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    wifi button dead, no response since update on iOS7. read here that podmod fixes this for less than applestore. sent it in, got it back next day. worked fine, wifi is active again.

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 Level 5 (7,310 points)

    How many times have you had the same device replaced?  Have all of the devices been replacement/remanufactured?  If so, I think you should call Apple Support and ask for a Senior Advisor.  They have more options in that kind of situation than the Apple Stores.  Make sure they know exactly how many times the device has been replaced.  You'll want to ask for an exception to the normal replacement process.

  • chow brian Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Dear TJBUSM1973


    You won't beleived it, had you seen the You Tube about hair dryer and freezer way?


    I had doubt about it, my wife mad at me and told me not to follow the crazy way, bcos event wifi is gray out, but the phone is still working for dialing and recived call.


    After i brought the new 5S, then I start to do the crazy matted that the hair dryer thing, blow the phone form the top (earphone hole) and from the bottom (charging hole), beware do not let the sreen turn black as it will bur the LCD sreen, if you see the side turn black, blow another end, after several minute, the iphone will have a warning sign that the phone is over head, stop the hair dryer, just like what you seen in You Tube.


    Carefully pick up that the phone is very hot!, place it in the freezer for several hour.


    One you retrive it from freezer, keep it on the room temperature for a while, then turn on your phone, IT WORKS, I can not believe the crazy actually work.


    Once you done it, write to someone who had this problem, hope we can pass this one after another to help other to solve this issue.


    Good Luck.

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 Level 5 (7,310 points)

    Sorry, but I'm not in the habit of promoting procedures that are not authorized by Apple.  Whether or not it works in certain cases is not relevant.  What is relevant is whether or not an unauthorized procedure will void a warranty.


    You have an iPhone 5S, which is still under warranty, and instead of getting a free replacement, you used this 'trick'?  In my opinion, that was very unwise.  If you had any sort of hardware defect, you were eligible for a free replacement within the first year. 


    Why would you use that method, instead of just getting a free replacement?

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    Yet another podmod scam spam review. It is podmod themselves leaving these comments. Just look at the user history and posts!

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    I haven't called a Senior Advisor yet. 

    I had my phone replaced again today.  Set up as a new phone.  This is my sixth phone. 

    The Apple genius said they could  not state whether they were new or refurbs. They were nice but said very limited in what they can do.  His manager could only give me another phone.  I was given the number for Senior tech support at Apple.

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    I can't believe that Apple still keeps silent on this issue and keep saying it is a fragile hardware porblem. Sixth phones are not good enough to prove Apple is lying??? Please!!! someone from APPLE explain this whole ****.

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    Dear Pei HUng,


    I'm too a victim on my 4S, my unit just exactly 2 years old, it do not had warrenty any more, and for this problem I don' think is the ios 7 issue, is the 4S hardware issue.


    I already fix the problem, but you must think I am a nut head that too free to wrote you this email, anyhow you make you decision to do it or not to.


    I had been searching up and down throught the web side on this issue when my 4S wifi suddently grey off with no reason, a smart phone with no wifi for me not so smart phone and it consider stupid phone.


    Apple do not actually had the solution and only wish we buy another new unit, infect I did, I brough a 5S and only I fix the phone. I had visit Apple store here and there in my town and cities, no solution, just buy new phone, or some event wanted 100 buck to fix it.


    I had no other choice but to get the 5S ( S is stand for same old **** ) the phone is nothing new, just thinner and lighter, with ony few new stuff like smart finger print button and slowmo video that we usually do not event use it.

    I had a mac book pro, ipad 2 (Son), airport time capsule, and another 4S (Wife), all this unit is interconnected specially face time, so I cannot switch to other brand.


    If you are not like my situation, I recomment Samsung Note 3 is the best if you compare them with price to get the 5S.


    Lets cut all the grandmaother story, and how I fix the phone?


    I got this carzy idea on the You Tube, my wife mad at me and told me not to follow because the phone still usable for calling, and without the wifi as it is our main issue here.


    After I got the new 5S, I start to follow this crasy thing I ever done, please refer to the link for your reference how to fix it :


    I do it with carefully, if you see the sreen turn black, blow the other end, it will show the unit is over head as seen in the you tube, then stop the blowing (careful the phone is very hot). Put it immediately in the freezer for several hours.


    When you took it out from your freezer, leave it on you table to get some room temperature back as I am in tropical climate, and it get vaporate pretty fast, but make sure the phone is still ice cold, then turn it on, I am sure you wil get this issue fix just like me, sound crasy, but it works.


    Once you had do this, please circulate this words around to help other to get their wifi back as Apple without Steve Job is another blood sucking company that do not care anymore for customer but our money.


    Good Luck, and have a good 2014 ahead.

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    Got my iPhone repaired from the company noted here (p*****). So my wifi works now after weeks. What makes me furious, is this little minds comments and ranting. Really, I don't understand the fuzz; the iPhone 4s has an issue. There is one independent company that repairs it and makes it work. And some users just flame this and classify it as spamming. Why? Because someone actually knows how to repair this? The question is: what to do, iPhone 4s wifi is grayed out, no wifi. Answer: one company was mentioned, they repair it because it is a hardware issue. How is this spam? It is an answer, as far as I am concerned. Board rules vioalted? What do you care, it is answer to your problem. And, it worked for me. I got wifi back. Accept it or leave it. But no, lets try melting some parts and stuff it in next to the frozen chicken and broccoli. Maybe it will start then.


    Well, maybe not.


