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  • Laodah Level 1 Level 1

    This is absolutely the last time I click "Upgrade" when the software updater tells me there's a new release. iTunes 11.1 is absolutely unusable. I listen to over a hundred podcasts, many with hundreds or thousands of back releases, that I've carefully managed for years. And now: poof! Square one. The arrogance is overwhelming; if I'm going to spend days rebuilding my entire library from the ground up, I'm doing it on another platform.


    In the meantime, where can I download iTunes 11.05? Google hasn't been very helpful on that account.




    (Banging head on desk, wishing he'd Googled "iTunes 11.1" before he clicked that prompt.)

  • spinnikin Level 1 Level 1

    This is all a total crock! It's really too bad Steve Jobs passed. This is only the beginning of the downfall of Apple. Apparently somewhere along the journey, Steve forgot to instill upon his "people" what he was trying to do!!!!!..... with the creation of a user-friendly, elegant, simple, common-sense design for building and maintianing a computer operating system. People like him are one in a zillion and there will probably be no one else like him to come along in the cyber world during any of our we'd better get used to this kind of garbage. This update is the stupidist thing I have encountered yet..and I am a die-hard Mac fan. I am just about ready to chuck the entire machine out the window. What was the point of this update anyway?!? Poor Steve..I think I can hear him now... trying to roll over...Amen.

  • S.W. Christensen Level 1 Level 1

    This has been a most interesting post.  Some of the suggestions were really good and I appreciate other people putting in the time to try and figure this out.


    I was never a fan of iTunes 11, and clung to 10, until upgrading to IOS 7 (seemed to) force me to go to 11.1.  I have all the podcast problems discussed here, and am checking out alternative apps, since I don't have the spirit anymore to act as the lab rat for Apple's experiments.  Not to mention the time.  I just want to listen to my podcasts, in the order I want, then same or not save them, as I want.


    Add to this iTunes amazingly bad interface, non-existent search funtion in its store and mania toward pushing us all to an ipad based existance...I'm just tired. Oh.  And they never seem to respond to these concerns either.  That really makes this 25 year Apple customer feel really good.


    Checking out.

  • spinnikin Level 1 Level 1

    As I posted at another discussion ( but perhaps this could help you too):


    I agree with you all...however at this point, I think if you just give in and use the "My Podcast" option to manage your current available and downloaded (listened to or not yet) pods cats in that mode, you will see you can do what you used to in the OLD 'List' format. Leave that new catastophic LIST version alone for now until they change it, which I don't think they will, but hopefully they will fix some glitches. What the LIST mode does is makes ALL the podcasts since the 'big bang' available to you (whether you want to see them or not ) in order to search for a missed episode or one someone recommends to's more like a directory. Apple wants us to use the 'My Podcast' mode to manage our own podcast. Like a lot of people I prefer lists to other formats, so therefore I was very resistant to using a different format...But since giving in, these past few days, I have found that it is really very simple and you can arrange the order of which podcasts you want where...and it just works. I refuse to even go to the list mode because I think it has some inherent duplicating some podcasts, etc...there is so much going on there my head starts to hurt just trying to navigate through it. But I assure you..if you just go with the flow and try out the 'My Podcast' mode you will find yourself settling down and enjoying your listening like before. That's my take on it anyway...Best wishes to you all...

  • S.W. Christensen Level 1 Level 1

    I'm trying!  Today's update has helped.  I'm not totally opposed to the My Podcasts world.


    But can I ask you for a piece of advice?  What I can't figure out how to do in the My Podcasts world is what I used to do through playlists and smart playlists.  That is, grab an interesting episode from a month ago in Fresh Air, the newest episode of WFT, three short snappers from a movie review podcast etc, then rearrange them in the playlist so I have a good mix to listen to.  Smartlists or their equivalent...I don't think they exist at all anymore, do they?  So I can't automatically have three podcasts that just go to a separate playlist that I can use for at home listening.


