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Hi, yesterday after upgrading my macbook air 2013 to osx mountain lion 10.8.5 my isight webcam stopped working in skype, work ok with other programs likeas messages and photobooth. Today i've formatted the machine and make a fresh install, but same problem... any suggestions?


Thanks, Andrea

Solved by Cybermaster on Sep 13, 2013 4:14 PM Solved

I found this in google: e/2


The Skype for Mac Engineer:


Hey all!


After some investigation, we have found that the OSX 10.8.5 update is missing a specific file that would allow some apps such as Skype or iMovie to access the built-in facetime camera on Mid-2013 MacBook Airs.


At this point, we are not sure how this can be fixed, and we'll get in touch with Apple to see how we can solve this.


From our tests, however, external webcams should work. It's not the best workaround, but until something gets fixed, that is the only known (and hopefuly temporary) solution.



For the more tech-savvy readers:

The 10.8.5 update updated a CoreMediaIO plugin that accesses the MBA camera, but didn't bundle the 32-bits version of it.

Other (older and newer) versions of the OS do include a universal version (32 and 64 bits), but not 10.8.5.

This means 32-bits apps such as Skype or iMovie cannot load the plugin, making the built-in facetime camera invisible to these them.

Skype for Mac Engineer

Reply by Cybermaster on Sep 14, 2013 4:44 PM Helpful

Problem solved in Skype community by Sebastian, i share the solution here for other people who have this frustrating problem.



Hi to All


i have the same problem, but i have found a solution!!!


1. You need Time Machine

2. Go to folder /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/

3. Copy AppleCamera.plugin to good place (usb memory stick is the best place).

4. Go to Time machine in date that skype work fine.

5. Change AppleCamera.plugin with file from Time Machine

6. Restart system, Now skype need to work with camera.


This solution is only for this time until Apple make update for this problem!!!


If you don't have time machine backup download the plugin from this link: 956 KB

Reply by Cybermaster on Oct 4, 2013 2:48 AM Helpful

Apple's 10.8.5 supplemental update won't work if you have already used the hacked version of AppleCamera.plugin


If you install the Apple update after you have used the hacked version of plugin, camera is not visible to any application.


To resolve,


1. Replace the hacked version of plugin (from page 4 of skype forum) with the original version of plugin if you had backed up earlier.

2. Install the Apple's supplemental update




1. Install Apple's supplemental update

2. Replace the AppleCamera.plugin in both the /Library/CoreMediaIO/plugins/DAL and /Library/CoreMediaIO/plugins/FCP-DAL with the hacked version of plugin file from page 4 skype forum.

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