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Since installing iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 and iPad mini, I've noticed that my iWork documents have stopped syncing across devices (those 2 mentioned and my MacBook Pro). This applies to all three iWork applications. On iOS, documents say they are updating, and I get the blue progress bar within folders and on specific documents, but the update never goes through. On the Mac and in the iWork application's iCloud folder, updated or new documents just say "Waiting" with a little cloud picture-- this is what I usually get when I don't have internet access.


Furthermore, I cannot access my documents from the website. If I log in and attempt to navigate to one of the iWork for iCloud programs, I just get sent back out to the main menu screen and am asked to reenter my login info. I CAN access all other features of without issue (Mail, Notes, Reminders, etc.), so this isn't a total iCloud problem.


I have tried restarting all devices. I have also tried turning off iCloud document syncing on both iOS devices, letting the items get deleted, and then turning it back on... all to no avail (haven't tried this on my Mac because I don't want to lose all the docs I have created or updated since the problem started).Accor


According to Apple's System Status page, Documents in iCloud is running without issue. Is anyone else having this problem? And are there any other potential solutions that I haven't thought of?




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