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EzeSounds Level 1 Level 1

Asks for password after about a quater of the 2 GB is downloaded.  Then next time I start Logic Pro X it starts to download basic content again. Is there a link I can download these new files from? I could never get it to work in the old version either...



  • Aputia Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem, but with Mainstage 3. Is there another pkg to download?

  • beaconman Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for posting this link. At least, using a 3rd party download manager, I seem to be getting the essential content file on my very slow Internet connection. If Apple could just provide a direct link to this content in the first place, it would help a lot of folks with less than optimal Internet access and save them a lot of frustration and aggravation.

  • slackhammond Level 1 Level 1

    If it's any consolation, my broadband regularly gives me 65-70Mb/s and it's not working for me either.

  • melissa112 Level 1 Level 1



    Ok so, download AppCleaner for free. Throw the Logic Pro X application in here and it will find all files and caches associated with this program (there should be 5 total) and they should all be checked. Next select delete all and it will remove Logic Pro X and all files associate with it to the trash. Empty the trash. Next, reinstall from Mac App. Store, launch, and the install will complete this time

  • beaconman Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks again for posting this download link. Using a 3rd party download manager, I was able to successfully download the essential content and now have Logic Pro X running on both my MacBook Pro and iMac. Cheers!!

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    The updated 10.0.1 version of Logic Pro X has some extra code it in now.. to help prevent ISP caused stalls... or corruptions..


    It was tested by a client of mine in the UK and it fixed his ISP stalling issue perfectly with both the essential and additional content..

  • manamusicandsound Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Mr Money Apple! Do something about this insted of looking for new things we could buy. It is a shame when I read all those posts that nothing has been done on your side. When you buy something 200$ you want it to work right away, and it is not for a lot of us!

    I am still spending hours on my computor when I should record music!


  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6



    Please read this tip...


  • JayOwen17 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey, did you do this after realizing that logic x didn't download/install ALL of the software instruments and other content initially?   That is what happened to me after I just realized I was missing a bunch of content...I'm trying to re- install from 'download additional content' but it doesn't seem too promising as I know there is much more that doesn't seem to be recognized in the download...

  • snewpers Level 1 Level 1

    I'm still stuck and it's getting annoying.


    I've manualy installed the core audio package (2GB) and after that it started just fine. However, after rebooting it aks if I would like to resume 'essential sounds...' package. Not the core but essential?! Anyway, I said resume, assuming it's some extra instruments wich I might not have in my legacy library, but it's been toasting my HD for over an hour now and I have no clue what it is actually doing.


    The activity monitor shows '' running at 110% CPU. and my HD is morse coding me all kinds of messages...


    Is this package an extra package that I should continue to, uhm, download/install?? Or is this a glitchy thing that makes me wanna go back to Logic9 again?


    Any help or info would be very appreciated, thanks!



  • qualovesyouall Level 1 Level 1

    is there now any solution to this topic??

    I tried everything - download in safemode, download with a new user, use the downloadlink with iGetter, changed security settings...


    I seems it loads everything down and when the window appears that the Apple Music Apps Content Installer wants to change stgh - it aborts 


    just got rid of ableton and bought instead logic pro and now i cannot use it - freaking annoying!!!

  • qualovesyouall Level 1 Level 1

    Ok - i used today a different Network and i could download and install the basic content!

    Seems some networks/internetproviders are not ready yet for that...

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 Level 6

    One of the main reasons why some users have an issue with the additional content.. is because of their own ISP/Network having issues. It is the most common reason I find.. that can then lead on to many other issues caused by incomplete or corrupted downloads..

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