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    I had the same issue.  I turned off Match on my phone.  Then I turned off the Itunes app on my phone.  Booted my phone.  I turned off match on my computer.  Connected my iPhone to the computer and sync'd my music to the phone.  I turned on match on my phone and the computer after that and my songs were on still on my phone.


    I don't think this is a permanent solution because the next song I purchase will only be available in the cloud.  After I turned match back on I can't sync songs from my computer to my phone. 



  • Scott Porch Level 1 Level 1

    Make sure your WiFi is on and/ or go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Use Cellular Data and switch to on.


    If your WiFi is off and that setting is off, iOS 7 won't load your music.

  • WDI Level 1 Level 1

    I've been having all kinds of trouble with itunes match on iphone 5 running ios 7. The iphone is currently on ios 7.0.4. Apple TV, ipod on ios 6 and ipad on ios 5 are fine with itunes match. It's only the iphone 5 on ios 7 having the problems and the first time i've had any trouble with itunes match. I did not have any problems with itunes match on the iphone 5 when it was on ios 6.


    Problems include:

    Duplicate songs being displayed.

    Songs already downloaded show up with icloud icon.

    The download icon displays randomly on already downloaded matterial when downloading from the cloud.

    Updated information in iTunes not being pushed to the phone.


    Also,in ios we used to be able to delete by artist and album. Now you have to delete one song at a time.

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    I've just encountered the IOS 7/Itunes issue - my music wouldnt sync.  I initaited a backup (as if I was about to rebuild the phone) and that has actualyy got it to sync properly at last - syncing is (of course) the last pahse of the backup.    Seems to be working fine.....

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    Been having this issue on and off since going to iOS 6 on iPhone and iPad.  ioS 7 didn't fix it.  I haven't tried your "powering off for 10 minutes" suggestion though so will try it now and see how it goes.


    This is definitely a software glitch- I've used iTunes Match from day 1 and never had an issue - I've seen a lot of rubbish about it being related to iTunes itself (on PC or Mac) but that seems to be more about people not knowing how to change the view of track listings, which is nothing to do with the order they play in.  The track number is embedded in the file, but with current issue if you play track "1" on an album listed in reverse order (so it's the last track i the list) it'll stop at the end of the track as if it's reached the end of the album.  I don't really use playlists but I guess that albums are essentially the same thing...


    I had the usual early issues with seemingly random track order i iPad & iPhone - now seems to have settled down to reverse order on the iPad and correct order on the iPhone.  Both currently on iOS 7.0.4 so go figure 


    Been powered of for 10 minutes or so and about to take a look...


    Whaddya know - looks like it's now sorted in the right order.  Can't speak for the iOS7/iPhone 5 combination - I have a 4.  This is first time I've had a recent shot at fixing it, so maybe iOS 7.0.4 works better in combination with "your" process


    Anyway  - thanks for the tip, and a Happy New Year to you

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    I don't know if it helps, but it help me. My iTunes Match was not ob my iPad or iPhone because I had the wrong Settings:






    So under Stettings/Music/Show all Music it have to be activat.


    I hope I can help.

    And sorry for me bad English, because I am from Germany.

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    Match never worked properly for me since the start, this is worse than a beta because the same issues occur endlessly.  Tried every fix mentioned here and elswhere - really s*ks

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    Have you read the iPhone User Guide? Not sure if this covers your situation, but on p. 64/158 of the PDF, it says:


    "Note: When iTunes Match is on, downloaded music is automatically removed from iPhone as space is needed, starting with the oldest and least-played songs. An iCloud icon (..) appears next to removed songs and albums, showing that the songs and albums are still available through iCloud but not stored locally on iPhone."



    I gave up on iTunes Match months ago, disabled it from matching songs I have downloaded from iTunes on my Mac laptop, and do a hard sync via USB cable to get new songs on the iPhone 5s. After you do this once, subsequent sync's do not take long, as they only sync the new songs.


    It would be nice if someone at Apple were paying attention to this thread (among others), and if iTunes Match did all that it COULD do with more transparency on a user-friendly interface, but there you have it.


    We are on our own.


    Good luck . . .

