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I am wondering if anyone else has the above cursor/pointer problem and whether it could be related to a driver issue, rather than a Word software glitch or incompatibility, with the new MBA. (I suspect the latter.)


My cursor becomes either invisible or fainter than easily detectable when I move to a italicized portion of text in WORD using the trackpad.Once the cursor has disappeared, it is not possible to find the insertion point for editing, without recourse to the arrow keys, which still work.


NOTE: I can make the pointer reappear for brief use if I tap once on the desktop, before returning to Word window and the italicized passage.


I have tried all suggestions found on the internet to date but none appear to work for me. I called Apple today and the rep had not yet heard of this issue. I have posted to a Word for Mac site as well, but still no known solution. 


It is not clear how many have this problem on the new 2013 MBAs. I do not have the problem on a 2011 desktop Mac running the same WORD software on10.7.X, nor does it occur on an old MBP with Snow Leopard.


Thank you in advance for any hints or advice about this.

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