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    I have a 4s. My wifi greyed out when I did the last upgrade (iOS 7.1, sometime around the beginning of April). I tried everything, but nothing worked, so I took it to the Apple store. I was told that the greyed wifi has been known to happen with the 4s and the only thing that I could do was to replace it (for about 150GBP). Since I am nearing the end of my contract with my phone provider, he suggested that I hold out until I can get an upgrade. After reading all the posts, it seems like the problem is with the upgrade rather than the wifi chip failing due to wear and tear.


    Since he mentioned that it was a problem with the wifi chip and I kept reading the chip is overheating, I thought I'd try to put it in the freezer as mentioned by several people. I was so scared to break my phone even more, but thought that if it really is an issue with it heating up, then let's see if it works. I couldn't believe it, but it really did work! I feared that malicious people were posting lies, but nope! In good faith, they were trying it and it worked. I've read that this is a temporary fix only, though, so I'll see how long this will last.


    I, too, have found that my battery has about half the life span now. I seem to be constantly recharging my phone.


    On another note, I really don't see why we are expected to pay more money to fix a problem that Apple has caused. When I'm prompted to upgrade, because it is meant to fix bugs, then I upgrade. Had I had any idea that it would screw up my phone, I would have not upgraded, because up until now, my phone was working without any issues whatsoever. As so many people have had this problem, clearly it is not a coincidence that this is happening after an upgrade? My intention was to hold onto this phone for another year or maybe even two, but if Apple doesn't resolve this, then I will need to get a new phone. Not sure I want to stick with Apple now?

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    Is not wear and tear as they mentioned, mine was a replacement (which I pay 1000 originally + 280 for replacement) in Dec/2013 and after 3 months and 3 weeks right after IOS 7.1 wifi went down. Of course warranty is only for 3 months, so now the "genius" are asking more 280 for another replacement totalling 1560, which will not going to happen, and to think I have another 14 Apple devices...

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    It is 3 weeks since I used the heat gun and the phone is still going great. BT is running properly, battery use is good, no side effects.

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    Quick update, much against logic as I'm a software engineer, and with nothing to lose, I've tried the freezer fix, put Ipad on a ziploc for 20 min (actually left for 25 as I almost forgot that it was there), took it out left 5-10 min resting out of the bag, and voilà the wifi is back (now for 10 minutes). Now of course this defies logic as to a real defective wifi would never work, some people say that it works for few days to months, so my question to those level 8 and "genius" is why Apple doesn't explain what the heck actually happens when hairdryer and freezer fix is applied to their devices, from physics I know expansion and contractions due to temperature and atoms, but really Apple how is this possible?

    Either way I only need this Ipad to work till next Ipad release to keep my 6 yo daughter happy.

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    Just to let others know: IT WORKS!!!

    I tried several hours to get wifi working again on my mother-in-law's iPhone 4s. No success, all tips from apple were useless. Resetting the network settings didn't fitx the issue, neither complete reset of the iPhone. Finally I came across this thread an the hair dryer / freezer trick. I was very skeptical and didn't expect it to work. But it really worked. Heating up the iPhone until the temperature error occurs and then in the freezer for 10 min. Vola, wifi is back. Working fine since 2 days now.

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    Bye Iphone after 5 years use i have switched to Samsung.

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    Tomasznow wrote:


    Bye Iphone after 5 years use i have switched to Samsung.


    Okay, goodbye and good luck.

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    4s as well. 7 update and now wifi is gone and battery dies quickly. spoke to Apple support and was told they hadn't heard of this problem! I recommended they check the user group sites on-line. the response was , "they just look for problems!"  As the phone is just out of warranty they can't do anything about it. I said," all indications are your update "broke" it." Their response, "we haven't see any indication of that."  THEY ARE WELL TRAINED

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    I am so over Apple. I am going to buy a Samsung phone.

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    HI.  The only solution for this is youtube. There are videos on how to fix this. Just search 'iPhone 4s wifi grayed out fix

    100% works

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    Subject: WiFi Greyed Out on iPhone 4s With iOS7


    Have, only recently, encountered the greyed out issue after uploading iOS7--this is after almost two years of flawless operation with previous iOS versions.


    Yesterday I was referred to my Apple Store by Apple Online Support after I was unsuccessful following Apple Support resolution - Knowledge Base (KB) TS155


    In my case I was told that the one (1) year warranty has expired and I have to pay hundreds of dollars to either repair or buy a new smartphone. Man, I was so disappointed---because I suspect that it might be a hardware crash---precipitated, or triggered by upgrading to iOS: 7.1.1?


    I think that, possibly, the hardware (part/ component) used in my particular iPhone's assembly---is not compatible with the new iOS 7.1.1?


    I'll likely never know for sure because I'm not privy, or have access, to this type of detailed functional testing from either Apple or even a third-party review. To expensive and in my opinion Apple is entitled to their privacy.


    I figure that may be the manufacturer (possibly a contract manufacturer) sourcing parts for the Bill of Materials (BoM) may have purchased parts from different vendors and manufacturing dates---and perhaps these component(s)' hardware specifications, tolerances are possibly not reflecting the requirements of the new iOS: 7.1.1? I'm thinking---hardware may include, but not limited, to antenna / transceiver assembly, passive, active, or electromechanical components?


    My iPhone Specifications:

    Product Type: iPhone4.1

    iOS: 7.1.1

    Build Version: 11D201


    BACKGROUNDER - Apple Support Knowledge Base:

    iOS: Wi-Fi settings grayed out or dim

    Last Modified: May 12, 2014




    In rare instances, the setting to turn on Wi-Fi on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch may appear grayed out or dim. You might see the following when you tap Settings > Wi-Fi.


    If this occurs, your device won't respond when you try to turn Wi-Fi on. If you're using iOS 7.1, "Wi-Fi Not Available" might appear in Control Center.

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    I just got back from an Apple Store in Jackson, MS.  They admitted this was a hardware problem.  Yes Apple is aware of it, but the fix they suggests fixes nothing.  Not having WiFi is eating up data - and this 'greyed out' setting is eating up battery as well.  If an automobile company admits that there is a mechanical problem with a car they sell it doesn't matter if the car is still under warranty or not - they 'recall' the product and fix the problem.  The Apple store rep admitted that the IPhone 5 is having issues that Apple has admitted to and they have 'recalled' those phones to fix them.  So why not this universal problem with the 4s?  It's not software.  It's hardware and apparently it's a defective wifi chip. 

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    On July 6th I retired my iPhone and replaced it with a Samsung GALAXY S5. It's the first Smartphone, other than an iPhone, that I've owned since I started using Smartphones years ago. So far, I like my Samsung very much.

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    hello everyone sorry for the wifi problems that we have all been miserable with

    im here to help you to fix that problem

    im sorry to say theres only two ways to fix this ive tried every solution and only these two work

    1. get a blow dryer heat u your phone till the temperature message comes up and then out in the freezer for about 10 min (no longe!!!!r

    2.or u can just go straight to putting your iphone in the freezer

    make sure u seal your phone with a plastic bag of some sort

    from experience! these both work

    hope u try it out and its works thank you

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    Thank you very much for your efforts justinjay23.


    Early this morning I tried both. In my case the freezer option only lasted as long as my device was chilled (5-10 minutes). The hair dryer heat n' chill process got it working but 2 hours later---back to greyed out. Hopefully others will have better success than I. Cheers+ Mark




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