    I'm also a little freaked out that absolutly none of this is going to work when I try to sync to my 5 year old nano (on which I only listen to podcasts) or my gym shuffle, where a good political argument has gotten me through many a long treadmill session.


    Your thoughts welcome.

  • Laodah Level 1 Level 1

    Wait a minute, the new iTunes won't sync to an old Nano either?!? Mine is the same vintage.

  • Laodah Level 1 Level 1

    Also, you can't delete undownloaded podcasts in My Podcasts, either. The software is worthless.

  • Rickyscv Level 1 Level 1

    So has today's update helped the original problem of this post?

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 Level 9

    iTunes 11.1.1 is now available. When subscribing to podcasts there are some changes:


    In list view only the most recent episode shows when you first subscribe. Control- or right-click on the name of the podcast or an episode and choose 'Show old episodes' to reveal all the previous episodes.


    In 'My Podcasts' view the same is true: click 'Old episodes' to show earlier episodes, click 'Done' to hide them or 'Add all' to keep them there and add them to List view.


    In List view each episode now has a blue circle to the left showing it can be played as a stream without downloading it first. Click the cloud icon at right to download it. Control-click and choose 'Delete' to delete any episode from the list.


    There are also some Settings in 'My Podcasts' and 'My Stations' which allow you to change the arrangements for downloading and playing on a podcast by podcast basis (not episode).

  • Enchantr1978 Level 1 Level 1

    S.W. Christensen: Playlists and smartlists should still work, with the caveat that smartlist syncing is buggy. Apple's own support documentation suggests using them: Apple has long had problems getting smartlists to sync correctly, and for me at least, it seems like every other version of iTunes breaks my syncing, which then gets fixed over the next few months.


    Lost in Asia: Thanks for laying out your strategy; I think I'll use it. If you turned off podcast syncing with the device, wouldn't that solve your problem of podcasts being copied from the device to iTunes?


    I'm also retracting my comments that the Podcast App on it's own is pretty good. Over the past few days I've had the following problems:


    1. I have one podcast which will not remember what episodes I've selected. They just disappear every couple of hours.


    2. I cleverly (so I thought) set up a "must have" station so that I could hit the download all button before I left the house in the morning in case I hit a dead zone on the train. What happened on the train? It tried to stream despite having previously downloading the episodes. This has on occasion worked properly, but not consistently.


    3. I started streaming an episode, and let it buffer until the whole thing was finished, thinking it would still be there when my antenna was off. Nope. Came back later and it told me I had to be connected.


    4. I enabled streaming and downloading using cellular data, but when I'm away from WiFi and try to download something, I get an error message, "Blah blah blah episode is over 0 bytes, connect to WiFi to download." Streaming works, but not downloading.


    5. This morning, I woke up to find almost all my podcasts gone--again. It had "forgotten" which episodes I'd selected, but this time for every single podcast. Might have had something to do with the iTunes update, since I have iCloud syncing for podcasts turned on (for the moment.) If so, do we have to resign ourselves to reconstructing our entire libraries after each update?


    The only reasonable explanation I can think of is witchcraft. I'm pretty sure there is witchcraft involved.



  • Lost in Asia Level 3 Level 3
    Mac OS X

    Well iTunes 11.1.1 has solved some of the biggest problems for me. The List view is back, thank goodness, so now I can at least see what's going on: My Stations isn't exactly a disaster, but I strongly dislike the "1 of 3" approach to multiple episodes. Just show me all the episodes I've got.


    Deleting episodes seems to work again! How innovative.


    I remain confused by just what the "My Podcasts" view is supposed to be useful for. They show you a number for how many completely unplayed episodes there are, but nothing to indicate that there may be 20 half-played episodes? How odd.


