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    I did precisely the procedure from user GIjbop and it worked fine. Took me about 6 hours of trying everything else before I tried again this procedure and at last it worked.

    Many thanks GIjbop

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    WORKING !!!!


    Setup of Windows on MAC via Bootcamp


    Requirements :

    • USB 2.0 Stick with min. 2 GB Space
    • External USB Discdrive
    • Empty DVD (for Windows 7 Install Files)
    • Windows 7 x86 with 64Bit ISO


    Preparation :

    • If any Bootcamp partition was already created, start Bootcamp Assistant and select only 3rd entry and delete any existing Bootcamp Partition. Restart your Mac
    • Prepare DVD
    • Burn Windows 7 ISO to DVD
    • Prepare USB 2.0 Stick
    • Plugin USB Stick into left USB Port


    Installation :


    • Plug in your USB Stick into the left USB Port
    • Start Bootcamp Assistant, select 2nd entry only and let Bootcamp download and install Windows Support files on to USB Stick. Quit afterwards Bootcamp. Keep USB Stick plugged in into the left USB Port of your Mac
    • Plugin external DVD Drive, insert Windows 7 Install DVD
    • Start Bootcamp Assistant, select 3rd entry only and keep going to partition your drive and install.
    • Bootcamp restarts into Windows, loads from DVD the Windows 7 installation files and within the whole process, it loads Bootcamp Driver and finishes successful


    General Notes :

    • I tried several different pathways to get Windows via Bootcamp into Mac and my supposed way was the one which worked from skretch and on the first try!
    • No hussles with freezing Windows 7, no "no working Trackpad and Keyboard" or anything else!!!
    • Useful link :
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    I got the same issue. I own iMac 2013 (late 2013), i tried installing Win 7 Pro 64 bit. I have downloaded Bootcamp Support Software as procedure and it got copied in Pendrive. But still Windows 7 installation got stucked. It wont recognise Apple Wireless Keyboard or Mouse.

    To avoid this, i tried this trick.  


    (((*** Note:This should be done before using BOOTCAMP ASSISTANT ***)))


    *Jus have an USB KBD & USB MOUSE.

    *BOOT into OS X.

    *Open 'System Preferences'.

    *Open BLUETOOTH pane and click 'TURN BLUETOOTH OFF'.

    *Now using USB Mouse and Keyboard, open BOOT CAMP ASSISTANT and do the steps as you did before usually. 

    *Now in Windows 7 Installation windows my keyboard and mouse works normally.

    -Hope this works for you.

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    If you are downloading the support software/windows iso (through bootcamp) onto an external USB device make sure it's USB 2.0 device. Otherwise the keyboard and mouse will not work.


    I have a 27in Haswell iMac and put the 2.0 device into the slot closest to the center of the machine (closeset to the iMac stand.


    Hope this helps!

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    SO after hours of failure It looks like I have some input.


    1. windows DVD and a usb drive work ( i had the wrong ISO for my product code, durrr )

    2. bootcamp assistant and an ISO file work BUT the moon has to be in the 7th house of pluto and I had a blond rub my shamrocks for luck.

         a. the usb drive does in fact have to be on the left side

         b. the keyboard and mouse will work if you let bootcamp reboot the computer for the install.

         c. the bootcamp installer is not your enemy Banner! ( Sorry Joss I had to say it )


    Even Aliens have rules, follow the rules ( if they only told you what they are, that would be nice ). -Lilo and Stitch


    Nerd Out

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    Thankfully, I looked elsewhere for a solution to this problem before going through all the rigamarole recommended here.  The post from ndunde here ( worked for me.  Restart in safe mode (pressing on F8 repeatedly as the computer restarts).  Click Start, type in "uninstall" in the search field.  Choose Uninstall Programs (or something like that).  When the programs come up, choose "Intel USB 3.0 drivers" (or something like that).  Click uninstall.  Then restart.  Voila!  I hope this save someone else the headache I was spared.

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    Well i'll be buggered. I have 25 iMacs (late 2013), and the first one I tried setting up using Bootcamp worked fine. But over the last few weeks, I had messed it up to the point where I needed to start over (trying to figure out how to clone and deploy the system image). But I couldn't get Bootcamp to work again! This problem of the keyboard and mouse not being recognized, or the CD/DVD driver not being installed.


    After reading through this, I realized that I had switched flash drives. Initially I was using an 8GB USB 2.0 stick, but had purchased some 16GB USB 3.0 sticks that I was now using. I switched back to the USB 2.0 stick, and no problems. Curious.

