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Even though I have the option to delete profiles and apps not installed by configurator disabled in Configurator 1.4, it's deleting my Meraki profile every refresh.


I'm not installing the Meraki profile via Configurator because it does not install... 85% of the time it fails to install, causing prepares and refreshes and assigns to fail. So I'm installing it individually on the iPads themselves via the Meraki SM app.  It installs just fine from there.


I have triple-checked that I have the option in Configurator preferences disabled. It should not be deleting profiles based on that, correct? Is there another spot in a restriction somewhere that I'm missing?


Notes:  iOS 7.0.2 and Configurator 1.4.  I have rebooted, re-prepared the device, and attempted other random "troubleshoots".  Everytime I refresh, the profile is deleted.


Any thoughts?

iPad 2, iOS 7
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    Hey, I have same problem, Have posted it here:




    There doesn't seem to be a solution yet.

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    Add it to this list of Configurator bugs:


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    Somewhat same issue here! A refresh pulls the MDM profie thereby triggering the the MDM server to report that the device has been removed from our managed devices group. Once the refresh process is complete the MDM profile is put back but any of the groups the iPad was a memeber of need to have the device readded. This is just insane! How can no one at Apple have seen this in testing let alone release it to the masses? Has anyone seen Groudhog Day because I feel we're living it!

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    I may have solved my own problem... Not 100% sure yet.


    For anyone with this problem try this:

    1. Remove your wifi payload from your main profile.
    2. Create a new profile and name it "Automatic Wifi" so that it ends up at the top of your profiles list (alphabetically).
    3. Refresh your iPad so it now has the two profiles.
    4. Add the Meraki profile to your Configurator setup and select it to be added as well.
    5. Refresh again.


    This worked for me. The iPad now waits for the Wifi to connect ("Waiting for device to be ready") and then it installs the MDM profile.


    So far this has worked on 2 iPads but I don't have the "fleet" back right now to test it fully.

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    That sounds like a great workaround, IF your MDM solution supports automatic enrollment.