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My 4s has had no WIFI issues until i updated to iOS 7. after the update it worked for about 20 hours then disabled. I noticed my wifi was no longer connected, i checked the wifi was on and it was, still unable to connect i restarted the phone and now the WI-FI button is grey, dim and wont switch on. However Bluetooth does work fine, so I’m thinking it’s not the chip.


network setting reset

factory reset..... itunes crashed while restoring my data so now unable to re-sync my personal data

battery drain



nothing seems to fix this issue ! after reading forums it seems a similar thing happened when iOS 6.x.x was released, my 4s is out of warranty, apple seem to be taking no responsibility for the issue, clearly caused by the update as had zero issues until that point… which I find “convenient” as it so happens to co-inside with new iphone launches.


Please help anyone in the same boat ?


not a happy camper!



iPhone 4S, iOS 7
Reply by diesel vdub on Sep 24, 2013 6:42 AM Helpful

Tarrantion82 wrote:


Most apps these days require an internet connection or some kind of data connection, without WI-FI this costs loads more money, but that isn’t the only issue.

They certainly do, which is why I'm happy that I still have my unlimited data plan.  I cannot imagine being forced to throttle my data usage to stay under a cap after having this unlimited plan for the past 5+ years.




Tarrantion82 wrote:


Other than reset network settings has anyone managed to get WI-FI working again >?

A restore from backup and as new would certainly be worth a try.

Beyond that, the next least expensive option would be to search out a 3rd party repair place.  Considering the device is out of warranty, there really isn't much downside to going this route, beyond the possibility that  the device becomes completely unusable.

Reply by Abou Adam on Sep 25, 2013 4:48 PM Helpful

i can help u with a temporary fix .. it means that it will works maybe for 3 or 4 days and ur wifi will go for dim again


All the random solutions point to a hardware problem with the wifi adapter in the phone. People solving it with hair dryers, freezers, running the led for long periods (heat) all point to hardware.


I have an appcalled "Flash Light" which simply turns the camera LED on so it can be used like a flashlight. I switched the LED on and left it on continuosly for about 30 minutes.


The complete opposite actually. The led will cause a temperature change after being on for a while. Apparently the wifi adapter is very close to the Led inside the phone.


use this application to turn on ur LED and leave ur iPhone for like 30 minutes and like what i said , it will cause a temprature change.


after 30 minutes , catch ur iphone and turn it off , leave it for 2 minutes and then turn it on , and u will be able to use ur wifi again


best regards

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