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Even though I have the option to delete profiles and apps not installed by configurator disabled in Configurator 1.4, it's deleting my Meraki profile every refresh.


I'm not installing the Meraki profile via Configurator because it does not install... 85% of the time it fails to install, causing prepares and refreshes and assigns to fail. So I'm installing it individually on the iPads themselves via the Meraki SM app.  It installs just fine from there.


I have triple-checked that I have the option in Configurator preferences disabled. It should not be deleting profiles based on that, correct? Is there another spot in a restriction somewhere that I'm missing?


Notes:  iOS 7.0.2 and Configurator 1.4.  I have rebooted, re-prepared the device, and attempted other random "troubleshoots".  Everytime I refresh, the profile is deleted.


Any thoughts?

iPad 2, iOS 7