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    I have the same problem. Tried hard reseting & backing up several times. Its very frustrating that none of the solutions that have been provided to this issue work....

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    Wowflute, I'd really appreciate it (and many others too) if you shared the source of this info (37k+ users affected with the wifi disease). PLEASE!

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    neysafromky wrote (quoting AT&T): "...Apple is working on a fix." Is it now! If it is true, that's the best piece of news in more than two weeks. Well, better late than never. I'll keep my fingers crossed... Dear gurus (TJBUSMC1973, Tonefox), any comments?

    P.S. I am NOT gloating, if this is true, the key word will be "vindication"...

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    I am just making an educated guess based on visits to the 20-30 comment feeds about wifi issues.  If you figure about 1% of people with issues are taking the time to comment.  Maybe this is too much of an assumption but so is the assumption that only about 100 people are having this "isolated" issue, which has been iterated more than once in this message string.

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    Let me sum up my observations in this discussion.

    Everyone having a problem in this discussion has the following problem:


    • All phone affected are IPhone 4s
    • All problems occured after the upgrade to iOS7
    • The issue we are experiencing is a greyed out WiFI button, which was not greyed out before.
    • We have tried all options advised by Apple to resolve this issue.
    • we are all unable to solve this problem ourselves constructively, although some of us have managed adhoc 'fixes' like hairdryers or using the fridge to 'cool off' the wifi chip.
    • Our iPhone 4s's  were operating without any noticable problems prior to the upgrade to iOS7


    The above makes me to draw the following conclusion:

    There is a clear pattern and these are obviously not individual cases. It appears the wifi chip of the iPhone 4s is being of a substandard quality and not being not fully compatible with the new iOS firmware which causes this problem. Also most of the beta testing over the past months was done using the iPhone 5 and not the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. Mostlikely because the 4 series were not part of the large scale testing Apple was not fully aware of this accelerated issue with the Wifi chip (when you do a Google search on "iPhone greyed out wifi" you see that this issue is not new, and you see the issue involves mostly the 4s ) But it seems iOS 7 pushed these weak and thus unreliable wifi chips just over the edge, causing them to overheat and thus to stop functioning alltogether.


    Apple must be fully aware of this issue by now but they are incredibly silent in communicating with their in my estimation  'multiple thousands' of customers worldwide experiencing this problem. Apple only sticks by claiming the upgrade to iOS7 is "at your own risk" (that's what I was told) and sticking to the warranty period

    (I bought my iPhone in Aug 2012, so am out of Apple warranty)


    I feel that Apple should take their responsibility and help her customers in solving this quality issue.

    As customers in good faith we bought this product (I paid some €600) having trust in Apple and in the faith the quality would be such that we could use it -with good care of course- for at least 2, 3 or even 4 years.


    But unknown to her trusting consumers Apple created a product using a faulty wifi chip (hence the overheating issues which can eventually lead to failure)

    As result of this us, we, customers are now stuck with an unusuable iPhone for which we paid plenty of money.


    ( One thing I am sure of, if Apple would be a car manufacturer or an airplane manufacturer they would never get away with this, and would be forced to do a recall)



    My message to Apple:

    It is now time to act. Taking responsiblilty never hurts (even if you for some reason feel you are not fully to blame) It gives you credit. And credit gives you loyal customers.


    Thank you.

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    Thank you, wowflute!

    Yeah, assumptions have that way of leading one astray ("don't assume because you make an *** of u and me"), but assumptions can also be very different. Examples: (1) numerous users assumed that an upgrade offered by a well-trusted company would do no harm to their devices (because they could not have reasonably anticipated a messup, not from a well-trusted company); and (2) corporate protectors assumed the number of people affected by the messup was negligible (because they could not have reasonably been expected to go against the corporate line).

    Sorry, y'all, if I sound excessively bitter, it's just that I have a very short fuse with people who - for whatever reason - enthusiastically engage in what I perceive as stonewalling and/or whitewashing... And I DID (and do) love my iPhone... And it HAS gone incommunicado following a routine procedure...

    I am a sucker for "good" reasonable assumptions. So I ASSUME the company created by Steve Jobs will come around and deal with this nonsense...

    Messeurs Protectors, please do not bother to comment on my emotionality...

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    Just visited the apple store in brigton this morning, after my second 4s blew its wifif and acted strangely after an uograde, last year my handset of 9months went after ios6 and the second after ios 7, i spoke to the apple call centre and asked for a manager , they logged the call and the information was there when i went into the store today.


    The advised i would need to pay £140 for a rfurb/new handset.... at this point we quoted that under uk consumer law the customer has the right to return faulty goods, even in this case 181 days outside warranty as the fault co incided with the upgrade.... they replaced my handset free of charge. wifi now working..... screen stable, phone fast and reliable.....


    my faith was kind of restored.... though the woman next to me and another man in the shop both wigh 4s handsets had the same issue... something is very wrong somewhere....


    our contract with t mobile comes for renewal in feb 2014... so not long.... will we stay with apple? im not sure.... i love the ipad/ iphones we have and they do everything i need .... but i dont need the hassle....


    so there was a positive ending for me at least....


    any questions please ask


    all the best




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    I am with you all the way Prokhozhy.


    We are victims of an iOS upgrade gone wrong due to insufficient testing by Apple and we are seriously affected (workwise and financially) as result. In the meantime we are all practically begging Apple to break their silence and to come up with a response on this situation which we are now in.


    Some people in this discussion are behaving in a way which makes me think they're either disgruntled Apple support desk employees or otherwise Apple shareholders afraid their stockvalue may be affected.

