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  • aSmilar Level 1 (0 points)

    As I said not all MBS are affected. I could duplicate the issue on FRESH CLEAN installation of Mavricks with no other software.

  • ojinoo Level 1 (0 points)

    Before OSX 10.9 Mavericks I had the Chrome sleep issue on my 2013 Haswell Macbook air, but after installing Mavericks that particular issue disappeared.


    Now in Mavericks i can reproduce the crash issue by either closing and opening the lid after 1-2 seconds or by first tapping the power button and then another key after 1-2 seconds.


    I have also tried this in OSX 10.8.4 after downgrading and the macbook air never crashed. I would therefore conclude that the crash issue is a OSX Mavericks specific issue.


    It might also be a 2013 Macbook air specific issue since my 2008 unibody macbook doesn't have any issues in any OSX version including Mavericks, so i would say that apple is somehow incapable to make sleep work on the macbook air 2013.

  • MacAttack786 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yup count me tho this same problem with my MId 2013 13" MBA. Every now and then screen goes blank, dunno if it shuts down automatically or what, have to press the power button it doesnt even turn on. Have to wait a few mins then press again it turns on, *** its not even been a month yet, this was custom made with all the high end specs, VERy UPSET with this issue. All my life I have been using Apple computers and this is a first with such an issue with the Black Screen.

    *This seriously could be a Mavericks softaware issue, but then again it could very well be the MID 2013 MBAs.

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    My Feb-12 MBA crashed but nowhere near as often or as degeneratively as the Aug-13 version.


    When Apple took it in and changed the I/O Board, Logic Board, Display, Flex Cable, Hard Drive and Battery, then installed Mavericks. It still crashed.


    The fact that some people are reporting stable Macs gives cause for hope. My reservation is the way the problem worsened. If they don't fail now, is it only a matter of time before they do?


    Either way, it doesn't sound like a software issue.

  • MDN64 Level 1 (0 points)

    The Fac ebook group may help but a public display of our experiences will too.


    htt p:// www.ciao. iew_6107556 for example, leaving out the spaces - so it doesn't appear as an external link in a text search.


    I've left reviews on the two Amazon listings too.


    No point moaning to each other, let's warn an unsuspecting public what they're letting themselves in for.


    There's enough of us to really make a difference as few people post reviews but loads read them.

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    Anybody seen a good 11" machine out there. I've seen a good 13" machine in the stores, but haven't found a single working 11" machine. I've killed every 11" out there, this might be a clue?

  • Kellis99 Level 1 (0 points)

    In my case it has nothing to do with installed software.  I know because when I took mine out of the box, it black-screened on me partway through the initial setup (chosing timezone, etc).  Didn't even have a chance to install any software or configure it.  It went through the setup after a restart, and just get the black screen periodically now, Apple unable to determine the problem.

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    It looks like each Apple's product have some bug: MBA-black screen, Iphone 5 - yellow spots on the screen, all Ipads - dusts under the screen, the same situation with Mackbooks pro. So or just put up with this or quit using MAC)))

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    An Apple Senior Advisor called me this morning regarding the sleep/failure to wake problem.  He consulted the engineers after they had two of my captured data files (one after the MBA was erased and a clean install of 10.9.1 reinstalled). 


    I was told the engineers said to tell me "it is the customer's fault because she was touching a key too soon after sleep."  I explained it was accidental when typing (sometimes hit the power button instead of the delete key and the unit freezes causing data loss) and this is not a problem with my other Apple computers.


    The advisor said to "change the energy settings to never turn off display".  I then explained I purchased the air because of its outstanding battery life and using these settings is not a fix.  His reply:  "Turn it back down when you are finished."


    I said I was very disappointed that the laptop is not performing as designed and was sorry to hear they refused to repair the flaw and worse yet to blame it on the consumer not using the laptop properly.


    Apple customer care went from denying a problem to blaming the problem on the consumer.


    Next I will call customer service, but this too, will be a dead end.  I am out of ideas--they won.

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    Also happening with my MBA 13" and 11".   First time I've ever had such immediate and significant problems with an Apple product.  Considering all the stiff competition coming into market - now is not the time to see the quality of Apple products take a tumble.  People won't be paying the Apple premium for long if this keeps up. 

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    Alrite guys I had enough of the problem with the system shutting down all of sudden happened like 4 times within the month of purchase; no remedy to the problem, just waste of time and energy. I returned it fully and got the retina 13" 8gb 256ssd and couldn't be happier. Amazing display, but I some what still miss the light weight of the air. Regardless its headache free and by the way I had the 128gb ssd in the MBA which I found out by researching that its made by Sandisk, all ssds above 128 from apple are made by Samsung which has higher write and read speeds. There's a lot of info on the net into this topic plus the issue with the lcd screens being made by LG instead of Samsung which are showing white wash a lot. Its about luck what you get from apple on the screen brand. Everyone knows how great Samsung screens are and now Apple is trying to pull a El Cheapo on us by giving us 2nd rate products in our Macs such as Sandisk and LG screens showing a lot of white wash. Samsung screens are more vibrant if you know what I mean. I dont what to be a part of that mess so I just pulled the trigger and went with a headache free 13" macbook pro retina thats 256 ssd not 128, knowing I dont have to look back twice to see if I have the best stuff in my Mac or not.

    Hope you guys who are still in the return period decide wisely if you want to keep holding onto the MBA or jumping the boat and get the 13" retina macbook pro..


  • BobSaggy Level 1 (10 points)

    I've also been having the same problem with my mid 2013 MBA. I've reproduced the instructions fromt he first page and the black screen came up. Closing your lid till the screen goes blank without closing it entirely and then opening it again reproduces the problem. However on a second attempt to reproduce the problmem, has not been successful so will keep an eye out because i've had this problem over several months. Am commenting now because i've lost a pdf i was reading as this problem corrupted the pdf and it's now empty. I hope it's fixed. 


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  • BobSaggy Level 1 (10 points)

    Ok i've just done another test and 3 other tests and all the time the problem was reproduced. I'll ahve to get this replaced.

  • Kellis99 Level 1 (0 points)

    How long did you have it after they accepted return?  Interesting about the Samsung parts, wish I had known that.  We bought tons of these lemons in the last few months, all with 128 MB drives, only one of them bad and suspect it is quality control issues with components now that I hear they are going down market on parts.  Samsung displays are great, love their phones.

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    I did the same as MacAttack786 and returned my MBA for a retinaMBP (paid the difference). Could not be happier with the new MBP. 


    I bought my MBA at my local Apple Store on 28 October 2013, exchanged it 1 week later because of this problem and had the replacement for about 7 weeks before the problem (and a lack of satisfactory solution from Apple) led me to return it.  Had an appointment with genius in store, he knew of the problem and was convinced when I demonstrated it.  Spoke to manager and agreed full refund - which I put towards rMBP.


    However, some on this forum have been told "no refund" and effectively told the problem is because the person is not using sleep mode as intended by trying to wake the MBA as soon as it goes into sleep mode.  I sought to preempt this by explaining that my use of machine involved a lot of reading from the screen and that switching off sleep would affect battery life, which matters to me as I need a charge to last all day.  The accepted this explanation and authorised the refund outside the normal 14 day refund/exchange period.

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