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I have 10 iPads and want them to all have the same PDF loaded on home page. I want to host meeting where the person walks into room i hand them an ipad and he opens PDF. is a mac req? we want easy

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Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned that these devices will be standalone, by that I mean no internet access when being used in these meetings.

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With IOS 7 you can use airdrop to transfer a file from one iPad to another.


If you do not have a server with a local Wifi Intranet, you are limited to iTunes ( or similiar apps ) with some computer.


Using iTures to transfer files:



Files Connect -- The swiss army knife of remote file connect



Windows File server



Configure WebDave on your server.


This thread has good info.



How to transfer files from your iPad to your PC with iPad to Computer Transfer



More ways to transfer files and access Word documents:



Try the combo of:

Diskaid on your computer and FileAppPro on your iPad


Good old FTP

FileApp and FileApp Pro


I use Mac OS pureFTP server.  It comes as part of PureFTPd Manager software download at this site.


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