    S.W. Christensen: I haven't noticed anything strange happening to my smart playlists with iTunes 11; they still seem to be doing what they've always done, on iTunes at least. The confusing part is that what iTunes calls "Playlists" are renamed "My Stations" in the iPhone's Podcasts app: if you look in that pane, you should see the smart playlists/stations. Also, they unfortunately no longer work the same way when syncing to an iPhone: any music or audiobooks will be in a playlist of that name in the Music app, while any podcasts will be in a "Station" of that name in the Podcasts app (as always, assuming you've checked all the right boxes in the the different panes that appear when you select the syncing device). In other words, the smart playlist content will be on the iPhone, but in two different places.


    I'm also still able to drag and drop to "dumb" playlists: that works whether from List view or My Podcasts view, but it's a lot easier from List view because you don't need to dig down to find the episode.


    For now I think I'm going to stick with: not syncing podcast subscriptions between devices; subscribing to podcasts I want to keep on iTunes (and promptly changing Media Kind to Audiobook); and subscribing to the ones that I listen to and get rid of on the iPhone. Not keeping subscriptions synced has, amusingly, made the syncing work better: the behavior seems more reliable, with fewer (maybe even zero?!) random disappearances or duplications of podcast episodes.


    At this point I really don't like plugging my iPhone into my computer - it's started to feel like a bit of a crap shoot for what's going to happen with syncing. But it's how I keep the darn thing charged during the day, and I'm certainly never going to buy yet another over-priced speaker dock that will become worthless the next time Apple decides to change their plugs again.


    Still annoying that, if I change the Media Kind of a downloaded podcast, it redownloads. But at least in the List view it seems a lot faster than in the "My Podcasts" or "My Stations" panes. (Or, if not faster, at least I can see which arrows are spinning, and stuff seems to be happening, rather than the dead halt I see on the other panes.)


    Also still annoying that the Podcasts app doesn't show podcast information, but heck, Apple decided we didn't really want to see that kind of stuff a few years ago.


    But if Apple ever tries to fix Audiobooks the way they've fixed podcasts, I'll be starting to look hard at how deeply I'm enmeshed in the Apple ecosystem. The position I'm in didn't really trouble me a year ago, but it certainly does now. (One of these days I'm going to learn how to export all the metadata in iPhoto, but that's a topic for another forum.)

  • Lost in Asia Level 3 Level 3
    Mac OS X


    If you turned off podcast syncing with the device, wouldn't that solve your problem of podcasts being copied from the device to iTunes?

    Not when the iPhone is plugged in - at that point, the content copies over. I suppose I could turn off syncing altogether, but I don't want to do that: my music smart playlists are probably even more convoluted than my podcast ones, with all kinds of fancy ways to get recently-unplayed songs on the iPhone.


    Fortunately I'm (so far!) having far fewer problems with the Podcasts app than you are. Who knows - maybe this is because I've turned off podcast syncing? Or a lack of witches in my vicinity?


    If you mind my asking, what's the podcast that's giving you trouble? I can try subscribing and see if I have the same issues.

  • ChicagoBubba Level 1 Level 1

    Has anyone thought to remove Apple's iOS Podcast app form your iPhone? I did, and podcast funtionality was returned to the Music app like before. No more sync across devices issue for me anymore.

  • Steve Davidson Level 2 Level 2

    I agree.  I went to this thread with iTunes 11.1 seeking a solution to my podcast problem, and now that I have iTunes 11.1.1, all is well.

  • S.W. Christensen Level 1 Level 1

    Lost in Asia.  Thanks for the comments.  I only had two smartlists and they're definatly gorked.  But...the update helped, and once I stop having to inturupt my self-guided iTunes 11.1 tuturial with, you know, work, I am hopful I'll be able to figure it out.


    I agree with ou about plugging into the computer.  I had kind of come to the conclusion that I should just segregate the podcasts on the phone.  The doesn't solve my problem about my old nano and shuffle, but as fate would have it I fully loaded them before the software update, so I can avoid dealing with that for a few days.


    The iTunes user community has sure provided lots of helpful ideas as we navigate this bumpy ride.  Kudos to everyone.