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is there a way to set the iphone 5S so that the only way to unlock it is with touch ID rather than being able to swipe left and still unlock it with a passcode?



iPhone 5s, iOS 7
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    On the 5S, you can have both fingerprint auth and passcode lock or passcode code only or no passcode/fingerprint auth.


    If you have fingerprint auth enabled and turn off passcode lock, you have no security at all. After swiping, the phone goes straight in to your apps.

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    so when they say that a fingerprint is more secure than a 4 digit passcode, it doesnt really work like that as there is always the option there to enter the passcode?

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    I believe the selling point is combined with the passcode it's more secure. But most of all the Features of a 5S and fingerprint auth is convenience when unlocking your phone to use it. Touch the sensor and you're in instead of having to tap a 4-digit code. If the fingerprint is not recognized, then one has to enter their passcode to get in. At least that's how I understand it.


    "You check your iPhone dozens and dozens of times a day, probably more. Entering a passcode each time just slows you down. But you do it because making sure no one else has access to your iPhone is important. With iPhone 5s, getting into your phone is faster, easier, and even a little futuristic. Introducing Touch ID — a new fingerprint identity sensor.


    Put your finger on the Home button, and just like that your iPhone unlocks. It’s a convenient and highly secure way to access your phone."

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    I don't believe Apple has ever really said that the fingerprint sensor is more secure - at least I can't find any real statement from them to that effect - except that the convience of unlocking makes it more likely that someone will set up the screen lock rather than as it is with iOS 6 and earlier where many people did not set up the screen lock at all. The basic marketing material I've seen for Touch ID emphasizes the convenient, not added security.


    At this time there is no "two factor" security where the screen lock requires both a fingerprint and a passcode, or an option to have a fingerprint only and not the passcode. I would presume that Apple has it this way to prevent someone from being permanently locked out of their iPhone should the fingerprint system not work. Perhaps in the future after experience and tuning they'll feel confident enough to allow a fingerprint-only system. For now, if you're concerned about the passcode, set the iPhone to use long passphrases. Those are much harder to crack than the four-digit codes.



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    Adding to that, you must use the passcode once you turn on the phone after it has been turned off. And you must key in the passcode at least once every few days if you leave the phone constantly on. So, as you say, the fingerprint is only an "enhancement" for the passcode and not a substitute.

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    This is pretty annoying to me. The way it is explained in the quote above really makes it sound like you don't need to enter a passcode anymore if you have Touch ID enabled. Did I miss something or was it really not explained properly?

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    anizzle wrote:


    This is pretty annoying to me. The way it is explained in the quote above really makes it sound like you don't need to enter a passcode anymore if you have Touch ID enabled. Did I miss something or was it really not explained properly?



    I'm not clear on your question. You can indeed unlock an iPhone 5S with just a fingerprint. You have to set up a passcode, and if you don't unlock your iPhone for more than 48 hours or your restart it, you'll need to use the passcode to unlock. Otherwise just touching the fingerprint scanner will unlock.



    If you were looking for two-factor security, needing both the fingerprint and a passcode to unlock, that's not currently a feature of the iPhone.



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    Yeah, I think I'm new phone drunk. The sensor wasn't reading my fingerprint properly so it kept asking me to enter my passcode, so I went back and redid the whole fingerprinting process and now its fine. Sucn an idiot today... sorry everyone!

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    In my experience, you have to hold your finger on the home button for a second or so, dont press it, it shoud unlock your phone. If you have to enter the passcode as well, I dont think your phone is reading your print right then.

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    This happened to me too. I just learned that sometimes you need to go back in and redo the finger printing. Setting up when you set the phone up doesnt work sometimes. Finger printing works great for me now!

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    Shame on apple to add this useless option,When someone else can unlock the device by passcode,so what does this option do?

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    It adds convinience. The Touch ID is not supposed to be a substitute for the passcode. The passcode in itself is secure. Have you tried keying in the wrong passcode on an iPhone several times? The phone will lock you out after a number of failed attempts.

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    Hey Guys.... the trick is to disable the simple code and thereby enabling a very strong and long and secure passphrase instead of a 4 digit number ... that anybody can spot ... if they want.


    I have a 13 char long passphrase with numbers and upper and lower cases that I have memorized... So only after reboot ... do I need to enter this passphrase. The rest of the time ... I only use finger print.


    And this is by far ... a lot more secure ... that the old solution.





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    There we are all thinking that your fingerprint unlocks your phone and without your one of a kind print of that finger or fingers you have set up, it is impossible to unlock it. Bollocks, there is still the option to put in the four digit code instead. Why didn't Apple give you the choice to turn off pass code and solely use fingerprint reader? Apple explain yourself please as yes it may be quicker to unlock phone or purchase items in app store with touch ID,but It's definitely a huge let down on phone locking security as I no longer need to cut off my friends finger to get into his phone, but with time (up to 10,000 combinations) and effort, I can find out his 4 digit code then I'm in.

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