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  • BoulderZorro Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Restarting email had no affect   Neither does hard rebooting the Ipad.

  • vidinoz Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I've noticed this too. It only started since the 7.0.4 update on my iPhone.


    The only solution I have found is to close the mail app completely, wait for about 10 seconds and re-launch the mail app, then wait for the app to re-sync. I have preview enabled, so I know it has worked when the preview'd first few lines appear.


    As with another comment made in the thread, it generally only happens when I've sent an email (especially ones I've copied myself into) and tried to open them as soon as they have hit the device.

  • YemSalat Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just tap Reply or Foward, it will ask you if you wanna download the rest of the message first.

    Tap Yes, the message will be downloaded and appended to the new message body.


    Does not fix the original issue, but still a workaround.

  • ThePackdonkey Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    7.0.6, still happening. Why is Apple allowing this bug to persist? Closing and re-opening the app worked for me, but if I want quality like that, I'll use my Windows laptop.

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    Using iOS 7.1, still having the issue. Mine all appear to have HTML in it. But I don't think that's the issue. It does appear to be an issue when the email is opened before it completely downloads. If you don't open the email then just waiting or closing email works fine.


    The email shows up fine on other devices. The only workaround besides opening on another device appears to be to move the email to another folder. Then I would wait until you see the preview and you should be fine.


    Apple should put in a "refresh" button once you open the email. That would solve this. Short of that, it appears to be a server thing out of Apple's hands.

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    Whenever this happens I just open the email on my Mac Book instead and there is no problem seeing the content. I tried all the normal trouble shoots and have never found one that works so I just go straight to the laptop. The bug needs to get fixed on the other devices. This problem is getting more frequent.

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    For me, restarting the mail app on the iPhone has no effect. Fortunately, I have my email setup using IMAP (has copies on the server). I deleted the account and set it up again. The email with "message with no content" now appears fine. I guess its a caching thing on the iPhone itself whenever there was a failure in synching data between the phone and the server. As the mail app on the Mac doesn't have this symptom.

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    Thanks just tried it worked for me

  • Mainerfromli Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Meant to say thanks Bigbops. It was your fix that worked.

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    Closing the mail client and reloading the email again worked for me!  Thx!!!

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    I move the email to another folder, or to Trash.  I give it time to reload fully in the new folder (or trash folder), and then I am able to read it.  I then transfer it back to the Inbox.  None of the other solutions work for me.

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    firs resend the email for you then go to the email and dowload tbe video and thank you for this qustion

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    The real problem is using IMAP (I'm using GMail though it may occur with other mail providers)

    The problem I believe is caused when a new message comes in,

    and the user opens it immediately before the message has fully downloaded or read from the mail server.


    This is a bug that was never in iOS6 and appeared in iOS 7.

    I’m now running iOS8.1 and the bug still exists.


    The problem is Apple hasn’t fixed the bug in their eMail application.


    Even if you refresh/check for new messages, it has already flagged the

    one with 'no content' as already downloaded, so it doesn't bother checking



    All the resetting and restarting as suggested by others may trigger the email app to redownload

    the message, but I don't believe that always works.


    It's also not an acceptable solution to restart your iOS device everytime you get

    an email that 'has no content'


    If you use the GMail app there is no problem.

    (so I use a mix of both apps)

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    This is true, Apple still didn't take this problem seriously, this issue prevents to use idevices as main professional devices because, some emails appears blank and this represents a lot of emails actually.


    Is there a CM here who could awake Apple dev team on this issue!


    the only solution I found is to request my email server to auto forward me emails coming from identified senders in a ios compatible format...

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    I changed my email from imap to pop and it fixed my problem.