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    Hi all


    FYI i am a victim of this issue, i have try all the hot/cold and it works only few days. i even go to Apple shop, they said since i am out of warrently, i need to paid USD280 for replacement.


    I ultermately go to a local shop to do a reflow and now everything is ok.

    I heard that this issue is normal for iphone 4S, it happen since IOS 6.1.4


    no one know the actual course, it just specaluate that it could be the soldering is not robus enough and when there is suddent hot/cold, it will make the soldering brittle and easy to break.
    If you all know/experience with ios 6.1.4. and ios7 on iphone 4S, you all should know that it get very hot easily even just doing FBing for 10 minute as compare to iphone 3 and iphone 5.


    Basically what i am saiding is that i believe/think the cause is phone hardware itself, but the catalyst is IOS 7. If you all take note of ios 7, it switch between 3G and wifi very frequently (never have it so frequently on ios 6.1.4)


    With this i would suggest to forget about the cold/hot treatement as it may not last long, try to paid a little(i paid USD64) for the reflow. i believe it will last more than one years, depend on the quality of the reflow.


    And if you have an iphone that its warently about to expire, get it change with apps store, just said the wifi/bluetooth intermitten offline. At least i believe the referbish piece will last another oneyear or more.


    I have said me piece. Hope it helps. So forget about apple, its of no use arging, they will never help you  and they will definately never going to admit that their Iphone 4S is of low quality and wil never recall like Toyota, unless iphone get exploded.

    I found this in the internet and somehow i agreed reflow is the solution.

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    Chalk someone else up to the "skeptical but desperate category", so I tried the heat up the Iphone trick and it worked for me also.  Just adding more evidence to the conversation

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    In my opinion it definitely is a hardware error of a substandard quality wifi chip in the iPhone 4S.

    The installation of the new iOS 7 just pushed it over the edge, destroying our $700 iPhones.

    When you do a search on the internet you'll find plenty of people having had the same issue with the installation of iOS 6. However, at the time of the introduction of iOS 6, all iPhone 4S users still qualified for Apple warranty, since all phones were still less than a year old. With as result that at the time people affected went to Apple, got their replacement, felt appreciated, and everyone was happy.


    However now with the introduction of iOS7, the story is very different: practically all iPhone 4S users -unaware of their iPhone having a substandard quality Wifi chip- suddenly experiencing this problem after installing iOS 7 find they are in serious and costly trouble:

    - the warranty has expired

    - Apple has been aware of this issue since the itroduction of iOS6 (fact: just do a google search on "iPhone 4S wifi greyed out")

    - apple does not take their responsibility

    - and even now -being aware of this issue- Apple is not doing any damage control and taking their responsibility by warning other 4S users NOT to upgrade to iOS7, since that would mean having to admit there is something wrong with the 4s, which costs money and might mean reputational damage.


    Well Apple executives; I can assure you not doing anything at all damages your image much more !!


    I find this behaviour appalling; Apple really needs to address this issue ASAP and make the iOS7 firmware unavailable for the iPhone 4S. Not doing so and being fully aware by now of this present issue makes Apple imho fully responsible for all new cases of iPhone 4S users -unaware of this issue- installing the iOS 7 firmware from now on.




    The WIFI chip of the iPhone 4S is simply not trustworthy !!

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    Same again from wales iphone 4s 16gb just out of warranty downloaded ios 7 within days grayed out wifi. Just another name to the growing list of unhappy customers

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    Hi im from Brunei Darussalam.


    I have the very very same and similar problems here, wifi greyed out! Since after i update my iphone 4S (32GB) to IOS 7 this wifi problem came up!!! its really really frustrating since iphone 4S is expensive here. Please apple do something about it! if this is not a hardware problem please release another update to fix the wifi!

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    I have been having the same issues with my brand new 4s. its only a month old cause i had a replacement from the apple store in september.. After the ios7 update my wifi was greyed out..

    I tried everything, spoke to an apple 'Genius' online. reset the phone, reset the network settings. I was going crazy.

    Yesterday my phone ran out of batterys. it was dead for about 2 hours then i charged fully and the wifi is working fine and has been for about 24 hours.. I hope it stays that way..

    Stilling having problems with lag, crashing and battery life but im hoping they can be fixed with an update..

    Try letting your phone battery run down compleatly, worked for me!!!!

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    a new update will no fix this problem apple will no edmit the problem mi iphone 4s is fix now the only way is open your phone at the top in side u will a little square chip just two the right u got two get that hot with a soldering ion until u feel it move a bit that fix the no wifi and blutooth broblem i think apple shud do this all i can think its when u update ios7 its took that long the wifi chip got two hot and moov hot this helps

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    The same problem with the Wi fi ...

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    Same here, I upgraded to IOS 7 and my i-phone 4s then refused to connect to wi-fi and now won't connect to Blue tooth either...It's now little more than a telephone as I can't use it for internet browsing, email, facebook or any other purpose I got it for!! So Apple it's not fit for purpose, guess thats pretty bad publicity in the long run? Shades of the Blackberry fiasco....

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    Mee too..similar issue...shame on Apple! and they obviously would deny it's software issue...

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    another SURPRISED person add to the list, the hair dryer method TOTALLY WORKED! Thank youu!!!

  • Boardhedz Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Add me to the list, wifi and blue tooth not working; well naffed off


    I just get told to pay £150 for a replacement phone!

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    its not a softwer problem and a update will not fix it if u all look it happend two a lot when thay put ios6 in


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  • compaq19720 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    its only a temp fix like put it in the freezer in a bag for 10min thats a temp fix also

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