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With iOS 6, I was able to select which number to Facetime for a specific Contact.


Now, with iOS 7, I can't select this at all.  It defaults to the first number I have saved in this contact (which is their work number and not a Facetime associated number at all!)


I even tried the following: Open up Facetime app --> Contacts --> tap on the number to dial (proper Facetime number) --> it insteads dials their number using my phone, and not Facetime.  I tried the same steps, but tapped on the users email instead (also associated with their Facetime id).  Instead of Facetiming their email address, it opens up the email app!!  What's the deal??  Why is it so difficult to choose which number/email to Facetime?


This has to be some sort of BUG.  The only work around I can find is adding a second contact with ONLY their Facetime number.  There has to be a solution to this. 


Is anyone else running into this problem?

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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