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  • SuperSizeIt Level 3 Level 3

    Confirming what I have been saying all along. All this jumping through hoops to make it work is just an excercise in futility. Some builds have a variation within its software/hardware causing the fade issue. This can only be addressed with a firmware update. So wait it out and the update will fix or at least minimize this problem.

  • Cambo III Level 1 Level 1




    It's getting fixed, folks.


    Oh ye of little faith.




  • Czevski Level 1 Level 1

    Oddly enough my touch ID has been working better (but still not good enough) since I installed the last update. I'm hoping the announced update will work.

  • smilleresq Level 1 Level 1

    It is interesting that the article noted complaints of TID degradation over weeks of time and not mere hours as experienced by me and I think most of us here.

  • doggyluver5 Level 1 Level 1

    I noticed that too and was scratching my head.  I guess it is admitting a problem though and that is what we all wanted.  If they are admitting this maybe the solution is close.  Hope so anyway.  Right after the latest update the other day my phone was working great but by last night it had degraded again.  I registered my thumb 5 times now so see if that helps.  If not back to the passcode.

  • benj4786 Level 1 Level 1

    Does anyone have the problem where Touch ID fails to process a scan altogether? I am constantly having to enter my passcode when unlocking because the Touch ID won't even attempt to verify my finger, perhaps as often as 30% of the time. It doesn't prompt me to 'try again', it just says 'slide to unlock'. The text does not shake back and forth like it would for a rejected scan, it just freezes on 'slide to unlock'. It's as if it scans an image and gets stuck in the processing somewhere.

  • wombatsignals Level 1 Level 1

    Anybody have any luck by increasing the free space on your iPhone? I have exhibited the same problems but found that the last few days have been actually better since I deleted some photos and music off the phone. Usage went from less than 1GB free to 2GB free. Then suddenly, Touch ID "remembered" my fingerprint, even though I did not re-train! Very strange but it's a lot better now, going from maybe 1/10 tries to 7/10 tries. Still not perfect but better than nothing.

  • Joe_Fo Level 1 Level 1

    In case you haven't noticed, IOS 7.1 is available. Install went without a problem.


    One difference (so far) is that TID is now listed under its own setting and not under GENERAL. Very odd though is that there are other settings there as well which appears to be unintentional.


    7.1 had no problem with my one stored print.


    Time to beat up on it   Hopefully it's not now broken for those of us who have not had TID problems, or at least minor issues.

  • Frankswan Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Jo Fo just downloaded all seems well so far.

    Will report later in week on performance.

  • smilleresq Level 1 Level 1

    8hours after the update, it's still working flawlessly. Definitely a remarkable difference then before, where TID would consistently fail in the same amount of time. So far, so good.

  • Joe_Fo Level 1 Level 1

    But I thought your TID had been working better for a while, only to have started failing recently? Almost seemed as if something had become corrupt requiring a reload (firmware, IOS perhaps). 


    Hopefully they found whatever was causing failures weeks after enrollment.


    BTW, something that always failed for me was enrolling more than one print, but only after several days. Took the plunge and enrolled both thumbs (added left to existing right) and an index finger.  So far the index has degraded to a small area only, while newly added left thumb working great, including with the fingertip angled.


    Hopefully they nailed it this time!

  • smilleresq Level 1 Level 1

    No, I guess you don't remember, but for me and many others, TID would begin to fail usually several hours after registering a print, and completely crap out after about 8 hours. (Typically for me, I would scan a print at night and by the following morning it would not work. That would happen

    using your scanning technique.


    If I didn't use your technique, failure was much faster..

  • smilleresq Level 1 Level 1

    Disregard  much of my previous answer, I read it too quickly. You are correct that it woked for awhile and ultimately crapped out as I stated. Your memory IS better then mine!

  • Joe_Fo Level 1 Level 1

    Joe_Fo wrote:



    Took the plunge and enrolled both thumbs (added left to existing right) and an index finger.  So far the index has degraded to a small area only, while newly added left thumb working great, including with the fingertip angled.


    May have spoken too soon. Seems the index finger is back after 1-2 hours. May have been back sooner, but I gave up trying after a few attempts.


    Will see how things progress after a few days...

  • aayushfromindore Level 1 Level 1

    There is a good news for all.

    After the update, my TID performance degraded and now it takes 2 or 3 successfull prints on 10.

    Now I dont have any hope left in this device and will be selling it asap.

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