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    Worked For Me



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    Well, after trying every suggestion in this thread, and after several tries with the "Waiting for changes to be applied" message staying there ALL #@!!! NIGHT LONG, I decided to smash up my iPad into small manageable pieces with a #17 ball peen hammer, and to then further reduce the thing in my Ninja blender, and finally to melt down the resulting powder and remold the melted plastic into a beany propeller. That way, on the off chance that some friend or relative should happen to give me a beany with a missing propeller, I would GET SOME USE OUT OF THIS ##!!!**##! IPAD!


    But then... A SOLUTION!:


    ...accidentally discovered by trying a mix of various other suggestions. And I did NOT have to relocate or play with my library.


    1. Do a full backup of your iPad by right clicking the iPad in iTunes and selecting "Backup."

    2. When finished, unplug your iPad from your computer.

    3. Uninstall iTunes completely (your library should be unaffected).

    4. Reboot your computer.

    5. Reinstall a clean version of iTunes from the Apple web site.

    6. Run iTunes.

    7. Reboot your iPad. (check Google if you don't know how.)

    8. After it is finished rebooting, replug your iPad into your computer.

    9. Do a Restore from the Backup you made way back in Step 1.

    10.At this point,  it shouldn't matter what you have checked or not checked, when you do a Sync it should work fairly quickly (but don't be impatient; the word fast is not in the iTunes vocabulary). Grab a soda or go to the bathroom. The next time you check your computer, the "Waiting for changes to blah blah blah" message should be gone, and your various things should be backing up.

    11. When finished, unplug your iPad and exit iTunes (should be obvious).

    12. If none of this works, your iTunes Library may be corrupted and you should smash up your iPad with a #17 ball peen hammer, and....

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    Tried everything in this luck. Finally found a fix of my own (just as I was about to resort to bashing the **** thing)....


    While iphone is stuck on "waiting for changes to be applied", run a diagnostics test (help/run diagnostics/device sync tests). As soon as the test completes, things start happening! I have a 4s running ios7.1 on itunes 11.1




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    Where is that located? Would love to try it!

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    In help diagnostics.

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    Ah it's in Windows only. There's no option for that under OSX! Will give it a go later though, cheers! Hope this finally does it.

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    It worked 2 it's back to not finishing sync regardless of what I do At least I got most of my music on my phone.

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    Well here's my latest:


    Just made five weeks without a long sync that's actually disabled any media, although I've had a few that took a while (5-20 minutes) before actually uploading new media (ranging from a single song to a 5GB movie).


    In those cases, the "waiting for changes" part took longer if the media was larger in size, which is about what one might expect.


    This is the longest stretch I've gone without problems in the past eight months.  So maybe my "fix" was indeed a fix (removing a bad playlist by exporting them all to plaintext, then importing them again).  We'll see.


    Of course, a big factor was my move to iCloud.  I now sync maybe once every two days, where I used to sync at least twice an hour.

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    After 5 months of this problem with iOS 7 on and iPhone 5 and Mac OSX 10.9.2 and iTunes 11, it has been fixed.


    The update today for iOS fixed the issue. I got stuck at the same screen that I've seen a million times and threw it to the background. After a few minutes I magically had music again. Then ran it again and it was supper fast.


    I have tried everything on these forums and the only thing that worked was this update.

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    What is the number of the update? I am installing 7.1.1. right now, but it doesn't mention the "waiting for changes to be applied" bug. Then again, maybe they don't wish to acknowledge it exists! Will see how it goes because I'm trying another sync tonight to update music and playlists.

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    It is the 7.1.1 update that fixed it for me. Best of luck.

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    I'm still stuck at "waiting for items to copy". Hopefully after it does copy (see you all in 18 hours!) that will be it.

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    It finished after 6 hours and now it takes around 5 minutes to do a sync that transfers no new items. A definite and vast improvement but not as fast as it used to be. I hope we continue to see improvements.


    I did find a temporary fix too. If I didn't sync "Entire music library" but clicked "selected..." instead and then ticked every genre, it woudld. Not perfectly but faster than 18 hours.

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    jimmirock wrote:


    It finished after 6 hours and now it takes around 5 minutes to do a sync that transfers no new items. A definite and vast improvement but not as fast as it used to be. I hope we continue to see improvements.


    I did find a temporary fix too. If I didn't sync "Entire music library" but clicked "selected..." instead and then ticked every genre, it woudld. Not perfectly but faster than 18 hours.


    As an alternative, you might try this strategy that seems to work more or less OK for me....


    Create a smart playlist that has one rule "media kind = music" (called something like "all music"), then, as you indicated above, don't automatically sync music, but instead go and in the music tab, select that playlist (in other words, try syncing a playlist rather than genres. Since that playlist is all inclusive, if you end up getting a new song that is not in one of the already selected genres, it will still show up automatically).


    If you decide later you have some music videos and want them on the phone too you could edit the playlist and add a "or media kind = music videos" rule. The same playlist can then be used for other interesting controls over what goes on the phone... You may choose to rate the songs and add a rule to the smart playlist so everything 3 stars and above are included... If you get tired of a song, you could rate it down to two and it will automatically disappear the next time you sync.. setting the song back to 3 or higher will put it back on... and you can also add some other clauses like "song not listened in the last X days".


    That's a strategy similar to what I use. In part because my 64gig phone is short by about 20gig for just the music alone (I can live without my music videos on my phone, but it would be nice to have the space for them too....) so I have several static playlists that represent songs/albums I'm willing to live without and the stuff I want to keep is a smart playlist that states "all music minus those playlists I can live without". I then have several smart playlists that selectively choose from those base playlists and creates a sort of "radio station" that picks from the entire library. Ultimately, I tell itunes to sync the playlist that is "always on phone", along with those daily use playlists. Every time I sync my phone (about once a day), it will end up swapping out 20 songs or so. On any given day, the phone maintains about 10,500 songs (with some room left over for apps and a bit of breathing room for other things). Much of my music stays, but some of which will appear and disappear based on my plays.


    The sync time for me ends up usually lasting about 5 - 10 minutes when the playlists are out of sync (between itunes and phone). If they are in sync, the process is usually done within 15 seconds.


    Overall, this strategy works ok, but I would prefer if the phone had the capacity to hold it all AND it was able to sync like it did in ios 6 (done in less than a minute).


    I should also add, I have TURNED OFF in both itunes and on the phone, the options that go back to the cloud for music or videos.

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    I was able to select all genres and sync, which meant all the songs uploaded but none of the playlists


    THat's how I was able to confirm that a playlist might've been at fault


    After exporting and reimporting all my playlists, I've had relatively reasonable syncs for several weeks now

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