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    But the thing is I am from India and the guys were from CA.

    So they couldn't be of much help to me.

    If you could see the irony of this, you would feel the pain of millions of Americans looking for some basic tech support answers.


    Anyway, what is causing it for me is my music library.  I had a song in there that was from a friends Iphone when he backed up his phone so he could install ios7.  After deleting that I was able to sync just fine.

  • LeoGecko Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Dave247 - it doesn't work with a Mac either... only things that work for me is turing off anything iCloud and then transferring purchases.  This seems to be good for a few syncs until it decides not to work again.  Of course, since I am no using iCloud this means I can no longer sync my Calendar or Contacts...  I don't think my next phone or computers will be from Apple.  I don't like the way they are going.

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    The problem isn't confined to iPhone 4s as I have the same issue with my iPhone 5, iPad 2, and iPod Touch 5 running the latest OS. I've still not gone as far as restoring my devices and instead just use a program to remove the library files for iTunes on my device when the sync gets stuck, then reboot using Home+Lock. After that, iTunes rebuilds the library files on the device and will re-sync all songs, audiobooks, etc. without problem.


    What has helped? As LeoGecko and others have noted, turning off anything iCloud (to include iTunes Match) is a good idea. My theory is that Apple's checks to ensure you have "authorized" things on your device is causing the problem, resulting in corruption of the library file on the device. When I look at the files that didn't make it onto my device (if the sync finishes "early"), usually they have been DRM-protected or matched, so I think this may be where the problem lies, at least for me. I don't sync apps via iTunes, nor do I sync calendars or contacts (I use Gmail and third-party apps to handle this), so my concern is primarily audio files.


    Given that a version of this sync problem has existed over multiple Apple software updates (even before iOS7), I've decided to cancel my iTunes Match subscription and remove all remaining matched or DRM protected songs from my device (all were converted to non-DRM format). Since turning off Match my syncs have been much more stable, but I think that getting rid of all things DRM or matched will also help. I just finished cleaning the last of the DRM stuff off my computer, so we'll find out how the next sync goes. I know that iTunes will want to sync any purchased music back to my computer, but I don't want it tangled up in the iTunes library again so I may handle that manually using TouchCopy12 (allows you to read files on the devices and manually copy ones not in iTunes to a separate folder of your choosing).


    I've also started using Amazon's Cloud Player Premium and am storing my audio files there. It is a bit funky to use and tends to duplicate files that have tags they don't expect, but I'd rather give Amazon my business at this point than Apple.


    Oh -- I did try working with Apple's technical support on this. I set an appointment and went through extensive explanations of what was happening. The tech admitted that I'd done most of what they would have recommended but before we could try anything new, I was put on hold while he fixed a problem on his computer. Although they had my phone number to call back in case we got cut off, I ended up on terminal hold (about an hour!) then got disconnected and of course, they never called back. Although there was no charge other than my own lost time, I'm not likely to try that route again. Besides, he was wanting me to rebuild the library file on my computer from scratch, and I did NOT want to go there.


    Something as basic as syncing should not be this hard.

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    And fixed it for me too!  Thanks!!!!!

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    Well, disgregard averything I previously said: my phone was stuck again!


    Eventuually it does pull through, but it takes 15-20 minutes.


    Of course, no word from Apple about this, just pretend it's not there...


    p.s. very annoying as well is that the App Store app on the iPhone will continue to show that "updates are available" despite having just finished a sync with the latest updates.

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    My iPhone 5 is also getting stuck on "waiting for changes to be applied" when I try to sync over USB. It does not pull through after 15-20 mins. The phone doesn't seem to be aware anything is happening - the spinning sync icon at the top disappears when it gets to this step.


    I'm running iOS 7.0.3 and iTunes on Windows 7. None of the fixes in this thread worked for me.


    Extremely annoying. I hope Apple release a fix soon.


    PS sometimes it gets stuck on "waiting for sync to start" too.

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    Yep, looks like I'm another one in the list of those for whom this is proving a problem. I'm now running 11.1.3 on Mavericks with a 5s running 7.0.3 and cannot get music to update through iTunes. Photos seem to be working, at least sometimes. It is starting to become majorly frustrating.


    Making changes to local playlists on the Mac, then attmpting to sync merely  results in no changes to the iphone playlists. There is a fairly long last pass of the sync with the standard  "Waiting for changes to be applied" phase before...nothing. And this is the case for both wired and wifi syncs too.

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    Thanks man, it works.

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    What worked for me was to sign out of itunes in the settings on the ipad.

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    Had the same problem as many of you (music app crashes on load, spotlight fails to search, unable to back up, settings crashes in the General > About window).  I resolved all of these problems by deleting some files on my iPad, which are accessible via a 3rd party desktop app and not from within the iPad (except, presumably, when deleting all settings and content).  I'm an amateur when it comes to everything I discuss in this post, so proceed at your own risk.


    I had iTunes Match disabled and no music on the iPad when I did all of this.  If you have music stored on your iPad, these instructions might result in deleting it.


    Each of our problems may stem from a different cause.  First, I looked up whether my iPad was reporting any errors.  I opened Xcode (a free 2GB download from the mac app store), clicked the devices tab in the Organizer, selected the Console beneath my device (which was plugged into the desktop).


    I noticed a series of error messages that resulted from a failure to load an iTunes library file on the iPad itself.  (I believe it was MediaLibrary.sqlitedb, but I don't have the logs anymore).


    I used iFunBox (a desktop app that allows viewing and editing of some of the files on an iOS device, to backup and delete the iPad iTunes library.  I navigated to Raw File System > iTunes_Control.  I backed up the iTunes folder to my desktop. I opened the iTunes folder, selected all of the files (which included the MediaLibrary.sqlitedb file) and deleted them.  I restarted the iPad.  iTunes on my desktop recognized it as a new iPad and immediately backed it up and synced it.  This completed normally for the first time in months.  The rest of my data appears to be the same as it was before deleting the iPad iTunes library.


    If you feel confident enough to muck around in Xcode and delete some files on your iPad, this might help resolve your problem.  But I never (except this one time) edit files on the iPad in the way I described above.  I don't know what is potentially harmful to delete and what is not, so please do some research before deleting anything other than the iTunes library.

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    Absolutely agree. Apple need to sort this out pronto. It's a mess.


    Still having problems syncing my iPhone since the iOS 7 install.


    Fix it Apple!

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    Well a complete restore did the trick but took 2 attempts & about 5 hours. How long i leave it till i try to put more music on my phone im not sure about, might wait till the next update!

  • davis2804 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm in the middle of my 2nd restore of today. Complete farce that I need to do this to sync music to my iPhone.

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    I have tried every trouble shooting step for this issue. NONE ARE WORKING! I have had apple support on the phone several times, restored my music library twice, reset my phone to factory settings twice, removed every possible piece of software that could be conflicting, done every trouble shooting step on this...... still cannot get past the error.... I'm so over Apple. This sickens me. I have spent a solid week on this! I have even waited for this latest iTunes update, AND IT STILL IS BROKEN. I'm done. Just so freakn' done with Apple products unless someone can help me fix this POS software.

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    None of these fixes work for me. Still stuck on waiting for changes to apply. itunes keeps asking to apply changes to iphone. I didn't make any changes. most of my music is still  on the phone.

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