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I have been using iOS 7 since the release of the GM. Overall, I love it - however with the music app, specifically with iTunes Match I am very dissapointed as the usability, for me has gone quite backwards.


Firstly, I have some artists in my collection with vast ammounts of albums (Grateful Dead, Phish, etc). With iOS 6, accessing those artist's albums was instantaneous. In iOS 7, it takes approximately 10-15 seconds from the time I tap the artist to being able to view the albums. When trying to return to the Artists tab, it will also hang for at least 10 seconds.


Second, once within the albums of a particular artist, there is no longer the alphabetical slider along the side which allows me to quickly scrub through the albums. When there are a lot of albums, scrolling manually through every album (and song) is quite tedious. I honestly can't believe how much of a step back this is. Albums no longer are listed alphabetically, now they are listed based on release date.


These issues have me wihing I coud go back to iOS 6, even though the rest of the new interface is great. I can't believe how much worse the music app is now. I can't believe no one at Apple has a music library containing artists with large discographies.


If there isn't a fix to these issues, I will have to cancel my iTunes Match subscription because it is simply too frustrating waiting for things to load and not being able to browse albums efficiently.


If anyone is aware of a fix, or is also frustrated by these issues, please let me know.

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