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I noticed this new feature in the Usage section of Settings. I have a whopping 8.8 GB of space taken up by Messages (always wondered what that "other" data was...). I tried getting rid of it by deleting conversations in messages (almost all of them, and especially the ones I knew had a ton of pics and videos in em) but after doing that and reopening the app, ALL my messages were gone. I didn't delete ALL of them. I restarted and then all my messages, even the deleted convos, were all back. How can this be??? I did this twice and the same result happened. Oddly though, my message data number went down by a few points to 8.2 GB.


I seriously need to get rid of these saved messages so I can reclaim my phone space and deleting them within iMessage doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Has anyone else noticed this happening? If so, how did you fix it? I figured I'd try asking here first before I go to the Apple store this weekend.


Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!




iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    Simple.  On the top left corner of your message screen you will see 'Edit'. Tap. You will see red buttons on your left margin with a 'minus' sign. Select the messages you want to delete and tap "Done' on top left.  Bingo!  They will all disappear.  It is the same as you had on iOS 6 on your iPhone 5.  Enjoy iOS 7.

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    Thanks but as I said in my message above, I tried deleting them from there and when I restart they all reappear and the messages allocation in Usage only went down by a few points cuz nothing was really deleted. I need to know why deleting them from iMessage isn't working and how to delete them permanently.

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    I'm having this exact issue.  After deleting messages, remaining messages will only have the latest entry versus the whole thread, and take a few seconds to open.  A restart will restore all messages that were deleted, including the entire thread of saved messages, and the delay is gone.



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    Ditto here too.  My wife's iPhone 4s has 11.1GB of Messages (saved) that is totally consuming her available space.  Brutal.  We need to permanantly delete them.  She has 327 pictures and can't fit anymore because of the dumb saved messages (now called "Documents & Data" instead of "Other").


    I have an iPhone 4 and have 1400 pics and some "other", but her's should not be this full.  It's a problem.  Hoping someone will give a real solution here.  I've "restored" hers twice, but use the backup that still has the problem because she doesn't want to have to re-enter all her contacts, etc



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    So after doing some research online, it apparently is possible to permanently delete these but only after syncing with iTunes. All the articles I found on it were written before iCloud was invented but I'm guessing it's the same process since iCloud would back up whatever is on the phone currently thereby deleting messages which have been marked for deletion (that's essentially all we're doing when deleting them from iMessage). I haven't actually tried this method yet but I will today and get back to you all with an update.


    If this doesn't work, then it's time for a trip to the Genius Bar. Stay tuned...

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    I have Messages too under Usage but nothing in my Messages App.    Def looks like a bug to me.

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    They're marked for deletion when you delete in iMessage but won't actually be deleted unless you sync with iTunes (or possibly back up to iCloud but I have yet to test this out). If you restart your phone, you'll see all your deleted messages return to iMessage. It's quite frustrating that they can't just be permanently deleted when you press the button. *sigh*

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    If that's the case, why is it my iPads and wife's iPhone 5 are not experiencing the same issue? It's only localized to my device...maybe a trip to the Genius Bar is in order for them to completely wipe at the hardware level and reinstall.

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    Yeah, my friends' and family's iPhones aren't experiencing this either. My guess is that in an interrupted sync, some corrupted data got stored into messages so it would generally be a localized issue. And it also depends how much media you send in text messages. I, for one, send a lot so it makes sense how it would have gotten that high, corrupted data or no corrupted data.

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    Tried the delete > sync with iTunes...issue persists. 

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    Ok guys, I found a weird work-around for this. Apparently, if you delete one conversation in iMessage and then back up to iCloud (or iTunes), it WILL delete that conversation and free up space. However, if you try to delete more than one conversation and then do this, it won't work. Once you restart they'll all be back. So it is a tedious process to delete one conversation at a time, but if you can pinpoint the ones which you know have a lot of attachments in them or something then just try deleting those one at at time and backup the phone. This works for me and I now have 4GB of space recovered just by deleting two conversations!!


    Very buggy feature though since it doesn't work for more than one at a time but at least there IS a solution! Let me know if this works for you all.

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    Interesting...on phone with Apple Support currently.

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    TailHook12: Any luck contacting support?

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    I reset my phone (General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings) and "Set up as a new iPhone". I'll try it that way for 24 hours to determine whether it is something in the software, hardware, or messages themselves. All my stuff is synced to my iCloud/MBP, so not a major issue for me.


    I've generated multiple text/iMessage conversations with about 20 people in an attempt to duplicate the issue, and so far, it has not recurred...

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