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    I have found a fix for this incredibly frustrating problem using Boot Camp Asst.  I installed Windows 7 home on my macbook pro retina 15 late 2013 following these steps


    1.  Get ISO file somewhere on your computer, doesn't matter where.  Have blank USB drive ready, insert into USB port.


    2.  Open Boot Camp Assistant, check all 3 boxes -- make boot disk, download software and partition disk.  Go through screens until it ends at screen where you can only click quit (You will not make it automatically to the Windows 7 install blue screen just yet.)  If you were to reboot your computer (holding down 'alt/option' key) you would get back to blue Windows install screen with no cursor.


    3.  Reopen Boot Camp Assistant and this time CHECK THE THIRD BOX ONLY, the one to partition your drive.  Be sure to leave the first two unchecked.  Choose your partition size (I did 80gb for the bootcamp disk).  You'll notice that when Boot Camp is done partitioning the disk it will automatically quit Boot Camp and reboot your computer, which it didn't do the first time.


    4.  As computer is automatically rebooting, hold down alt/option key until you see screen where you can choose to boot up with mac HD or your windows USB.  Select 'windows' drive by clicking on it or arrow just below.


    5.  This time when you go through initializing black screen and then first blue Windows 7 screen, you should have a nice big fat white cursor that works.

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    I, too, experienced this issue and found it to be maddening, especially since this is my 3rd MBA bootcamp install in 18 months (my company is dumping its Dell laptops so I'm the one that sets up the MBAs), and I thought I knew what I was doing.


    After reading this thread I noticed Apple was giving me the answer in the right margin: Look at the "Related Articles" box.


    Here is the link:


    Follow these instructions to the letter and it will be just fine, trust me.


    It would've been great if Apple would make this more clear at the outset. The big miss for me was properly formatting the USB drive using their utility, and having bootcamp asst. download the drivers. DON'T download the drivers from Apple site. They aren't current.

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    I Had The Same Problem , Installing Windows 7 On iMac , after the installation is done and bootcamp drivers are updated there is no keyboard or mouse . nothing works , Blutooth , wirless , usb

    so i tried logging into safe mood , which i was able to


    restart the computer , keep pressing F8 till i get to choose safe mood with networking


    i found thtt there was an unknown hardware , right clik and update driver


    restart into normal mood and ther you go , magic works


    hope this will help

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    And same issue here....


    iMac 14,2 (late 2013)

    OS X 10.9


    Win versions tried and failed:

    x86 win7 ultimate

    x86 win7 ultimate SP1

    64 bit win 7 ultimate

    64 bit win 7 ultimate SP1

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    Answer: the 3rd option in BootCamp assistant is disabled.

    Never seen it enabled ever actually.

    Any suggestions?


    iMac 14,2 (late 2013)

    OS X 10.9

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    Had the same problem on an imac. Connected a USB mouse and it worked straight away.

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    Thanks so much for this info, it worked for me.

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    Sorry to bring up an old issue that many seemed to have resolved, but I'm dealing with a similar issue.  I went through the Bootcamp partitioning and used the Bootcamp downloaded drivers for my Windows 7 install. Everything works as it should with one exception: the Apple wireless keyboard.  My Wacom tablet and a Logitech wireless mouse and even all my flash drives work with zero issues.  I have tried everything I can think of to get the keyboard to be seen but nothing works.  I know there is nothing wrong with bluetooth since, as a test, I purchased a Logitech wireless keyboard and it works just fine after downloading the Logitech installer from their site.  Is there a known issue with the Apple wireless keyboard that I'm not aware of?  I don't want to have a separate wireless KB for Windows but I'm starting to feel that this is my only option.

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    One trick that worked for me is to boot up back into OSX, turn off (disconnect) bluetooth keyboard, then reboot into Bootcamp and keyboard should then be recognized in bluetooth settings of Windows 7.  Windows seems to want to connect first for some reason, and it can be slow to recognize and allow you to use keyboard after reboots.


    I had this problem early on, but I updated all of my drivers once in Bootcamp and now it works both in Windows 7 and OSX side.  One important thing to be aware of is anytime you reboot into Bootcamp, Windows 7 can take up to a minute or so to recognize the keyboard.  On my Macbook Pro, it always recognizes the wireless Magic Mouse first, about 20 sec or so after booting up, then keyboard is finally recognized after waiting another 30 sec or so.  I learned this the hard way by not waiting long enough for keyboard to be responsive, and kept rebooting and rebooting.


    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the reply.  I'm willing to try your suggestion but if I unpair the keyboard from OS X then how will I reboot into Windows if I'm unable to press and hold the OPTION key?


    Thanks again.

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    Hi this worked for me on my late 2013 iMac, thank you. Couldn't figure out for the life of me how to get past the blue "select language" screen. This is the closest thing to a step by step manual to installing windows 7 that I've found.

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    Use your mouse, or if on macbook pro use laptop keyboard or mouse, in OSX go to 'System Preferences' then 'Startup Disk' and select 'Bootcamp Windows' folder then 'Restart'.   Should boot up to windows desktop, from there you can use mouse to connect bluetooth keyboard.  Going by your email, it sounds like you have Bootcamp installed, just can use wireless keyboard once you're in Bootcamp, yes?

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    For mrcomanche -- I remember reading somewhere that the internal mac HD has to be formatted a certain way for Bootcamp to work.  Don't remember exactly, but you might be able to fix the issue in Disk Utility without totally reformatting your HD.  Try googling it.


    If you format your HD correctly (correct according to Windows) to begin with, you'll be able to access both your internal drive AND the bootcamp disk once you're in Windows.  I didn't do this, so I can only read my bootcamp partition when I'm in Windows/Bootcamp.  I reformatted my main external flash drive the correct way, and can use that in both OSX and Windows side.


    Hope this is helpful

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    I was having the very same issue while installing Windows 7 Home Premium using Bootcamp 5, via Mavericks.  My machine is a 21.5" late 2012 iMac.  I tried just about every form of every solution listed in this discussion (and elsewhere), but to no avail.  Apple Support told me that since the proper drivers were already on my USB drive, this is a Windows issue and I should contact Microsoft.  Fat lot of help that did.  Microsoft had no clue what I was trying to do.


    In the end I just grabbed a wireless keyboard and mouse I had lying around from my last PC (circa 2005).  They worked immediately.  I then logged in and went to devices, and it paired with my Apple keyboard straight-away.  For the trackpad I had to go to to download an old bootcamp update.  From there I extracted the contents, found a driver for Windows 7, and installed it.  Works like a charm now (but it shouldn't be so hard)!