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    you and me both.  I own a company and everyone is on Iphones,  and in office wifi.  if all phones are constantly on cellular that will raise my costs.  I am looking at options fast.

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    Took our broken iPhone 4s into the Apple Store today and they immeidately replaced the phone for free (even though the phone was out of warranty) because the issue is an incompatibility between the WiFi / Bluetooth firmware of some phones and iOS 7. Confirmed my suspicion that this is a software issue, but not one they've solved yet so for now they are replacing phones. The Apple Store Genius Bar person I spoke with had replaced several phones with the exact same issue. He didn't have any information on when an iOS 7 fix was coming. So if you have this problem get the phone replaced for free - in our case none of the workarounds listed worked. Now if only Apple would acknowledge the problem publicly... a small percentage of millions of devices is still a lot of people.

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    That's exactly what I did, followed the thread got the call off Apple, went through the reboot restore and all that but they refused to change mine as out of warranty. It seems depending on where you live and who you talk to gets you different results!

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    So, did you upgrade to iOS 7 after your phone was replaced? I also have an iPhone 5 that was replaced at the Apple store but it's still on iOS 6 until I am convinced this issue has been addressed.  I also have a 4s and an iPad in the house.  All are on iOS 6 until I hear otherwise.  I was forturnate to get my 5 replaced and I'm thinking they won't be too fond of me if I walk in again with the same problem on a new phone.  "fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me." 

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    HI, I am in India, I got the phone in California- iphone5. looks I too have the hardware issue with wifi.I spoke in India and they dont cover replacing devices brought outside india. how to deal with this pl suggestr

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    Phone: 4S

    Lost all Wi-Fi connectivity after istalling ios 7.

    Wi-Fi not grayed out.


    I reset the phone twice, reset wifi network settings multiple times. Apple support told me they would repair it for $199.00. After 10 days traying everything I decided to do what some people were saying. Turned wifi off, turned the phone off and put it in the freezer for 10 minutes, turned the phone back on and then the wifi came back 100%, it has been 5 days an it is still working like new. I know it does not make sense, I tried it because I had tried everything else. I called apple support to let them know, left a message with my case number, they have not call me back.

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    i tried the freezer trick on my 4S and it's brought back my wifi for 5 minutes and after it's grayed out again. i guess the wifi chip overheated again...

  • raymond73 Level 4 (1,535 points)

    appleuseriphone wrote:


    HI, I am in India, I got the phone in California- iphone5. looks I too have the hardware issue with wifi.I spoke in India and they dont cover replacing devices brought outside india. how to deal with this pl suggestr

    Get on plane and fly back to the US. It is probably cheaper to just buy a new phone in India. You took a risk buying a phone in the US and taking it back to India. You may have saved a few dollars in the beginning but when it is all said and done it has really cost you a lot of money. People get warned about warranty issues in other countries. Your problem is a prime example.

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    I tried everything including restoring to factory settings and still had the greyed out wifi. They only thing I did not do was put my phone in the freezer, but after reading a few comments, I decided to go for it. I powered it down and put in the freezer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes in the freezer, the wifi was back. However, it lasted 5 minutes. I put it back in for another 10 minutes and have had wifi for an hour. I guess I will see how long it will last this time.

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    iphone 4 uk o2. updated to ios 7.00 no wifi issues. updated to 7.02. instantly wifi stopped working. not greyed out just couldnt find any networks. tried network reset did not fix. tried soft reset did not fix. tried airplane mode on off did not fix.


    then removed apostrophe from phone name, reset network settings. wifi then showed networks but would not remain connected, intermittently switching on and off wifi to home network. "forget this network" wifi off, wifi on, reconnect. so far working correctly.


    also, read the whole thread first. just because it doesnt happen to everyone doesnt mean it doesn't exist. something must be changing in background but not affecting everyone. if i'd have spoken to apple pretty sure they would have told me hardware issue too even though following the suggestions posted by people here seems to have fixed problem for now. everything worked fine for 3 years before 7.02. good luck to people who have same issue. almost gave up hope myself but messing withe settings in different ways will hopefully ix.


    i did not reset my router once during my 5 hour troubleshoot

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    In my case the Wifi was not grayed out, so idk if that made a different, I just followed Sunny0308's instructions, well, he suggested 15 mins. in the refrigarator, I put it 10 mins. in the freezer, LOL, then I turned it on, turned wifi on, then I did the General>Reset>Reset Network Settings, after the phone rebooted I connected to my WiFi, then I tapped at the small "i" within the circle to the right of the network's name, then I scrolled down near the bottom of the page and tapped on "Renew Lease".

    The 4S now works just like before, I rebboted several times, airplane mode on, off, everytime now it detects all the networks and connect without a problem. 

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    Dear all,

    I decided to do this reply for help everybody. I´m from Argentina, I have an Iphone 4s 32GB purchased on June 2012.

    When I updated to Ios 7.00 no wifi issues. Last week I updated to 7.0.2 instantly starts wifi issues, over heating and stopped working. I was tried every I read in this post and others and nothing change. I Tried hard reset to factory settings and nothing. I am sure that the problem is with Ios 7.0.2, because the problem start at this moment.

    Anybody knows if Apple will release a fix for this bug?

    Thanks for all your comments and try to help togheter.


    Best regards,


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         I just tried putting my wife's phone in the fridge over night. We put it in a plastic case to fight the condensation from the fridge. The first time I read the post about putting your phone in the fridge I thought for sure it was crazy and it was the last thing I knew of that I tried. I didn't want to look crazy doing a "rub my belly and head while jumping counterclockwize on one foot" type of thing to my phone then hollaring sugar hoping it works, but the temerature change in the phone fridge idea worked... NOTHING ELSE DID!


         Some background and updates for those that have seen my other posts.... My wife and I are verizon customers. I'm Military and preparing to go to Korea again, for the fourth time. Anyway, we are migrating (migrations do not happen as a result of one giant immediate action) from Apple and Verizon (Verizon for different reasons). I DO NOT RECOMMEND EITHER TO ANY CUSTOMER WHO CAN AVOID THEM! IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO DO SO PLEASE TURN AROUND NOW OR YOU CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN PERIL.


         Now to the employees and fanboys of Apple who post and talk to real concerned people about how their idiots instead of cunstructively joining the conversation and say LIES about complaining about how they came here looking for ways to fix their phones but found only waste of time complaints, keep your comments to yourself (being nice here) and go look elsewhere (go away). It's obvious you are lying because if you truely thought we were wasting your time you wouldn't waste more of your time writing a long speech about it, now go away.


         We have bought a Samsung S4 unlocked and are letting out contract through Verizon run out since we have the iPhones anyway and domping them, so I'm glad the WiFi works now so we don't eat up data. Only time will tell if the fix is permanent.


         The best fix for the future is not using an Apple product at all. FYSA, Apple told me that I'd need to spend $200 for a new iPhone 4S to fix the wifi problem, throwing it in the fridge for free should show them what they don't know.

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    And wanted to add one thing.



    Question one:     If this wasn't a fault with the Apple software then how the heck did it over heat my WiFi chip when installing?


    Question two:     If this was a hardware issue with the iPhone 4S as Apple corporate and their fanboys claim, how the heck does a temperature change trip to the fridge fix the hardware issue?

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    Well, putting my 4S in the fridge for 10 Minutes fixed the problem, at least temporarily. As this implies, this is not a hardware failure, meaning Apple should be able to fix it. Let's hope they will soon!

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