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    This Seems to be the most consistant and simple fix (which is working for me so far).


    We'll take as a given that iTune Match is up to date on your PC/Mac. So lets Proceed!!


    1. General Settings> iTunes & App Store> Show All Music ON > iTunes Match ON (This will automatically enable the iTunes Match switch in General Settings "Music").
    2. Come out of General settings> Open Music App> You will see the infamous Slow Blue iTunes Match Loading Line. however long it takes to complete..Let it complete!
    3. This is the bit which has troubled a lot of us.When the Blue Line completes loading all your Artist/Tracks/Albums will display briefly and then the Blue line start loading again. I believe this purely and update process which you'll need to do every time you add a New Track/Album to your iTunes Library.
    4. Come out of the Music App> Go into General Settings> iTunes & App Store> Disable iTunes Match> Come out of General settings.
    5. Open Music App> (You may see the blue loading again. If you do, let it complete) All your music will be available  to download onto your Device over wifi. Which in my case is an iPhone 4.
    6. Once you go off the WiFi network you should only be able to see the "Music" which you have downloaded onto your Device.
    7. THATS A BINGO!!




    iTunes Match will probably not be what it used to or supposed to have been. Its a shame no one from Apple is helping us, but its nice that we can help eachother.

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    Thank you!!! Finally it's working!! I spent an hour on the phone to Apple a week ago & he had no clue! He had me deleting this & that & then we got cut off!! Surprise! I ended up managing to get rid of all the errors but it still wouldn't load some songs from youtube.

  • jasemoore73 Level 1 Level 1



    I hope this update has remedied your iTunes Match issue as it has for me.

  • WDI Level 1 Level 1

    They still have a number of issues.


    Can't delete by artist or album. In ios 6 this was possible. Not only can't you delete by artist or album, but deleting by song is very cumbersome as it's slow and glitchy.


    Turning off iTunes Match deletes all songs downloaded by iTunes Match. ios 6 didn't do this. This is huge as the only way to get music on your ios 7 device is via tunes match. Drag and drop via itunes does not work with itunes match turned on. These two issues together make it very difficult to keep music on your device. Not stable at all. With ios 6 I never had to keep reseting up my downloaded songs.


    When downloading a lot of music via itunes match if for some reason one of the songs is not available it messes up the rest of the downloading songs.


    While downloading a large number of songs I get many that just get stuck and the icloud icon gets messed up for these songs and it's a juggling act to try and get them downloaded properly.


    In iTunes on Mac I have recently started to get an error while trying to upload songs. This is new.


    In ios 7.1 they removed the ability to order albums under artist by year which to me makes more sense than alphabetical.


    Not sure what changed in the back end with itunes match servers with the release of ios 7.1 but now I'm seeing incorrect albulm artwork on my ios 6 ipod touch 4th generation which never happened priour to the ios 7.1 release. Not really sure how these releate to each other but it happened.


    What I'd like to see is the functionality and stability I had in ios 5 and 6 in itunes match with the ablilty to also drag and drop from iTunes on the computer with iTunes Match turned on. And also, when iTunes Match is turned off on the ios device not to delete my downloaded library until I delete something or I am no longer an iTunes Match subscriber.


    I still like having iTunes Match, but there have been a number of times it's left me wondering if jumping through all these hoops to get it working properly is worth it.


    Seems like it's not a priority for Apple and or they don't have a clear direction on how to implement itunes match in a fluid stable way that's makes it easy for us. Or perhaps they just don't have the time with everything they are trying to juggle.

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    The iPhone User Guide has been updated for iOS 7.1, and the section on iTunes Match is certainly different than the original version. I gave up on iTunes Match months ago (see thread linked below), and the fact that things seem still to be SNAFU 6 months after this thread was started speaks for itself about Apple's commitment to fix iTunes Match completely, once and for all. Steve Jobs must be rolling over in his grave . . .


    I continue to download songs manually from the iTunes Store, and sync my iPhone 5s to my laptop manually. I do not download songs via iCloud at all. Yes, this solution may not work for all users.


    See p. 65 here:



    My thread from last fall:



    Good luck!