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    I went to the Apple Store, waited 2 days for a 10 min. discussion, and was told the classic "out of warranty and could repair it for $199".  The Apple guy said it is not IOS upgrade.  It is mostly likely your phone was already having problems and IOS identified it.  It failed because of the existing issues with the phone.  No matter what I said he just stared at me listening (or not) and would say I'm sorry but it is out of warranty.  My phone isn't 1.5 years old yet.


    With everyone experiencing the same problems, as I said before, write your Attorney General and any consumer advocate vehicle.  Just complaining does not make anything positive happen.  The responsibility of making this right lies with Apple and if everyone is paying for a replacement or upgrading, it is more money for Apple.  Samsung is capitalizing on Apple's disregard to their loyal customers.  Already 50% of my friends have switched and I am seriously considering it.

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    Does Apple from anywhere in the world actually read any of this stuff? Amazing that there must be tens of thousands maybe millions worldwide with exactly the same problem.....To be completely fair Apple Australia replaced my last (replacement) phone free (it was under 10 months old at the time) with my new and now non functioning refurbished phone. This has apparently got a 90 day warranty - yet when I return tomorrow with the 4th grey out wifi issues it will be 4 days old!!

    Go figure. I wouldnt for the life of me pay for ANY replacement phones that may or may not work. seriously Perth is a pretty small place but have you ever been to the Apple store 'genius' bar? It seems like it could be fully booked 24 hours a day. Does that say something for Apple products?

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    Same issue as the rest of you - hmm i am going for the z 10. For me my Phone is only part toy i need it to be stable as i use it in my work. Its not, so i cant use it. I am not wasting my time going to customer service etc etc .. I bought a rater expensive phone that dont work .. To bad for me and to bad for apple we all lose . Iphones is a pop culture thing made for teens by teens with the cheapest components they could find simple as that . Go z 10 ! They use Much better components!


    Its like Mac boks vs lenovos.  Its a nobrainer

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    same problem here. wifi quit after an update out of warranty one more customer disappointed with Apple.


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    ISSUE CAN BE FIXED ..Looks Like it should work most of the cases.


    1. Back up yur Phone

    2. Switch On Hair Drier show at the microphone (top of the iPhone 4S)

    3. Let the Hair Dryer run for 10- 15 Mins still you get Temparature alert on the Phone.

    4.Switch off the Hair Dryer once you get Alert message on Iphone 4S "Temarature Warning"

    5.Throw it in the fridge to cool it down for about 15 mins

    6. Take out and Restart your phone.

    You are all set to Go!..

    I tried this approach last saturday 02/08/2014 after a long wait of doing nothing once it got disabled after iOS 7.0 update.It is working like a champ now with WiFi.

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    I have a much better and fool-proof solution.


    1-  Back up your iphone

    2 - Switch off your iphone

    3 - Beg, borrow or steal a large heavy mallet

    4 - Place your iphone on a solid surface like a concrete block or heavy duty work bench

    5 - Swing the mallet with full force smashing the iphone into thousands of pieces

    6 - Buy ANY other smart phone, other than an Apple one

    7 - Prepare to enjoy many years of frustration and anger free smart phoning

    8 - Tell everyone you can about your 'Apple' experience!


    Then maybe - just maybe,  they will LISTEN to the thousands of angry customers and DO SOMETHIING ABOUT THIS FARCICAL SITUATION!!!!!


    I'll get my coat!

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    Hehe, this is good :-D I would also recommend this solution, but only as a last instance...


    The truth is that the method recommended by olyvimal.infotech ist just short-time and WILL NOT solve this issue permanently. It never holds more than 2 weeks, especially if you heavily use your phone. If there is much heat for some period of time, the problem will occures again and it is very flustrating because you are affraid to use your phone because it may overheat.


    I would recommend to dissasembly the phone and use heat gun right on the chip with temperature about 400 degrees celsius for around 30 seconds. This will force a reflow of solder between chip and boards and you can enjoy the wifi much more, maybe permanently. Do it on your own risk, but I think it is worh of it. I did it only a week ago so it is to soon to make a conclusion but so far, so good.


    Anyway, if this fails again I'm gona to replace the IC chip with a new one before the last and only solution which is a big hammer

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    That's not true.  There are tons of posts on here from users with the same problem.  I find it funny that this happens after a phone is out of warranty.  All I did was turn my phone off and back on (after it worked fine all day long) when my wifi connection was acting funny.  When I did, it came back as 4G and the wifi button greyed out.  I can't afford a new phone so I guess I'm just screwed.

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    What's not true? Use heat gun and you are good at least for few months...

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    I tried the freezer trick with mine - it DID work although only for ten mins or so. I ended up going back to Apple again and replacing my phone for the fourth time. I have now had my 4th replacement phone for exactly one week today - and now this one is playing up!! The left side has gone dead so I cant use keys qwaszx or use apps on the left.

    Words fail me as to how utterley pathetic these Apple products are - I will be phoning them today to give them a massive serve and when I get back from work (I work away) I am going straight to the Samsung Galaxy.

    Screw Apple

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    I fixed the wi-fi problem with this solution :



    My iPhone 4S wi-fi is working again !

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    1 change the name of the iphone from settings, general, info (only letters not number and characters);

    2 set iphone in "aereo mode";

    3 do a network reset.

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    Heating up the top portion of you phone with hairdryer until you get the Temperature Alert really works.


    Let it cool down 10-15 minutes. There are videos on youtube. That's how I found out.


    It has been over a month now. Both my Wi-fi and bluetooth is working as they are supposed to.

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    Hello...nice post.  I'd like to talk to you about it, but Apple keeps deleting my replies saying that they are rants which they are not.  Just facts and actually in a nice manner unlike a lot of posts that are actually shown.  Do you know if there is a way we could exchange information without posting it for all to see?  I tried to find a way to email you directly, but couldn't find a way.  Thank you.

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    maybe post  a link on non apple form (Ex. how to fix your Iphone) post that link on this form for us to view?