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I have some issue when installing windows 7 pro 64 bit using boot camp. after done partitioning the windows drive and when boot to windows installation process, i've got stuck in the first screen when choosing the language. it seems that the keyboard and mouse are not detected.

i'm using boot camp ver. 5.0.

does anyone have similar problem with me?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
  • stihl88 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, i had the same problem so i ended up recreating the Windows 7 boot stick in Boot Camp again as i noticed the original WIndows 7 boot stick i created didnt appear to have the "Windows Support" files loaded onto it. Anyway, after running the WIndows install again my Mac keyboard and external Keyboard and mouse were all working again during the instillation stage.


    Hope this helps you.

  • SetTimer Level 1 (0 points)

    I have exactly the same problem with the latest 2013 13" macbook air.


    I called apple, who suggested the same solution described by stihl88. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

  • stihl88 Level 1 (0 points)

    SetTimer, you could try this article too see if it helps

  • yuli.syam Level 1 (0 points)

    i try using the usb 3.0 driver and copy it to boot.wim and still no luck. and also do the separeate step for the bootcamp installation.

    still not solve my problem.

    i'm still stuck at the first screen

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    You guys wont believe this but after being on the phone with Sr Support Techs for 2 days and a dozen install attmepts still no answer. I got fed up and did a little more googling and stumbled across a support article that simply states that the optical disk drive MUST be connected to the USB connection on the right side on the Macbook Air (Haswell) while the USB stick MUST be connected to the USB on the left side. I tried doing this and shazam, no black screen, touch pad and keyboard both work and allows me to proceed with Windows 7 Prof 64bit install. Hallelujah!!!

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    Many thanks for the advice. In my case, unfortunately, I've tried all the different possible combinations (dvd, left or right) and with/without usb drive left-right, nothing is working. Still stuck at the install windows7 screen with no keyboard and mouse access.


    Which version of bootcamp 5 are you using? I've downloaded the latest version manually and put it on the usb drive hoping that it would make a difference. No chance.

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    Hello ,

    try to use boot camp assistant on mac to get all drivers software update and save them on flash or CD then move to windows and install these software on windows and it will work.

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    The problem is on the intel USB Enhanced host controller that connect somehow with the bluetooth driver for the mouse and keyboard.


    still no luck with the installation.

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    We have the same problem here on a brand new 13" Air. We've tried Windows 7, Windows 8, different versions of each. We've tried installing from optical drive as well as USB drive. Nothing works.


    Apple needs to fix this pronto.

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    I finally "succeeded" in installing Windows 8 64-bit professional while all attempts at installing windows 7 failed miserably. My understanding for the success comes from the fact that Windows 8 posess native USB 3.0 drivers unlike Windows 7 SP1.


    Now I have to deal with Windows 8...

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    I have finally successfully installed Windows 7 x64 on MacBook Air 13.3" (2013) thru Bootcamp.


    Problem:  After Windows 7 install thru BootCamp, I got to the first login screen and not input devices (Mouse, keyboard, USB) worked.   I tried to boot into Windows Safemode, but I received the error  "Windows can not complete installation in Safe Mode".


    Cause:  WIndows 7 does not have native USB 3.0 drivers, included on the install images.


    Resolution:  I downloaded the latest device drivers with thru BootCamp and copied them to the USB Flash Drive that had my bootable Windows 7 x64 install on it.  The second option in BootCamp is "Download Support Media".  This does more than just download drivers.  It creates a file called "autoattended.xml".  This is key as it tells Windows during the install process to use the device drivers that you download.  Otherwise, you need to do it manually, which you can't because you have no mouse or keyboard.


    NOTE:  I had no need of a super drive because I had all the files on one USB flash drive.  Therefore, I don't think it matter which side of the MBA the USB drive was plugged in, as other solutions suggested.

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    An alternative to Frizz88's solution; I installed from a Win7 install cd and during the installation, on the screen where it lists the available partitions to install, click "Load Drivers" and browse to your flash drive (containing the latest device drivers from Boot Camp) to $WinPEDDriver$\IntelxHCISetup\Drivers\xHCI\Win7\x64\iusbXXXX.inf (sorry, can't remember which inf file). A bunch of USB3 drivers will then get listed and loaded.


    Win7 then installs with a working keyboard and mouse.

    (Thanks Frizz.....)

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    This method works the best when installing Window 7 onto newest 2013 Macbook Air using Bootcamp!!! Thanks for the tips!

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    I have successfuly install win 7 to my 2013 MBA with this method. And this method best explain that why the keyboard and mouse is not usable is due to win 7 doesn't have a native USB 3.0 driver.


    I think Apple should educate their advisor about this.

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