap. Wish I could post a photo!

MacBook Pro with Retina display, iOS 6.1.4
  • Baby Boomer (USofA) Level 9 (57,297 points)

    You are still under warranty.  Either report to AppleCare or take a trip down to your local AS or AASP & get a new one.













  • OGELTHORPE Level 8 (45,147 points)

    I have three power adapters that are about  5, 3 and 1/2 yr old.  No fraying on any of them.  It is possible that the way you use it promotes the fraying or you just have received a faulty one.  Do what Baby Boomer (USofA) suggests.



  • I MC Level 1 (35 points)

    My MacBook Pro 13 is 2 years old now and my power cord has begun to fray close to the computer connection.

    I think my trouble has been caused by the sharp outside edge of the screen lid rubbing against the cable.

    Most power outlets I use are on my right so the cable runs parallel to the back of the computer then turns a sharp left to connect.


    Am I  right in thinking that the latest power supplies connect at right angles to the left hand edge of the case - that being so I imagine that will help prevent the problem.

  • Bela Level 1 (25 points)

    I'm on my third in a year and a half. First one I was told it was user caused. What a load. Really bad bad product.

  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 (14,725 points)

    Careful with your charger and its cable

    Do not make any hard bends or folds in your charging cable, or wind it tightly, always make either circles or loose loops when winding your cord up for storage. Also do not, as many people have seen, unroll your charger block from the magsafe end by letting the charger drop and unroll itself like a yo-yo, this is both hard on the charger and its connection points at both ends.


  • Bela Level 1 (25 points)

    Yeah, I'm on the third one in a year and a half. The odds are against it being me, especially as I use it sitting in bed nearly all the time - no cars running over the cord or hot things falling on it.

  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 (14,725 points)

    depends on how you wind it up when done, and a MAIN THING that splits cords open is not letting them unravel their in-line twists before winding them up.


    winding while still twisted compounds the pressure on the inner wires towards busting out of the cable sleeve.

  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,669 points)

    When re-winding, make a 1 to 2 inch loop in the air, then wind around the ears. This randomizes the initial contact point and reduces initial strain.

  • PlotinusVeritas Level 6 (14,725 points)

    Yup, been preaching and practicing same long time


    "no hard loops" 

  • Bela Level 1 (25 points)

    I don't wind mine. It just hangs there. And frays.

  • TJW57 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well this is all well and good advice, but I don't wind mind either, nor do I even bend it in any meaningful way. It's just not well-designed - otherwise we wouldn't all be here complaining or talking about how to avoid the problem.

  • GilTaylor Level 1 (0 points)

    I am on my third "L" shapped power cord.  All 3 have failed at the mag safe end (not the brick).  I have tried making sure there is a "gentle" loop, running the power cable along the side (not towards the back).  I do not wrap the cable up tight when done and i don't use the brick like a Yo-Yo.


    the idea of running the cable on the side is stupid as it covers all the ports.  i have to run presentations fromt the PB and need the ports when i do that.  so i have to flip the power cable the other way when presenting.


    i didn't have any of these problems pre-mag safe with the older power cables.  i understand the benifit of the mag safe, but this is a design and quality problem.  At $80 a unit i can't keep replacing the darn thing and they seem to fail just over a year or so after they are purchased.


    the pattern i have noticed is the same.  the last 6 inches of the cable prior to the magsafe starts to yellow and the plastic cable clip can no longer slide easily down the cable in this area.  The cable then seems to loosen and swell; eventually the sheeth then splits.  the cable now seems to twist slightly and deforms the power cable so as to become crooket and the outer sheeth now seems to be excessively long.


    if i now counter twist and pull on the magsafe end, the cable sheething now returns to its proper lenght for  the amount of sheething.  it appears to me that this is being caused by metal fatique and the Negative braid cable is causing this to happen.  I am wondering if shrink tape will fix this for me intead of buying yet another cable.

  • Network 23 Level 6 (11,900 points)

    OGELTHORPE wrote:


    I have three power adapters that are about  5, 3 and 1/2 yr old.  No fraying on any of them.

    Well, I've owned several PowerBooks/MacBooks, and I consciously try to baby the adapters to the point of not winding them up on the "ears" (I think that just strains them more). The power adapters in my first 10 years of Mac laptops never frayed (the non-white adapters), and yet I've seen the cords for these generations of white adapters fray and have had to rely on the mercy of Apple to replace a few of them. Thankfully Apple has done this free of charge even when slightly out of warranty.


    As much as I like Apple designs in general, their recent power adapter designs are historically nearly as tragic as their mouse designs. From duck heads with sparky intermittent hinge connections to fraying cords, Apple could really do better.

  • Bela Level 1 (25 points)

    Bad design and or bad materials. This only happened with my one and a half year old Macbook pro - never happened in the last 10 years with other macs.

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