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  • flex Level 1 (0 points)

    My issue of black screen got fixed.  I assume most of you with mid 13 MBA's migrated data over from other "older macs" like I did.  I went to the genius bar and replicated my problem.  The tech then booted my system off of the stores clean OSX (mountain lion at the time) I could no longer replicate the issue.  He then installed a clean copy of the OSX on my systyem and told me when I restore thru time machine to only restore the users and applications folders.  He siad do not restore the other two folders which I think were data and other files, he said those contain settings info from my older mac which apparantly are not playing nice with the new haswell processor and the aggressive power saving features.  I did as he said but was now able to reproduce my problem again.  Back I went to the genisus bar told them of the issue and they went into the users library and deleted a settings folder that migrates over with the users folder.  This solved my problem, I could no longer replicate the issue.


    When I upgraded to mavericks I have no black screen issues.  So for many of you that migrated data from older macs the issue is probably settings that came over from your older machine.  Have the bar do what they did for me and see if it solves your issue, of course make sure you have a recent time machine backup before you do.

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    Unfortunately, I have the once a week or so random black screen requiring a hard reboot using the power button with my MBA purchased 8/13, i7, 8 gig, 256 gig.  This is my first mac and I did not copy any files from any other computer.  I have not installed Chrome or any games.  The only installs I made were MS Office and Citrix.  I call Apple support after each time it happens to put the complaint in my file.  I have not upgraded to Mavericks as I see others are still having the same or worse problems following the upgrade.  I have not pushed Apple for a new MBA as many have had the same problems with the replacements.  I purchased the Apple Care plan to I have 3 years todeal with this.  If the new Retina Pros seem clear of the probem, I may fight Apple to replace my Air with a new Pro.

  • Yann Martinez Level 1 (0 points)



    Can you be a little bit more precise concerning the settings folder that has been deleted on your MacBook?

    Which settings folder is it?


    Thanks in advance for your input!


    Kind regards,


    Yann Martinez

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    Just adding to the record here, I am experiencing the black screen a few times a week as well.  Requires a hard boot to recover.  Seems to be more common when on battery, and may be connected to trying to wake the system with a keypress immediately after it goes to sleep.  I have a mid-2013 Haswell i7 machine with 8GB and 512G SSD.



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    Yann, I wish I knew, the girl at the bar knew I was there the day before and what I did on restore and just said she needed to go into library and delete a settings folder.  Sorry I am weak at computer speak.

  • spencer289 Level 1 (0 points)

    I forgot to mention, that last week I changed all the settings in power management and the screen saver to never....meaning to never sleep and never activate the screen saver.  So far, no blackouts since I changed the settings, but a week is too soon the tell. 

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    I recently purchased an MBA 4gb ram with 256gb ssd. Unfortunately, I see this problem occur at random like two to three times a week. Once, I saw that removing any USB connected devices while the screen stays black and then pressing any key on the keyboard worked. However, when the same occurred again later, doing the same didn't help at all. So, no idea. The tech guy at apple doesn't seem to understand anything about this issue.

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    Piling on...


    Brand new MBA machine in August.  No migration.  No Chrome. Upgraded to Mavericks, 1.7 Ghz i7, 8GB 1600 Mhz DDR3.


    Fades to Black.  Requires hard reboot.


    This is not acceptable.

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    I just got home tonight with a brand new fully loaded 13" MBA. It came with Mountain Lion installed. I performed all the updates to Mountain Lion through Software Update. I upgraded to Mavericks through the AppStore. I downloaded and installed iWork, iPhoto, iMovies, Evernote and XCode. I then connected my my Magic Mouse over bluetooth and added a network AirPlay Printer. I installed the Speech and Dictation software from Apple.


    I then proceeded to enable FileVault. After the reboot it started encrypting my hard drive and while it was encrypting my screen went black. Keyboard backlight is till on. All keys are unresponsive. Keyboard stays lit when the laptop is clamshelled.


    This is a terrible feeling.

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    I was planning to buy the mid 2013 MBA 13'' next week, but honestly after have read all this issues with the display I'm thinking to buy instead the new rMBP 13'', hoping to not have all this problems.


    But, all the ones who are experiencing these issues with the display, still have ML installed or have uptdated to Mavericks? So, have Mavericks solved the issue?

    Except for this, are you satisfied of your purchase?


    I found this article about how to solve a similar issue in MBA (2011), maybe could help to solve the one on 2013 MBA.


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    This thread describes my issue and how to avoid it for now until Apple fixes it:



    My "black screen" crash happens if you swipe the trackpad or press a key between the time when the screen goes blank (because it's entering sleep) and the time that the keyboard backlight goes out.  If you try to wake the machine in that time period it crashes requiring a hard reset.


    Waking before that (when the screen has just dimmed) or after the keyboard backlight goes out results in normal behaviour. 


    Hopefully this is the issue some of you are seeing as well.

  • Animalk Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks John_de! That is exactly what happened to me. This comes a a a relief because it is most certainly a software/firmware issue that is easily fixable by Apple.

  • spencer289 Level 1 (0 points)

    I tried the method described in the other thread and I really think they are on to something.  If you swipe the trackpad or hit a key within a second of the MBA entering sleep mode, it crashes. 


    I have been trying this method for an hour and my experience is similar (but not exactly the same) as theirs.  First the screen dims AND the keyboard lights go off.  Second, the screen goes off and the MBA enters sleep mode.  If I touch with trackpad or hit the spacebar within a second of the screen going off, the MBA crashes and requires a hard reboot.  If I just wait a second or two, it wakes up fine.  I can reproduce this four out of five times.  The timing is critical.

  • philthepowa Level 1 (0 points)

    Be carefull they have a keyboard/trackpad freeze problem on the new rMBP 13'' :



    I have the same problem than everyone else with my MBA 2013 13 '' i5 256 Go 4Go Ram.


    Very disapointed with my first Mac experience !

  • philthepowa Level 1 (0 points)

    I would like to point out that upgrading to Maverick seems to have decrease the issue.

    I still have black screen problem but less frequently.

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