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Bostitch88 Level 1 (20 points)
I've just bought a HP LaserJet 1022. When I connect it to my MBP via USB, everything works exactly as it should, the printer is recognized.
But normally, the printer is connected with a PC. There's a network between the MBP and the windows PC (via ethernet, not airport). In the System Preferences, the printer is listed, but it's just recognized as a "Printer", which means Mac OS X chooses a PostScript Driver for it... and this is not comatible with the printer.
It's not possible to select the right driver out of the list because this printer isn't there - when I connect it via USB it's selected automatically.

What can I do? Thanks for your answers in advance.

MacBook Pro 15'' 1.83GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   HP LaserJet 1022
  • W.J. Llope Level 4 (3,270 points)
    hi - it sounds like the correct driver isn't available on your machine, which is a little surprising becuase a boatload of HP drivers are installed when you installed tiger. did you customize the tiger install and uncheck that?

    anyway, perhaps you could just go get the driver from HP. as far as i can tell, it's here.... cheers
  • W.J. Llope Level 4 (3,270 points)
    i think i misread your post. the printer is connected to the PC via USB, and the PC is connected to your MBP via ethernet?
    if so, my previous suggestion is a red herring i think (you could try installing the windows driver for that printer on your PC i suppose)...
    sorry for the confusion... cheers
  • Tim Lorenzen Level 4 (1,930 points)
    Traditionally, HPs low-cost printers are not capable of networking. Their drivers work only using a direct USB connection. If the driver for your printer is not listed in the manual printer selection box when creating a network printer, then you seem to have one of these models.

    Since the LaserJet 1022 does not support Postscript or PCL, I don't think it's going to work.
  • Bostitch88 Level 1 (20 points)
    W.J. Llope, the printer is connected to the PC via USB, the MBP is connected to the PC via Ethernet - hope this is clearer than my previous post.

    What do others think? Is Tim right, is there really no way? Sounds quite strange to me, because the printer is connected to the PC - I always thought the print job is done by Windows finally in those "Home Networks".
  • W.J. Llope Level 4 (3,270 points)
    just a guess... how about one of these?
    if your PC&mac's ethernet network includes a hub, you could hang this dongle off the hub and connect the printer to the USB port...

    as i said, just a guess... cheers
  • homertime33 Level 4 (1,105 points)
    I'm not sure if this is your problem, but what you need to do is:

    Since it's Mac --> PC printing 1st and foremost be sure that the windows printer is "shared".

    Then on the mac-->system prefs-->print & fax-->+ sign-->default browser-->more printers-->windows printing-->Network Neighborhood-->select the appropriate network

    Then it will install the proper drivers and you will be all set.

    Hope this helped

    also you can go to HP's site to download and install the specific driver to correct the "printer" name problem
  • Bostitch88 Level 1 (20 points)
    No, it doesn't install the appropriate drivers - that's exactly the problem. It just says it's a "PostScript Printer" which isn't correct: when I try to print something, there are a lot of blank sheets coming out of the printer.
  • homertime33 Level 4 (1,105 points)
    Ok... I had problems doing exactly what you said with a Kodak printer, but it worked fine with a Canon multifunction, both on windows.

    I guess some drivers work, some don't... I'll still blame windows, as all my mac to mac network printing works
  • Rajkumar Warrier Level 1 (10 points)
    I have an identical problem. I am able to access the HP deskjet printer attached to a Sony Vaio Desktop, from my Dell Laptop, over the wirelss home network.
    I bought a MacBook Pro. I can access the intgernet etc, over the wireless network. But I am unable to print.

    I went to the Apple store. The salesman told me that it could be due to printer being old. I ended up an HP multifunction 1610 PSC. I can see the devise on the Apple Printer Utility on the network. I am just not able to print to the HP printer.

    I am sure there is a simple solution out there. I just have not been able to find it yet!

  • Tim Lorenzen Level 4 (1,930 points)
    The problem is that HP uses a special USB driver for most of their printers that appears at the top of the driver selection list as long as the printer is connected. Once you disconnect the printer, the driver is unloaded and the printer disappears from the list.

    Obviously, you cannot select the right driver on a remote (networked) computer, because the printer is not connected locally via USB and, therefore, the driver is never loaded. If there is no standard PPD file included with the printer driver package (for most HP consumer printers, there is none) and Mac OS X does not offer a default driver for this specific model of printer, you won't be able to print over the network.

    There are exceptions: most LaserJet printers, for example, come with network-ready drivers and also understand Postscript. But contrary to other manufacturers, HP sees networking the printer as a special feature available only on top of the range models.
  • Rajkumar Warrier Level 1 (10 points)
    Thanks for the reply. I understand that it will be tedious, if not a waste of time, trying to print to HP PSC 1610 attached to a PC, from the MacBook Pro.

    Thanks again.

  • Rajkumar Warrier Level 1 (10 points)
    I once again tried to print to HP Deskjet 940c printer hooked up to the parallell port of a Sony computer (Desktop Vaio).

    I opened the printer setup utility, went to add printer, and got to network neighbourhood. I was able to see the Sony Vaio. I double clicked on it. I was able to add HP deskjet there.

    I used page2 from iWork ,06. I was able to print it! In fact the printed documnet looked beautiful.

    The only loss I hav e is that I ordered Apple Airport Express base station with iTunes, with the impression that I needed it and a USB printer had to be used! Thed only thing I have done between my failures and success are 1. installed iWork '06 2. Updated OS to 10.4.7 from .5

    I hope this will help others who are having problem with printers on a network including PC.

  • Tim Lorenzen Level 4 (1,930 points)
    I suppose you've installed the standard Microsoft driver for the DeskJet 940C that ships with Windows? That would explain it - those drivers are indeed network capable. Mac OS X also ships with a "DeskJet 900 series" driver that should work with the 940C, which is not the case for the LaserJet you tried before (because it's a GDI printer that does not speak any standard printer language, neither PCL nor Postscript).
  • Rajkumar Warrier Level 1 (10 points)
    I used the CD that came with HP PSC 1610. I installed it on the Sony Vaio desktop and also used the CD on the Apple MBP. One step I might have overlooked could be chosing the correct printer from the Apple Print Utility. It is possible that I might have chosen a "Generic printer" instead of the 900 series, etc.

    I am glad it worked. I am not unhappy that I ordered the Airport Express. This way I may be able to use the 1610 printer by directly connecting it to the USB instead of having to boot up the desktop.

    I just want to clarify that Mac and PCs can coexist on a network, as far as the printers are concerned.

    Thanks for all the helpul commnets.


    MacBook Pro 15 inch Mac OS X (10.4.7)

    MacBook Pro 15 inch   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
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