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  • PFox78 Level 1 (35 points)

    Thanks all for sharing in my frustration... I knew I wouldn't be the only one. Hopefully others write here too. I kindly request that you all provide feedback directly to Apple via Apple Care. As the senior technician told me, the more people complain about something, the more the engineers take it seriously.


    Just be kind and descriptive as to what your issues are.


    I have to say, though, that every time I go to my music, I wish I could have iOS6.1 back — even if the new iOS7 is more modern and snappier. For me, my Apple devices mean music, and having lost this functionality is like a punch to the gut after having spent so much time and effort organizing everything properly for years and now it's completely ignored.

  • greg.bliss35 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just wanted to second the frustration here. It would be a welcome option to be able to sort all songs simple grouped by album, but by taking away the album-only list I'm now spending a lot of time getting to the music I love most - the artists for whom I have many many albums. It's a confusing choice for a company with such a focus on UX... hopefully they will fix it.

  • cathco Level 1 (10 points)

    Thank you so much for this discussion. I, too, am so disappointed. I use blue tooth in my car to stream my music to the speakers. My phone is set in a cradle at an angle so that if I need to quickly change an album, while stopped at a red light, I can do this. Well, not anymore. Like most of you here, I have many multiple albums per artist. It used to be so easy to just scroll down the list of albums, listed alphabetically, to make a choice. Now the albums are just a mixed up mess. And, I don't need to see each song title broken out under the album titile.  Holy cow! I hate this new Music in iOS 7. I'm praying that a fix will be coming. Who cares when an album was released? I just can't believe anyone would intentionally list their own catalog of music this way. I would love to know who the genius was who made the decision to do this. If anything, there should be an option to let us list the way we want ... 1. Alphabetically  2. Chronologically.  Come on Apple, please make the fix.


    Thank you!

  • Jimscriv Level 1 (5 points)

    Just a reminder that you can give Apple feedback at


    Please please do this so that this vandalisation doesn't remain a minute longer than necessary.

  • PGirard1234 Level 1 (0 points)



    I two have similar issues with music on iOS7 !! I Honestly can't believe on itunes that once you have searched for one artist you can't go back to search for another!! there is literally no where on the screen to press & go back and this is actually stopping Apple from making money out of me!!!!!!!!!  If they sent me a phone and an operating system I could test them into the ground before they released something as poor as this!!


    Very annoyed

  • JosephFInn Level 1 (0 points)

    Don't forget to also note that some person decided it was a good idea to shut off being able to listen to podcasts and try and shift them over to an app that won't play 75% of downloaded podcasts.

  • PFox78 Level 1 (35 points)

    Excellent point, Jim. The more people who write and call to Apple letting them know of their displeasure with this mess that has been created of our music app, the greater the chance that they'll actually fix it.


    I implore the rest of you to do so — and to keep posting on here so this gathers more traction.

  • Thom_D Level 4 (1,120 points)

    I agree with all these.  I really like the convenience of using my phone as my portable music player.  And I build playlists all the time.  So I was really disappointed to see that they took away the Add All option for adding songs to a playlist.  I always kept a playlist on my phone that included all the songs on my phone.  This has come in handy a couple of times when I had to restore my phone.  Once the restore failed to restore my music, 1500 plus songs that I have been organizing very much the way that @PFox78 has done.  So I built a playlist that included all my songs so the next time it happened all I had to do was add the playlist and all my songs would be restored.


    Now that option is gone too.  I have already reported this using the Feedback page and I also hope they give us back some of our functionality in the near future.

  • rockmyplimsoul Level 5 (6,774 points)

    Agree with all these posts, the Music app has become what it was/is on the iPad, an incredibly dumb UI.


    As for the problem of selecting just one album by an artist, I found a workaround.  From the Artist menu select the album you want as you always have (you'll note the "x of xxx" will be based on all songs by the artist).  Choose any song on the album then tap the icon in the top right corner of Now Playing (dots followed by lines, not sure what Apple calls it).  From here you see just the songs of this one album, so select any track that is not the one you're currently playing and it will then play just that one album.


    Not elegant, but functional.

  • DavidMichaelangelo Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you! The first issue you mentioned, the entire list of songs for all albums when you click on an artist is ridiculous! Most of the artists I have music for have several albums and it ***** to have to scroll through them all. Please Apple, fix this!


    I wrote about it here: -ugly/#album-artist-annoyance

  • Chase443 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hopefully apple will really be listening to our voices on this issue. It is not a small matter and is extremely annoying and inconvenient.

  • rockmyplimsoul Level 5 (6,774 points)

    I hope Apple listens too, but you have to provide feedback:



    However, the iPad Music app behaved exactly this way under iOS 6 and still this way under iOS 7, so someone at Apple thinks showing all songs by an Artist is a brilliant idea and this may be the way they want it.  From a UI perspective, that is a ridiculous way to present and artist's albums.

  • joey.d.3 Level 1 (0 points)

    The sorting is also wrong when going through Genres. I will go to a specific Genre to mostly filter out Holiday music from an artist. I went to listen to Jazz and all music by the particular artist came up. There was no way to just listen to the Jazz Genre by that artist. It is highly frustrating.


    And after reading some posts I was surprised that the shuffle button next to an album in the artist view shuffled all songs not just that album which would make sense.


    This is aggravating and needs to be corrected.

  • jon8979 Level 2 (175 points)

    rockmyplimsoul wrote:


    I hope Apple listens too, but you have to provide feedback:



    However, the iPad Music app behaved exactly this way under iOS 6 and still this way under iOS 7, so someone at Apple thinks showing all songs by an Artist is a brilliant idea and this may be the way they want it.  From a UI perspective, that is a ridiculous way to present and artist's albums.

    +1000 on everyone submitting the feedback.

  • early rejecter Level 1 (0 points)

    I'll be submitting feedback as well. I generally love the iOS redesign, but most of my iPhone usage is music, and it's become a chore. I almost want to switch back to my (still functional) black and white iPod. Scrolling through artists takes much longer with the artwork, scrolling through albums with all the song titles displayed in Artist view is unbelievably inefficient, and I do not want the following album to start playing automatically when the current one ends.


    Two other things I don't like that I didn't see mentioned here:


    - Repeat/Create/Shuffle changed from icons to text, and placed right under the volume control, which is right under the play/ff/rev controls -- much too easy to press the wrong "button" with everything so tight there.


    - I'm sure I'm not alone in regularly using the phone to check the time. I used to be able to pull it out of my pocket, hit the Home button, and see the time displayed nice and large with just a glance. Now, when music is playing (which is almost always), the Home button displays the album artwork, which I don't need to see, and the time is up there in the status bar in the tiny type that requires a much closer look at the phone.


    Everything that used to feel seamless and a pleasure to use is now distracting and annoying.

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