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Ever since I updated my phone (iPhone 5, 16 GB AT&T) to iOS7, I've been having difficulty sending emails.  I have 3 accounts set up: Gmail, Exchange (for work) and (used to be Hotmail).  Most of the time I don't have any trouble. However occasionally I'll send an email (from any of the 3 acconts) and it doesn't send.  It doesn't move into the "sent" folder, doesn't show up in "Drafts", nothing.  It just disappears into the ether.  I've tested this with sending emails to myself so I know that it's not actually going through.


If I completely close out of  mail  (double click and then close the app) the problem (temporarily) resolves itself.  However it inevitably returns. 


I've tried doing a hard reset on the phone & deleting and re-installing each of the email accounts to no avail.  Now I find myself having to check the sent folder to ensure each and every email I send actually goes through!


Anyone have any advice or similar issues?

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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