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I have just upgraded to the new version on my personal machine to give it a test and found a problem when managing apps on an iPad. In the previous version I was able to upgrade an app on the device to a new or previous version without removing any of the documents within the app.


In version 1.4 it seems this isn't possible. The only way to change the app version is to manually delete the app from the IPad directly and then use configurator to put the required version on. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if the documents contained in the app weren't 3/4GB in size.


This seems like a huge step backwards. Replacing an app version on 10 devices took 20 seconds in the previous version and now it's likely to take 25 minutes or more. Not very conveient when you have to change it on 135 iPads. I certainly won't be updating Configurator on the rest of my machines.


If someone has the same problem and has fiound a workaround, please share. Otherwise I would hope that a fix to this issue will be implemented in an update.

Apple Configurator, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)