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  • TomWhiteJnr Level 1 (0 points)

    flexmarketman wrote:


    Interesting verbal banter between Tom and Modular.  I've noticed that about 4 people have liked Tom's notes while nobody has liked Modular's.


    Modular, according to your own "math", it is statistically significant that this Forum likes Tom and not you.

    Now you've done it, he'll get the Toadies to vote for him!  LOL

  • AktarDarkAngel Level 1 (0 points)

    Completely agree with you.

    My iphone looks cheap-android like with IOS 7. I loved my Iphone but after IOS 7, i don't even want to use it!!

    It's so diappointing!!

    You need to get a downgrade process before you start losing LOTS of customers Apple!!

  • ChrisRR Level 3 (920 points)

    flexmarketman wrote:


    Interesting verbal banter between Tom and Modular.  I've noticed that about 4 people have liked Tom's notes while nobody has liked Modular's.


    Modular, according to your own "math", it is statistically significant that this Forum likes Tom and not you.

    Yes, I noticed that. And the other thing I've noticed is that this site used to be pretty good to visit if you ever ran into a problem with your Mac or anything Apple. You'd probably Google the issue first, and that would invariably list several threads over here at Apple Discussions, where you'd get a few solid, helpful responses that would solve your problem. Coming here these days is more helpful if you want to ask a question about an issue you have, and want to get insulted by one of the many nasty "Level 6's" and above. There are exceptions of course, and they are brilliant at responding quickly and helpfully with a few words of advice to get you sorted. What I don't understand though, is that, when someone posts instructions on how to put your Apple TV into recovery mode, it gets deleted because it's "against the rules". But if you speak to people rudely, insultingly, patronisingly etc - nothing happens. And what adds to the surprise is that, despite the often-quoted myth that; "Apple don't read these pages", (because they do very much read these pages - I know), they don't intervene or get rid of the main offenders. But they should, because I also wonder what people who are new to Apple stuff think about  Apple Users generally. They must come on this site and think; "WTH? And these are Happy Apple Followers"???

    It's an absolute disgrace. And my advice to Tom would be to walk away from this thread. You've made your point in a very potent way, but you won't change the despicable behaviour of that person or others who behave the same way, and they're not worth the effort in trying to. And having been in similar situations in the past with people like that, I have found that it has a cost in terms of stress that you don't need. Spending time thinking about your next response is negative time you'd be better spending on your family and other people who are worth the dedication. He is not. Move on. And er... well done, Tom. ;-)


    (It'll be interesting to see if this post gets deleted.If it does, everyone will have had their copy by then anyway. You can always post back and let me know)

  • Craig Level 2 (340 points)

    Careful or Apple's Seal Team 6 will start bombarding you with insults if you don't whole heartedly agree that IOS7 is the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Hinoki Level 1 (0 points)

         ChrisRR: "to walk away from this thread."


    as long time fanboy totally agree

    and feel sad that I have to read this mess

    the only reason I stick around here is

    that I hope that the numbers of posts

    are enough for A to change their mind and

    help 4/4s owners get back their phones

    and experience the unique feel of a real iPhone


    my only downgrade so far is buying a 4s

    instead of an amazing 5s

    it was the only way to use 6…


    for those of you who are really sad:

    it may brighten up your day

  • flibbertygibbet Level 1 (15 points)

    Well said. It's a pity, but you're right.

  • TomWhiteJnr Level 1 (0 points)

    You’re correct of course, they won’t change but I’m killing time dog sitting here in the UK while my daughter and partner celebrate her birthday with a long weekend in New York. Back in the office tomorrow so probably my last post. I’ve got a Microsoft network with problems to sort out and a program bug that’s driving me up the wall so I’ve enjoyed the last couple of days sniping at easy targets.


    As you say, an utter waste of time. Presumably you get points by helping so either the toadies have actually helped customers or beat the system by giving points to each other. Apple should introduce an escalating penalty point system for complaints for rudeness etc.


    is a similar thread. There’s lots of polite responses by Axeman1020, courtesy makes a lot of difference.

