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    I just came from the apple store. After a reset the camera still didn't work. They replaced my iPhone 5 (not 5s but the original) even though it was about 3 months out of warranty. They said it was a hardware issue. Quick and easy just make sure you backup your phone before going in. I'll sync my apps tonite. I'm happy. The good folks at Apple took care of me :-).

  • smitty088 Level 1 (0 points)

    PS just set an appointment using the Genius Bar.

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    I am having the same issue with my iPhone 4 since upgrading.  I am trying to take a pic of a check for deposit on my mobile banking app, and it won't work because the pic is too blurry.  The app and camera worked perfectly fine until I upgraded.  Very frustrating.

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    restarted the phone, restored factory settings, checked with customer care, but no use. All the issue is after an ios7 upgrade, and looks like i cannot revert back to an older ios now. Apple customer care asked me to go for a hardware service !!

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    My iPhone 5 took crystal-clear pictures (from moving cars!!) with absolutely no blurring before the iOS 7 update.  After the update, the camera has these extra bells and whistles (square?  really? a mediocre HDR filter?) it's hard to get a good shot, even standing still. Part of the beauty of the camera on the previous OS was its ability to take great pictures on the fly, and that has evaporated with the update.


    I was nearly ready to abandon my "real" Canon digital camera for the iPhone because the iPhone's pix on the previous iOS were so sharp, but now it's pretty unreliable.  I sure hope Apple resolves this soon.  I think the number of views on this thread makes it pretty clear that this is a widespread problem, and not user error.

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    I have an Ipad 2 and my girlfriend has an Ipad3, both took crystal clear pictures prior to the 7.0 update.  Now neither will take a clear picture beyond 10 to 12 inches.  I called Apple support the next day after release of the update and they told me that it was a known problem.  I waited another two weeks and made another call and this time they told me that I must have faulty camera's on both Ipads and that my Ipad was no longer under warranty and I would have to send it in to get it repaired.


    Well apparently they don't read this support column do they.  Next thing they will say is that all of our camera's must be faulty. 


    Man up Apple and fix this mess you released and start listening to the public. 

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    I had this same issue and couldn't get it fixed.  I decided to stop into an Apple store and they fixed my problem: I had a tiny, tiny scratch on the back panel that was around the camera, and because the auto focus is much better with the upgrade, it was auto-focusing on the tiny scratch, causing blurry photos!  I had no clue there was even a scratch on there - they had to pull off the back panel and hold it up to a light for me to see the scratch.  But as soon as they replaced it, my camera was better than ever!  No more blur!!

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    4S.  Camera ***** since update.  Same ol' song.  Blurry, grainy. Case on, case off.  HDR on, HDR off.  Flash on, flash off.  Doesn't matter.  Pictures are unuseable. 


    Why no update to correct this?




    Apple...Hey!  Fix your mess.

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    4S.  Camera since update To IOS7 .  Same old Story .  Blurry pictures .



    factory reset .  HDR on, HDR off.  Flash on, flash off.  Pictures are unuseable.




    Fix your mess Apple.

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    Also, to all of you who are having this issue, you will probably notice that the picture is near perfect if it is pretty close to the iPhone... But not too close!


    It is an issue with the focus. Apple, in most cases, seems to be replacing these products. Take it in and get it looked at. Make sure you have a good, reliable, current backup to ensure no information is lost.

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    I had the blurry camera issue with my iphone 5. A couple days after the latest update it is working fine again.

  • colingoree Level 2 (155 points)

    That is great to hear!

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    This is going to sound insane, but I read in another thread to smack the phone face down into the palm of your hand. They said it worked, other responses below said it worked, so I gave it a try. I figured all the times I've dropped my phone was worse than just smacking it in my hand, so why not? IT WORKED!!! Camera is crisp & clear like it used to be. :)


  • colingoree Level 2 (155 points)

    Be EXTREMELY careful using this type of impact reset troubleshooting! If you damage the device trying to fix it, Apple cannot replace it under warranty.


    It is GREAT that it is working again though! Thanks for sharing!

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    I have found the solution and it is easy. I Never though it was that. In the camera of the new IO7, you can find just at the right of the bottom, three little ligths that when you press them show you 9 images squares of images in different tones. You have to pick the one in the middle. That is the solution. When new io7 was installed, I saw that and press each one to see how it works, but I forgot to leave marked the center square and sind that date the pictures and everything were blurry. Last night I tried it and selected the center square image and everything is fixed.