    At the same time, users are still trying out ridiculous stuff like freezer or heating or other nonsense that “worked, but a few days later it went back to grey”. The fact, that it “worked”, and Apple reads this boards, makes Apple do nothing. Also, they noted the repair mentality that users have, so they can put it on the checklist if someone sends it in; see if they out it in the freezer and made it wet, see if they melted all components with some heating device. Also, if Apple knows that someone can repair it, that users should let it repair for a few bucks, not Apple pricing. Because that is also a solution for Apple. They do not leave you without options. Use one of the options offered and have a nice day.


    Let us check the facts:


    1. iPhone 4s wlan issue is an issue that affects a lot of users

    2. Secretly the majority is waiting for Apple to open the gates of repair and fix it for free

    3. This might happen, but if you know Apple, you know it wont happen unless there is pressure

    4. This pressure can only come from a court

    5. This takes time, so Apple will not give up and maybe in 2020 they will accept the fact that the iPhone 4s must be replaced/repaired - and then only the one that weren't in the freezer or oven. And the ones that weren't open yet.

    6. Will you wait so long? Sure you did not try anything to fix this? How big is the chance you get it replaced in 2020?


    See what happened with the ipod nano 1st generation (2005) and the battery issue; you can send it in. Do you actually have one today? It took until 2011 when Apple made a replacement program. Good luck with waiting. Five generations later Apple recalls the ipod nano. You can get one ipod nano 6th generation. But the nano did not cost as much as an iPhone. So this wont happen so soon. And, no one wants it 2011. Same thing could happen here.


    Decide for yourself, if you want to improvise, believe in magic or wait for Apple to do something. Also, you can get it repaired from someone who has done this. Or get a new iPhone. Hey, there are a few options. But please, do not troll the issue with claims that help should come from Apple, others are no good and drool on a holly grail that will help fix this unfortunate hardware issue. Because it wont.

  • OriginalDigger Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I bought my Iphone 4S directly from apple (no 3rd parties involved / no contracts etc). I'm that kind of a person who takes very well care of my things and this Iphone is one of the things I always took care of. Its still looks Mint in condition and looks like new.

    My problem starts with the same Wifi Grey out thing. I was on a sim-only 3G contract so for that I didn't every need a wifi for initial 12 months (honestly I'm not a technical geek and didn't notice that whether wifi is working or not). Data worked fine on 3G. My problem started when my sim-only contract finished and I had to pay extra for 3G. After that I thought of using wifi instead of 3G. And for my surprise it was greyed out. I thought of it to be some software frozen, did a restart but it didn't help. Went through the communities and found out the way of restoring from back up / set up as a new phone. Tried both but it still didn't help.

    I booked an appointment yesterday and took it to one of the Apple stores and all I was told is that this phone is out of warranty and I need to pay staggering £159 pounds to get it repaired or else get it recycled etc.

    My whole point is simple. I understand that things do get faulty / damaged etc over period of time however, after going through all the discussion forums this problem is something which is not wear&tear over time; its not one piece of equipment turned out as faulty but rest all working fine. Its something which Apple knows that they had a poor / faulty hardware and its a very very common problem in 4S models and some 3GS models. Why Apple is trying to hide under warrenty period over and other lame excuses. Atleast they should have the courage to come up saying it was a faulty hardware and do something to satisfy their customers. My old sony phone, and samsung works overall great as they worked on the first day even after usage way more than this stupid apple iphone.

    Someone above gave example of cars and warranties. You belive in me, I own a toyota corolla and even after warranty period ran out ages ago, I got a recall message last year for some faulty part which Toyota owned to be faulty and replaced it without any consideration if warranty was there or not. Toyota made me their permanent admirer and a customer. and I'm sorry apple you are way more expensive and your services are extremely poor. This perhaps was my last apple product. I hope you improve your attitudes otherwise in future you will be marely a name of past..

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    As much as I love using Apple products, this is something that I hate about Apple. They never admit their mistakes until someone sues them! Or there is an issue with their newly launched products. They don't give a s**t about their older products (especially if they are out of warranty).


    The Antennagate issue with the iPhone 4 was addressed because it was their flagship phone in that year, they had to adress the issue.

    I doubt they will do anything about the 4S because it is 2 generations old and very few people opt for it.


    <Edited By Host>

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    A lot of IPhone 4s has simply a hardware manufacturing problem!


    It will take one and a half minute in an Apple Store to test it (If you don´t see a wifi Address under settings). Imagine: Nearly 150.000 views under your problem.


    All of them shoud ask Apple for a better good will policy. It would be fair if Apple would admit that mistake and change these defect phones.


    If you are in the warranty period, you can be happy and go to an Apple Store


    P.S. I also have a Iphone 4s ****, unfortunately out of the warranty period.


    Greetings from Germany!

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 Level 5 (7,310 points)

    ChristianausHamburg wrote:


    A lot of IPhone 4s has simply a hardware manufacturing problem!


    It will take one and a half minute in an Apple Store to test it (If you don´t see a wifi Address under settings). Imagine: Nearly 150.000 views under your problem.


    All of them shoud ask Apple for a better good will policy. It would be fair if Apple would admit that mistake and change these defect phones.


    If you are in the warranty period, you can be happy and go to an Apple Store


    P.S. I also have a Iphone 4s ****, unfortunately out of the warranty period.


    Greetings from Germany!


    150,000 views of a thread is not an indicator of how many people have this issue.  Every time anyone views this thread, for the first time or the tenth time, the page view count goes up.


    While this is a known issue, it's a very small percentage.  And most people with this issue get their device replaced under warranty.

  • vaportrails2002 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    (p.....) = (pathetic spammer) ?

  • PhilMarbles Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple's update broke my phone and they won't take responsibilty, simple. If they don't recognise the damage to their reputation in choosing to ignore us then they should not be suprised those customers will never buy another apple product again. I won't be.

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