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    Just wanted to chime in here.


    I have a mid-2013 11" MBA 1.7Ghz/8Gb/512Gb purchased about a month ago from Macmall.  I have Chrome installed and use it as my primary browser.


    I had seen this behavior (dark screen, arrow visible, keys lit, but unresponsive) several times when I first got the machine, but since I've upgraded to Mavericks, I haven't seen it.

  • pavkam Level 1 Level 1



    MBA 2013, 13'', 4Gb, 256SSD, Mavericks. Still happens, rarely and on battery only.

    Defenetely a problem. This is my first Mac so I assumed it's a bug in OSX or something, but it looks it's more than that.


    For me it happens when the screen is about to turn off (from me not touching the device for  minutes). In some rare cases this happens - locks up, sometimes reet is required.


    I don't think this is a hardware bug to be homest, seems an OS issue of some sort.


    @Apple - come one people, do something.

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    Folks are you still experiencing the problem after applying the recent Mavericks Mail updater? Right now I've applied all the recent updates and so far so good. However, I want to use this at least a week if not two weeks before I say these updates fixed it. Why do I suspect Mail? Well because I almost always have it and Safari running and I was told to focus on it. So we'll see.

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    I have the same issue even after installing Mavericks and all recent updates. Screen just goes black , after I shut the lid and open it again after a few seconds. Doesn't happen all the time , but very frequent ...

    I have a Mid 2013 macbook air .

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    It seems like most of the problems are caused by people closing the lids and then immediately reopening them or trying to wake the machine up the instant it goes to sleep.


    Reminds me of an old joke - Guy goes to the doctor and says "Doc, it hurts when I do this" and he raises his arm up over his head.  Doctor says "Then don't do that"


    If you know trying to bring the machine out of sleep the instant it goes to sleep causes the problem, then maybe  the answer is to let it sit for 10 seconds before you wake it up?


    Maybe increase the time interval before the machine goes to sleep?


    Maybe set the screen to dim before sleep and if you see that state, then do something to restart the timer (ie, touch the trackpad)?


    In an effort to provide snark-free help, I don't run Mail at all so it's possible that it may be part of the problem.

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    I now have my third 13-inch MBA.  All three have had the problem.  I waited, as they asked me to do, for Mavericks.  I downloaded, and it didn't help.  In reality, it made the problem worse.


    One thing that drives me nuts is that every time I talk with someone at Apple or Apple store, they say, "I never heard of this."  There are 41 pages of comments on this, and they don't know about it.


    I should mention that I was running Chrome. We're trying a new user account with no Chrome to see if that helps.  Sigh.

  • AnoopKam Level 1 Level 1



    Thats because nobody at apple looks at whats in these forums. They are just for users to share issues and solutions.

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    how frequent does this happen. I have had my 2013 mac air for 4 days now. it is running mountain lion, not running chrome as I dont use it. I use firefox. The black screen hasnt happened yet.


    I think this might be an os issue because it happened before on my 2012 air. I was in the middle of hitting the back button on my browser and it the machine screen turned off but I could still see the cursor. after leaving it for about 10 seconds it went the rest of the way to sleep and I was able to wake it up. I was using the machine when it happened it wasnt sitting idle. The browser was firefox.

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    Anoopkam, when I called Apple Support, the tech acknowledged that someone read the forums. The geniuses in the stores keep saying they never heard of the problem which is funny since I've been in two stores more than 10 times for this problem, and I've talked with managers at least half of the times I've been in.  Sigh.



    Mark 1179, mine was blacking out all the time. I have been using this test account today with no problem, but I'm not optimistic.  I am not above starting to scream at someone about this.  I teach college and the new term is starting soon.  I cannot have this happening during class or when I'm grading.

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    The battery is probably out on that.

    Use the Charger to get it ready for browsing tomorrow.

    Any problems....CALL US!









    Wise and ready,

    Owl Questions

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    No offense, Owl, but the battery is fully charged....plugged in when this happens. That is not the problem.


    I've delete Chrome, as I mentioned, and stopped using the laptop desk, and so far no problems. I'm hopeful but still not quite optimistic.

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    I have the same problem, my specs:

    2013 Macbook Air 13", i5, 256 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM

    Maverick fully updated


    I DON'T USE CHROME - however I have it installed. Just 15 mins ago I had a blackout, keyboard light and screen completely black. I was using: Mail, Reminders, Calendar and Safari. I had to make hard shut off to make it work. I was on battery (Power nap disabled).

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    I have this problem on a mid-2013 MBA 11.6.


    I tried zapping the PRAM and the other weird fix that holding the power button down.  No joy.


    Latest Mavericks makes no difference -- the screen arbitrarily goes black (and iTunes Internet radio stops) when I move a PLUGGED-IN machine.




    I guess I have to call Apple. 

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  • darmsoto Level 1 Level 1

    I bought a new MBA 13" default specs at the end of August. First, the screen would randomly go black (not asleep, but black) and it would take quite a while of hitting keys, letting it sit, repeat, until it would allow me to sign back in. Eventually it got to the point when it wouldn't "wake up" at all, and I had to force shutdown and reboot.


    I can't say this only happens whenever my MBA is unplugged (I think it might've happened once while plugged in), but I rarely ever have it plugged in anyway.


    I do have and use Chrome.


    I had the energy saving preferences set to default except I unchecked "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" because I thought that might've been the source of the problem (sadly it wasn't).


    I took it in to the Apple store. They were going to replace the logic board, but since I'm a law student and need my computer every day, they replaced the MBA with a new MBA.


    Sadly, only a few days later, the problem persists with a vengeance on this new MBA. Today alone it occured 3 times (once while in class, which is completely unacceptable—I have finals starting Friday!). I'm currently chatting with an Apple Support "specialist." I don't think they even know what to do. I'm so frustrated with this. The last thing I need is for my MBA to go black during a final (though I will without a doubt have it plugged in, assuming I can avoid the problem while the machine is plugged in).

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