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I'm hoping I can get some help with this issue. I updated my iPhone 4 to the new iOS 7 software and now it will not hold a charge. The update was completed just fine last night. I left the phone on the charger all night, but when I awoke this morning I noticed the battery percentage was showing 20%. I was confused and checked the charger; unplugged it and plugged it back in. The phone recognizes that a charger is in the port (audio feedback as well as visual), but the percentage slowly decreases. I also tried using two other chargers to see if it was in fact my charger that was at fault. Same results. Inevitably, the phone reached 0% and shut down. I never had this issue before upgrading to iOS 7. I had iOS 6.1.3 before upgrading and I routinely charged my iPhone 4 daily without any issues. I've tried everything I know to do; any help would be much appreciated.


Thank you.

iPhone 4, iOS 7
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    Same here. Only problem is that it's completely dead and won't charge.  Plugged it to my mac and it' drains USB port... Dead phone. 

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    Exact Same problem here.  Now the phone is completely dead.  

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    Same here.  My iphone5 completely drained today.  Had to charge it three times.

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    I have run into the same issue today. Upgraded two different iPhones to iOS 7. My iPhone 5 works just fine, but my wifes iPhone 4 would not charge. After many attempts with different cables and plugging into different computers all have failed. It is now dead and has become a brick. This needs to be resolved asap.

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    My wife has just woken up to the same  issue, an iPhone 4S that died despite being on an apple supplied charger all night. the phone was upgraded to iOS 7 in the last 24 hours. . HOWEVER, I seem to have fixed the problem by doing a hard reset with the phone plugged into the charger. It is currently working fine. For now, at least!

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    I updated my iphone 4 to ios7 three days ago. It now will only charge if connected to a computer USB port, either Mac or windows. It no longer charges on any wall mounted USB cable, like it did before the upgrade. The wall mounted cables, all apple units,  still work just fine with an iPhone 4S and a new iPad retina display but not at all with the iPhone 4. Took it to a genius at apple store and they checked the battery. It still charges to 80% of original. They were clueless and suggested I replace the unit.  It seemed to be related to ios7

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    After trying 4 chargers, I was finally able to get my iphone 5 to charge after upgrading to ios 7, but not until I  plugged it into my desktop PC with an Apple cable.  Even then I had to fire up iTunes and get it recognized before it started to charge.  It is still charging so I don't know if it will charge completely.


    This is a temporary solution at best and I will be going to an Apple store on Monday.

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    Same story, my iPhone 4S is dead since iOS7 upgrade.


    I installed IOS7 on my iPhone 4S as soon as it was available on Sept.18th.

    It first worked ok for 4 days.

    Then yesterday after loading battery overnight, the battery was only at 48%, a few minutes later it went to zero.

    When connected to a wall charger it was showing 100% battery load, but disconecting it was shutting down for low battery.

    I tried to restore in DFU mode but I got the error 2001 after waiting a few second for the iphone to answer, which was not happening due to low battery.

    I replaced the battery, with one that was at 50%. Then I could restore it, and it seemed to work normally.


    Then after a few hours on without use, it appears to have switched off for low battery again.

    I tried to load the batterry over night, but it was just keeping in a continuous rebooting loop, and not charging.

    Trying to restore from iMac or Macbook gives 2001 error.

    So it was not the battery, it is just not charging the battery.


    What can I do, please help me !!!!

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    Same problem, don't charges after the upgrade to ios7

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    I updated my iphone 4 and now it says that my charging device is no good. I live in Brazil and I went to the iTown store (official reseler of apple products) and bought a new charger. It still does not work. I tried plugging, unpluging many times. I need the phone to work. Any advice?

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    iPhone 4S dead after IOS7 upgrade: not charching any more.


    I went to the local official Apple shop where I bought it. Bad news:

    It's a hardware problem. Charging module is overheating with IOS7 and it got damaged.


    Fortunately the 23 months old 4S is still under 2 years guarantee. I need to wait 3 weeks to get a final diagnostic as they are overloaded with many claims currently, I'm not supprised...

    I took back a good old Nokia meanwhile...

    issue: the charging module of iPhone 4S cannot be replace, while for iPhone 5 it can be.

    So they will suggest a standard exchange.

    Let's see.

    I'll keep you informed.

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    I concur that this is also happening to me after the recent update.  Not only does my iPhone 4 not recharge, but my iPad 2 has been on the charger for over 40 hours with occasional use and is still not fully charged.


    Something is clearly wrong.  Apple... DO YOU HEAR US?  Where's the fix...?!?!

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    Same problem. iphone 4s is completely dead

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    Same thing happened to me. my phone they said is out of warrenty.

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