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    nothing curious, you need to use usb2 to avoid this error, w7 doesn't have native usb3 recognition in the installer hence why it gets stuck

    azcavalier wrote:


    After reading through this, I realized that I had switched flash drives. Initially I was using an 8GB USB 2.0 stick, but had purchased some 16GB USB 3.0 sticks that I was now using. I switched back to the USB 2.0 stick, and no problems. Curious.

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    Yes, this is a limitation of Windows 7 installer.


    We must use USB2.0 devices for Windows installation. Do not connect any USB3.0 devices.


    This problem has been reported even on PC/AT system, not only on Mac. Don't be afraid :-)

    Probably Windows 7 installer will fail a peripheral recongnition if USB3 device is found, and this will block the keyboard & mouse function.


    I have also addressed the same problem on my MacBook Air (mid 2013) in a week ago, and solved by using USB2.0 flash and Optical drive. I got these hints from both Mac and Windows communities.


    Have fun !

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    Found a solution, u dont need to do much, just open bootcamp assistant again, if you have installed bootcamp, remove it and install again, then the system will automatically restart and boot to window setup (remember to plug ur bootable usb in) and the mouse will be there.if you boot manually (hold alt) it will not work

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    Long way of fixing it:


    Plugin the Windows USB Installer Drive.


    Open Terminal (From OSX, Recovery or OSX USB Installer)


    Type in diskutil list


    Find the Device Identifier Windows  Installer Drive.

    (Example : disk1s2. Usually the one with Windows_FAT_32 under the Type field)


    Type in the command below replace the identifier in the example with the one you fine.


    sudo /usr/sbin/bless --device /dev/disk1s2 --setBoot --nextonly --legacy


    Note : If you are running this command from Recovery or OSX USB Installer you do not have to use sudo.


    Click on the Apple Logo, and restart. It will boot automatically into the windows installer with mouse and keyboard working.


    Side Note : Same thing will work even after installing BOOTCAMP to get the mouse and keyboard working till reboot.

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    Blessing the hard drive—as per @slashgear's response—is clearly what Bootcamp Assistant does when prepping a new partition for installation from a USB which it has prepared.


    ...but something else is happening there too. If I manually prepare a bootable windows USB installer using the same image (even copying over the same Bootcamp driver files as it downloads), bless and restart, the mouse & keyboard won't work.


    What else does Bootcamp Assistant do to prep the environment? Does it shim USB3 drivers somewhere in the Win installation package?

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    I got it—for me (Retina MBP mid 2014) I needed the following args to the bless command:


    sudo /usr/sbin/bless --mount /Volumes/BOOTCAMP/ --setBoot --nextonly --legacy --legacydrivehint /dev/disk0


    Specify the appropriate volume name and disk number above (but NOT the disk partition)


    I couldn't get mouse/kdb input without the mount and legacydrivehint args. Perhaps that prompts the system to load the USB3 internal peripherals as old-school devices for Win 7.

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    hi guys,


    thanks for all these replies, it helped me a lot to fix the problem on my new imac (having only 4 usb3.0 ports and no dvd drive). The issue is rather due to Microsoft this time : standard windows install does not include usb3 drivers, so no mouse, no keyboard when trying to install windows on new macs (and other hardware as well).


    what worked for me using a simple 8gb usb stick (no need to take it out during the process) and a windows ISO package copied to the mac was finally quit simple :


    - do BACKUPS !!!!

    - install osx, including time machine recovery of old data

    - check and, if necessary, delete all other partition than OSX (in disk utility), in my case i deleted the hidden recovery partition as well with terminal utility (i don't need it), you can't do that with the disk utility...

    - start bootcamp utility checking only the first two options : create usb install disk and download latest support software

    - let working bootcamp (half an hour...) : creates the usb stick having windows install package including the time the usb3.0 drivers... (nice job)

    - close bootcamp

    - reboot computer

    - start bootcamp utility again using only the third option : install windows (the newly created usb stick is still in)

    - let bootcamp split the disk in two partitions : hdmacintosh and bootcamp and, after that do the install and

    - let bootcamp reboot and install windows, do not exit the process : this time i had the mouse and the keyboard when installing windows 7 from the usb stick (great)

    - optionnaly (that's my case) add a third "data" partition doing as follows :

    - boot in osx, resize osx partition in disk utility (under "partition") to a lower value (this leaves a free space between the osx and bootcamp partitions

    - boot in windows and add a new logical volume in control panel / admin tools / computer management / storage

    - finalize the windows install as wished (install software, refit, recover data, etc.)

    - that's it...

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    @jcrenard Thanks so much bro, you just saved my butt! FREAK, I was freakin' out on a Late 2013 iMac, but then I did what you said, I got a nice big fat white cursor that worked! hahaha ^_^