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  • Bdj470 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank You!


    After two weeks of figuring out why music was disappearing of my iPhone. I used the fix for me from a few posts above.




    Unchecked "Automatically sync when this phone is connected"


    Checked "Sync only checked songs and videos"


    Checked "Manually manage music and videos"

  • AJ Apollo Level 1 (0 points)

    I just finally finished the Steve Jobs Biography.  He must me turning in his grave over this one. 


    When will we see a fix????  Apps keep updating but NO new iTunes and NO new ios7.



  • SharxMedia Level 1 (0 points)

    Did you try the steps I outlined above? And if so, did it not work for you?

  • AJ Apollo Level 1 (0 points)

    This is not a FIX, Its a workaround.  Apple broke it and now they need to FIX it.  How many billions does it take just to to the right thing?

  • Phil Dunphy Level 1 (0 points)

    First time poster, hugely frustrated by not being able to synch my son's iPad3 (purchased Aug '13) at all since the iTunes 11 changes.


    I have reviewed numerous posts and used their recommendations to try and fix the usual documented synch issues with iOS 7.04 and iTunes 11.1 - but none of these worked for me


    The tipping point came when the latest of the various fixes I was trying caused the 'Other' folder on the iPad to balloon to over 20 gig.


    So, in summary, having;

    (a) taken off all photos and videos by transferring them to the Computer

    (b) switched the Back Up option from iCloud to Computer and executed a fresh back up, I restored the iPad.


    At this point, even though we were already running iOS 7.0.4, the Restore loop replaced it with a new version and also said it was updating the Firmware.


    I then opted for 'Restore from Back Up', rather than 'Restore as a New iPad' and everything backed up earlier transferred across (inc all the progress in his game based Apps)


    Acid test was whether Music and Videos would then synch.


    Music: Having checked Puchased and then a couple of other Playlists, 823 songs started to transfer across. But only about 50 actually made it to the Music folder and were available to play. I'm convinced the rest went into the Other folder as it suddenly increased in size quite dramatically.


    Movies: I then copied over one Movie (non iTunes based, stored on my laptop, if you get my drift) and it synched (new request) at the first attempt.


    This is where things went completely random.


    At the end of the synch, the Other folder reduced in size (to a normal level) and the Music folder increased, and the remaining tracks from the first synch then became available to play.


    I have since copied other movies over, and the size of the Other folder has not changed.


    Whether this success is permanent, remains to be seen.


    Our family has an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 3 iPad Minis and 3 iPads (plus two Apple TV's) and I'm stunned that Apple leave this issue unresolved. This has seriously dented my confidence........and yes, I have the same issue to fix with the other devices as they are all displaying Synch Issues of some sort or another.

  • Mekan Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple has never been the fastest or most open of products.  It does, or did, offer great ui design and wonderfully solid products.   It is ashame that this issue has changed my mind completely.  But Apple has taken many Microsoft tacticts with this iOS7/iTunes 11.1 fiasco.


    1. They have deleted threads seeking help and venting frustration.

    2. They have ignored the problem.  Not a word is being mentioned.

    3.  The problem has festered for months and is known  to be a crossplatform, Mac/Win, issue.

    4. They allowed me to open a free support ticket, but when I tried to reopen the case to continue the conversation they wanted me to pay $20 for the pleasure.


    So, if I can't expect better service than this from a manufacturer is Apple still competitive?


    3 months has passed and I have not been able to sync.   I have tried everything posted by the community, as nothing has been posted by Apple, and nothing has worked.

  • jPhone7 Level 1 (0 points)

    All right. Just adding my 2 cents here.

    Had major issues on my iPhone 4S using iTunes Match that many album art was swapped.

    Wanted to return to the good old syncing with iTunes that used to work like a charm monthes ago, before I went to use iTunes Match.

    Now, after several hours of using this holiday for some good, I found this thread. Thanks. I stop trying to find the reason, why music syncing is not working anymore.

    I have many items showing up in the device view in iTunes 11.1.3 just grey with the dotted circle. They don't get synced over to the item. They of course don't play on the phone.


    Hey Apple, don't let music lovers go down that path. Please. It used to be a nice music player. But the music app and the sync now, too is really making hard times to music lovers.


    And BTW: switching to manual managing music is not a solution. It is a work around. Automatic playlists like your top 25 or most rated songs etc. won't get synced automatically anymore.

  • oldncranky Level 1 (0 points)

    ERY tired waiting for a fix to this issue. In fact, I waited to upgrade to ios7 just in case there were issues. Absolutely done with apple products now. 


    Yes, I'm yet another experiencing the same sync issue.  However, my workaround was to email my video to myself....yes time consuming but whatever, it worked.  I use gmail and had to use google drive due to file size. 

    I will be upgrading phone, pc and tablet in the next few months, but will not leave any $$ on apple's doorstep.

  • Ren Conner Level 1 (0 points)

    yeah, i have that problem, too. my music isn't going on my ipod touch. it just has this weird little grey circle thingy next to some of the music on my ipod. Apple? Anytime now!

  • VMA01 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok so I have solved the problem on my iPad. I can promise you this will work although be prepared to spend hours on it.


    I restored to factory settings.


    I unticked every box on the summary page.


    I am currently syncing little by little, one genre or a couple of albums at a time. I find if I sync only about 500 songs at a time it will sync. If I try to sync all my music in one go it will not have it, but little by little my music is returning to my iPad. Especially annoying, but just relieved to have got it working, as I use it lots as a music teacher!!


    Hope this helps!


    Clearly I don't really want to do this with my iPhone as I don't want to delete everything off it. So where the phone's concerned, I intend trying the little by little method once I'm done with the iPad!


    Annoying but worth giving it a try if like me this is frustrating you!

  • r.paige.eo Level 1 (0 points)

    What worked for me was to just click "Back Up Now" in iTunes on my device's Summary page. 


    iTunes detected data on the device that needed to be downloaded to my computer and after proceding, it resync'd the music that was missing on my device, and now I'm back in business.

  • Ren Conner Level 1 (0 points)

    Tried that just now. Didn't work.

  • applebites17 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have tried every workaround that I could find in the forum. Nothing is working consistently for me. The only way to add a new playlist (like, to make a new mix for running) or to add or change albums is to completely erase and restore the iphone. I am tired of this. Apple has the nerve to make it hard to contact support, and wants to charge me for the privilege of informing them of their software bug.


    I started using the iphone because it was convenient, but since I upgraded to ios7 it's been nothing but an overpriced source of endless frustration and a major timesuck. I'm switching phones if they don't get this together soon.

  • StevenGlassman Level 1 (0 points)

    applebites17 wrote:


    I have tried every workaround that I could find in the forum. Nothing is working consistently for me. The only way to add a new playlist (like, to make a new mix for running) or to add or change albums is to completely erase and restore the iphone.


    Seconded.  I've been crawling these forums for the past three months looking for some sign that the syncing nightmare has been solved.  I have three different IOS devices-  an iPhone 4, an iPhone 5, and an iPad mini -  I have the same sync problems on all devices, unless I flatten them and put everything back on from scratch.


    I've run an all-Apple household for years, but this nonsense is making me question my loyalty.

  • jsell99 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had the same syncing issue as well, but found something that worked for me.


    Log out of iTunes on BOTH the phone/pad and the computer.

    Then attach USB and sync as usual.


    All of my music/movies/audiobooks/etc were able to sync like pre-iOS7 and nothing seems amiss yet.


    Maybe that will help for now....

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