    Furthermore their rhetoric makes no sense whatsover and their only interest seems to be to stoke and to anger others. Actiually when you click on their names and look into all the discussions they have participated in you'll see the value of their input is frequently neglectable and you feel some obvious anger, frustration and bitterness they seem to have.....


    Just ignoring their comments is the best thing we can do.....

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    All affected phones are not 4s.  I have a 5.  And I am reading that other divices are affected as well including iPad and iPad mini. My problem is not that the wifi button is greyed out but rather that the wifi will not consistently connect unless I turn off and on the wifi button.  Then once it is connected, the wife will not maintain a connection for more than 30 mins or so.
    I was fortunate in that after trying everything under the sun, I went to the Apple Store and that agreed to replace the phone.  I have not upgraded to iOS7 and will not until I'm certain it's resolved.

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    Apple thinks there isn't a problem.  It's Operator error.  If this many people have this problem we are all going to go over our DATA contract with our cell phone carriers and our cell phone bills go up?  There is no problem with the IPhone 5 and wifi.  Solution is to buy a new IPhone.  this is extortion. 

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    Money talks!!!!  Don't buy a new IPhone because your wifi was messed up by Apple.  Demand a new IPhone for free of charge.  You or I didn't break the phone now did we?  If no phone is GIVEN to you that works for free I would buy another brand and forget about Apple.  One Day a great phone the next day I want to put a hammer to it.  Money Talks,,,, don't give them money to fix the problem they created.   This effects millions of people around the world.  Together we are more powerful than APPLE or any company.  Demand an Upgrade to the 5S so  we don't have to put up with this in there future because you never know what the next update will do.

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    On page 24 of this thread, Tomeucanyellas wrote:


    I've contacted Apple following this link, follow the steps. If your Care Plan has expired click on Exception -> IOS7.


    It seems my iPhone 4s had a hardware issue with the WIFI chip. Apple replaced my iPhone without costs and mine had no warranty!


    Hope it helps!


    Captura de pantalla 2013-10-04 a la(s) 12.01.02.png


    I am in Canada. iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.2.

    Experienced the same greyed wifi issue since update.

    My phone is out of warranty by more than half a year.


    Followed instruction from Apple's knowledge base, all the tricks explained here and in other threads, except the dryer/freezer ones.

    Sometimes, immediatly after applying a fix, wifi/bluetooth became enabled, but never more than half an hour.


    Yesterday, Oct 5, I followed user Tommeucanyellas recommandation, quoted here.

    I chose the right Country, and clicked the following:


    iPhone > Service request & Troubleshooting > Restore or update not working as expected.

    Then I entered my serial number. Then choose iOS 7 in the next menu.


    I chose to schedule a call. The phone rang at the exact scheduled time. Spoke to a first nice and polite representative who asked if I tried the workarounds explained on the Apple knowledge base, as well as backup/restore and reset network settings. Then I've been put on hold for a couple of minutes. When she came back, she transferred me to a senior representative.


    The senior representative acknowledged the situation and apologied. Without me asking anything yet, he offered me to make an exception, a free replacement.


    To get the new phone, he proposed to

    -go to an apple store (this is a 3 hours drive for me)

    -I send my phone, when they get it the send a new one.

    -They charge my CC, send me a phone, then I have 10 days to send them the faulty one with the box I received my new phone in. Then they undo the CC billing.


    I chose the last option of course.

    The same day the new phone left the warehouse in PA and is scheduled to arrive at my place by tuesday.


    At the end of the conversation I asked if he was aware of the technical issue. He couldnt tell me, but said that was a known issue and some customers were experiencing this.


    I must admit I've been pleasantly surprised about the outcome of this issue.


    For those not having luck at an AppleStore, I suggest you try this.



    Thanks to Tommeucanyellas for bringing this solution out.



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    I did exactly the same thing Pan.

    I used the Apple website, chose "exception iOS7" entered a chat with a nice guy called Quentin, gave him the serialnr, and after a long session, and testing all options was told I could get a replacement iPhone 4s.

    From the 4 options I chose option 3 ("You can call an AppleCare phone advisor, ...we send you a 4s and you send us your device after. Cost €29 and a credit card hold for the value of the 4s"....)

    I was given the 0900 Apple support number here in The Netherlands to arrange this which I did the next morning.


    However, when I called the guys at the 0900 number they made me do all the same exercises again and told me since my iPhone 4s was one month out of warranty I did not qualify for a replacement.

    I asked them to look into the log of the chat with Quentin -the apple support guy- who told me I could get a new phone. They put me on hold and told me Quentin was obviously wrong.

    Since I was out of warranty (purchased aug 2012) I did not qualify for replacement.


    (I have the logs with Quentin/Apple Support right here in front of me...)

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    Sell your replacement phone and buy a Galaxy because the next IOS upgrade will definately not work with the 4S

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    I have a 4S ...I had no greyed out wifi so far but the wifi is not able to maintain a connection longer than 3 or 4 minutes, it comes back after around 20 seconds only to fail again in a minute or so...

    My real problem is in fact, with my iPad 4 cellular, which has the same issue, only it happens on both types of connection, wifi AND cellular.

    What's really strange is that on some routers both devices can sustain a strong, continuous connection.

    It happened in an airport public wifi, and at my mother's place (which has a TP-Link TL-WR841N ver. 8.x.)


    So, you see, it's not only the 4S, and not the same issue, and not always...and that's bad, because Apple might consider it's not such a bad thing, and prolong this situation until I'll be force to buy an android device which I really don't want...

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