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  • Abrasha Staszewski Level 1 (20 points)

    SuperSizeIt wrote:


    Spoke to soon. After a few days, its back to not recognizing again.... oh well. I guess Touch ID needs an update. Firmware or Software... not ready for primetime it seems.


    Yep.  I spoke too soon too.  Same thing is happening for me too. 


    I sent an email directly to the corporate office (I have a few emails of upper level people there).  I received a respnse via email and a phone call from an upper level tech support guy.  Since I was not in front of my computer at the time, he could not do much other then downloading the crash logs from my phone.  He told me that he will call me back tomorrow to deal with this issue as well as several others (Compass, Level/Accelerometer, Voice Memos) I hope he does call me back.


    One thing the tech guy told me, is that it is always a good idea to leave feedback regarding any issues at  That way the issues/complaints will directly be brought to the attention of the engineers.  The more complaints about issues to faster Apple will work on a fix.

  • JPBOSS Level 1 (75 points)

    I still get failures but it's a software issue. I know this because it fails with every registered finger. Here's a few things I have done to improve until Apple fixes it.


    1) Register most used fingers like right thumb twice. To keep up with which one be sure to rename each scan/finger after you finish each one such as Right Thumb1 and Right Thumb2. Scan 1 beginning with fat/flat part of thumb and #2 start with tip of thumb. Obviously you only have 5 slots available but it helped me to store two scans of my right thumb.


    2) even if you do #1 it will fail and when it does the only fix is to login with you passcode and it will recover on next lock.


    3) I have also gotten more success when I press the home button is to maintain contact with the home button to let scan finish. Being a longtime iPhone user with passcode, I would press the home button, then lift my thumb then lay my thumb back on the button to let it scan. For some reason this seems to confuse the scan process causing more failures and it to bug out and go into full failure mode requiring passcode to recover. This is what's leading me to believe its software based and eventually fixable by Apple.


    It's so nice not having to slide/swipe your finger to make it work like previous generations of print scanners. Granted, the technology will improve which means that there will be limitations in this first iteration (iPhone 5s) and those that will be disappointed with nothing less than perfection but that will always be the case. Apple will improve some of the early issues but some will remain and won't be refined until the next hardware version, i.e. iPhone 6.  We can hope though.

  • wyshelly Level 1 (0 points)

    My frustration level is rising by the day. Between the loud clicking and now, the lack of fingerprint recognition, I am tempted to return to my 4S.

  • SuperSizeIt Level 3 (575 points)

    I filed a warranty issue and appointment at the genious bar. I was issued a replacement. Hope this one will work out.

  • Dreanmachine1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Once again, I appreciate all the inputs as the thread initiator. Here are my learnings after trying many things. The bottom line is that I believe that mrsnork is on to something with background crashes. I have followed the instructions there and have seen a vast improvement (not perfect), but tolerable. My wife also has success to a better degree. The recent post to register the same finger twice has about got me to perfect with three fingers. The left and right thumb were registered twice and then I did my right pointer finger once (I use it on occasion and it always works). This evolution has been amazing, and only band aids for the moment, but the technology is now being enjoyed in the way it was intended for me. My wife's next step is to try the same finger dual register and see if she is back up near perfect too. I will report back as she seems to have the most struggle between the two of us. May be a combination of her registration methods and the software issue. In any event, good work folks. Keep up the ideas. I am thinking we will be getting an iOS 7.1 and not the .03, based upon the delay and pending Apple announcement next week. Cheers!

  • SuperSizeIt Level 3 (575 points)

    It's just going to crop up again. Do what I did. Get a warranty replacement. You will get a new one. So far, my replacement has been flawless. Works every time now. I only have 3 fingers scanned. Right Thumb, Left Thumb and R Index finger. All three work without the need to do specific ways of placing your finger prints.  Hopefully for the ones sticking with the flaky units, Apple will do a replacement or somehow a firmware fix.


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  • mrsnork Level 1 (5 points)

    SuperSizeIt: For me a new unit did nothing to solve the problem--even when set up as a new phone and not from a previous backup.  It worked fine until I loaded any apps onto it. Because it didn't seem to make any difference, I reverted to my most recent backup rather than lose years of data. Dreammachine1 is right, as far I can tell it's a combination of iOS 7 and third party apps causing crashes.