  • Craig Level 2 (340 points)

    Yes, I've found this site very helpful at times but  as much as I've been enjoying all this banter and find it quite humerous,  it may be time to turn off the notifications in my inbox and get back to getting some work done. Although I do think there may be some possibility here for a network reality show. Producers anyone ???  Apple TV . It would at least be as good as Keeping Up with the Kardashians which I never watch but this show I might.

  • certuria Level 1 (0 points)

    I just think it's funny in general that people in this thread or on this forum in general don't actually offer "SUPPORT", as it is technically a support forum. This does include the complains, and considering this is supposed to be a community of individuals supporting the same company, I don't really understand the hostility. OH, my favorite remark: "If you don't like it, switch." Who are you to tell someone that their phone they paid at least $600 for is just as it should be for them and that if they don't like it to just switch? It's just a funny way of supporting someone who supports a company that you're fanning over.


    I for one do not like the new update, and have yet to update my device and probably won't until iOS 8 rolls around or until customizable options appear in the new OS. Currently alternating between iPhone 5 and S4 here, but I have preferred Apple's simplicity.

  • AIB01 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have to say I've reached the stage whereby I'll not be doing anymore updates to any of my Apple products. I didn't like the faded look and difficult to see outside new look OS that I installed on my iPhone and fail to see any positive improvements. I was however prepared to live with it but having just plugged the phone into my PC to find it won't synchronise without the latest version of iTunes being installed. Having spent some considerable time to rid myself of that piece of garbage and revert back to the earlier version there's not a hope in **** I'm about to undo that. So now have an iPhone that isn't as good as it once was, won't now synchronise and now I find I can't revert what's been done I have now concluded that the best way forward is to cut my losses and replace them with alternate (none Apple) products.

  • colleenchachacha Level 1 (0 points)

    I am STUNNED and almost heartbreakingly disappointed. IOS7 made every bit of the phone hideously UGLY. I can't believe I can't go back to IOS6. Silly to be so bummed over a material possession, but this morning I loved my phone. My next purchase was going to be a nice winter coat but instead it will be a Galaxie. What is going on with Apple. What a bummer. Ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly.

  • modular747 Level 6 (18,730 points)

    Exactly what sort of "SUPPORT" are you expecting for posts like your own?  You are not looking for any support. No one here has any way to change the iOS and all accessibility settings have long ago been suggested and dismissed. Apple NEVER responds here. No one reading your posts cares whether you never update or buy another Apple product.

  • Mahoukuma Level 1 (0 points)

    If Apple cannot care about own customer then Apple dont have future. Who need broken on arrive patch release or product? First patch 7 then 7.0.2 what about tomorrow 7.1? To fix my iphone i got advice from apple to google around and fix it by myself. When i asked: is it ok to install on my iphone Jai*lbrea*k and fix it THEN my message was banned. What kind of support is it?

  • yofromto Level 1 (0 points)

    Well folks it's been fun, but I finally took the advice of the "toadies" and am selling my iPad to help pay for a competitors tablet.  Never thought I'd have to get rid of an Apple product.  It's been a blast reading this particular "support" community. It would be hilarious if someone took all the posts and turned it into a book.  After all, whether we like iOS 7 or not, it's kinda cool to see how a tech company can get people talking.  I personally think iOS 7 will be a remarkable point in history for Apple.   Only time will tell what Apple will get out of it as they consider future iOS 's.  To TomWhiteJnr I send you a high five across the pond from Toronto Canada, and a thanks to all who viewed and commented.  It really was a blast waiting to see what the next comments would bring or how they would steer the conversation.


    I wonder if the communities of my next tech company will turn out as interesting.


    I'm outta here,


    Yo! From T.O.

  • xsas Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple lost my support today because of this crappy update and the dictatorship of focing you to have it !!!

    I bought a new phone from a more inovative company, and will not be using my ipad much anymore as it is straining my eyes and it has started to " hang" since the update.

    I was a dedicated apple customer before ( imacs, macair, 3 ipads, 4 iphones.) but my family will be investing in other companies in the future.

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