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Hello, I have bootcamp with Windows 7 on Snow Leopard.  Will I lose the bootcamp partition if I upgrade from Snow Leopard to Maverick?

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  • Allan Eckert Level 9 (50,699 points)

    You should not. BootCamp creates a separate partition for Windows and the installer for Mavaricks should not touch anything in that partition.



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    duway wrote:


    Will I lose the bootcamp partition if I upgrade from Snow Leopard to Maverick?


    Not likely, but you will lose it if you decide to return to Snow Leopard as it requires the ENTIRE drive to be reformatted.


    As you should know, 10.7 and above will NOT run your older PPC software.


    With such a huge leap of OS X versions, your likely going to have to replace much, if not all your current software with newer ones.


    So it might not be worth it on a older machine, I would say a Early 2011 or later should have no problem with 10.9.


    2010 laptops or earlier I would stick with Snow Kitty.

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    Hello everybody, I upgrade my macbook air minutes ago. The bootcamp partition is not accessible anymore When i hit the alt key on boot, the win start icon does not show. I disk utilities i see the partition as disk0s4. I think this is, because i resized the partition of mac and windows some time ago. Now it seems, that the maverick update didn't get that. Here is the partition view. Is there someone who might help me to fix this? Maybe with some terminal ****



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    Same thing happened to me, and the last thing I want to do is re-download the whole thing again.

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    after upgrading from the store, just accepting defaults next, next, next to Mavericks. I don't see my Windows Bootcamp partition either. Reading from others, there isn't a way to get it back, since Mavericks (probably) resized the partition.


    this is really bad news. others should proceed with caution, only after having a full windows backup.

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    I updated from Snow Leopard (10.6.8) to Mavericks (10.9.2) and as far as I can see, it didn't screw with my Bootcamp partition. But I couldn't mount my Bootcamp partition like I did before upgrading. How do I mount it?

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    You might want to consider starting a new discussion. Since this one is marked solved, less people are likely to look at it. You can link to this one.

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    Thanks, just started a new thread for it.