    For what it's worth, I've had no issues for over a week, and the prints were registered over two weeks ago. I do have my right thumb in there twice, which does seem to help some with recognition, but I've only had the problem where Touch ID repeatedlty fails after a crash or low memory situation (or both).  You'll see it in the diagnostic log of your device. Turning off background app refresh, location services and notifications for certain unstable apps and services has cut down on crashing immensely, and thus improved the stability of Touch ID.


    Obviously, iOS 7 was designed to work with all these things turned on, so hopefully it's a temporary fix. I am fairly confident that the next iOS update or two (and updates to 3rd party apps) will improve things.

  • SuperSizeIt Level 3 (575 points)

    Hmm. I did restore from backup. So the phone is running exactly as the original. Same apps same settings. The only change is the hardware.  Yes there is occasional crash logs, just like the first one, but TID continues to work flawlessly. It's finally able to unlock with one procedure. Press home, leave finger there and it instantly unlocks. I really think it's a hardware or Firmware issue for certain models or production run.

  • Dreanmachine1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just don't know folks. There have been a few getting new units and the problem returns. I have a two year AppleCare package, so if the next couple updates don't fix the issue, Apple is always generous with a replacement unit. I am willing to wait it out, I guess. No harm at the moment.


    And a 24 hr update regarding keeping the app crash activity non-existent, as well as working now with double finger print endorsing, 100 percent perfect, with no more failures across 3 different fingers. Excellent.  The wife is having about a 98 percent success rate. She is a much happier camper.

  • mrsnork Level 1 (5 points)

    Yeah, I've got mine working the same as yours now and I'm satisfied with it. If you hold your thumb on the home button as you push it to wake it unlocks very quickly.


    The problem in diagnosing these issues is that there are myriad diffrent app and settings combinations so it's unlikely any two users will have the same exact one.  I don't think it's a hardware issue in 99% of the cases, but Apple will give you a new one if you come in complaining about Touch ID failing. 


    However, it is entirely possible that there could be corrupted firmware (which is different from the software).  You can wipe and reload the firmware by putting the device in DFU mode (device firmware update).  It's a little bit tricky to do, but you can search the web to learn how.  Once you do that you are really dealing with a clean device, more so than just restoring it from iTunes which will only load the software again.  That said, I really think it's the software.

  • Abrasha Staszewski Level 1 (20 points)

    I am now ready to smash this damned 5S against a wall.


    Now Touch ID fails after about an hour after having it set up yet once again for the umpteenth time for the two fingers I use most to open the phone.


    It is now very unlikely that it is me who is not capable to use this correctly.  There is something terribly wrong with this phone (or at least my phone), and Apple does not even seem to want to acknowledge this.

  • bohicaIL Level 1 (0 points)

    You have described my experience EXACTLY, Dreanmachine1!   When first registered, the scanner works nearly every time.  After a while, though, it doesn't work much at all.   I've tried reprogramming as per Chas suggestions, so we'll see if that matters but I doubt it will fix the forgetful behavior... how could that be related to how your print is scanned?


    I have another iPhone5s coming for my wife in a week- bet it behaves the same way, but time will tell.

  • SuperSizeIt Level 3 (575 points)

    I returned it, got a new one. Touch ID works the way it should now. :-)

  • Abrasha Staszewski Level 1 (20 points)

    bohicaIL wrote:


    You have described my experience EXACTLY, Dreanmachine1!   When first registered, the scanner works nearly every time.  After a while, though, it doesn't work much at all.   I've tried reprogramming as per Chas suggestions, so we'll see if that matters but I doubt it will fix the forgetful behavior... how could that be related to how your print is scanned?


    Same here.  When scanned, ... perfect.  After a while (between a few hours and a few days) ... forgotten.


    I have another iPhone5s coming for my wife in a week- bet it behaves the same way, but time will tell.


    My wife also has a new 5s coming.  We'll see.

  • Issues1818 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was so happy to get my 5s... in short I had issues with fingerprint scanning, I went through the process of: deleting fingerprints and rescanning, reset of iphone to manufacture settings, had a genius look into it....I had no choice but to return it and go back to my iphone 5.

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